Nightlife in Torrevieja

Nightlife in Torrevieja

Guide to the best nightlife, bars, nightclubs and pubs in Torrevieja, Spain. We look at what to do and where to go with your friends, when the evening sets in Torrevieja. All you need to know about nightlife, bars and nightclubs in Torrevieja.

Torrevieja is the largest tourist resort on the southern Costa Blanca and comes just after Benidorm when it comes to its nightlife. Torrevieja is known for its marina and beach that has all the amenities you would expect from a first class resort. Visitors going to Torrevieja all year round because of its climate, and Torrevieja also has a good number of people from all over Europe who have made Torrevieja to their home. Summers are long and hot, while winters are mild, and in between seasons can best be described as being a good scandinavian summer.

Video nightlife in Torrevieja

Nightlife in Torrevieja

One of the most popular places to enjoy the nightlife is the Keeper Bar in Torrevieja. Keeper Bar is located on the waterfront and is a very busy bar that has one of the few live webcams in Torrevieja, and many people come to Keeper Bar to see and be seen. Are you hungry and need a snack before you go out on the town? Check out the restaurants in Torrevieja

Anfiteatro Gin & Ron Club

Anfiteatro GinRon Club in Torrevieja
Anfiteatro Gin & Ron Club is a very special cocktail, which is located in Torrevieja, specifically between the port and the “Plaza de la Constitución”. The bar was opened in 2009 and has a friendly atmosphere. The place offers more than 100 different types of gin (served in combination with fruits and spices) and 100 different types of rum. The music that plays at Anfiteatro Gin & Ron Club is primarily soul and house, and the place has modern and trendy interior. In addition to Gin, Anfiteatro Gin & Ron Club offer large selection of vodka, whiskey and cocktails. The bar also offers outdoor dining, if desired.

Contact inforamtion Anfiteatro Gin & Ron Club
Hours: Daily at. From 16.00 to 04.00.
Address: Canónigo Torres 7, 03181 Torrevieja

Monroes Rock Café

Monroes Rock Cafe in Torrevieja
Monroes Rock Café is a popular bar located in the heart of Torrevieja, near the city’s main street Ramon Gallud, and not far away from the main church in the square “Plaza de la Constitución”. The bar opened in 1989 and plays mainly rock music and has an interior that is devoted to the entire world’s pinup lady Marilyn Monroe, with countless photographs of her on the walls.

Contact information Monroes Rock Cafe
Hours: Monday – Thursday. From 15.00 to 04.00. Friday and Saturday. From 16.00 to 04.00. Sunday: Closed.
Address: Caballero de Rodas 71, 03180 Torrevieja

KKO Torrevieja

KKO in Torrevieja
Nightclub KKO of Torrevieja has been in operation since the early 1990s. This venue is a great place to dance the night away, with international Djs make the club come alive with their different beats and taste.

Contact information KKO Torrevieja
Address: Av. Delfina Viudes, 03183 Torrevieja, Alicante

J. Mullin’s Irish Pub – Torrevieja

J`mullins in Torrevieja
J. Mullin’s – Irish Pub is located at Playa del Cura in Torrevieja, and has a wide selection of Irish beers, as well as some international beer brands. Tuesdays and Thursdays at midnight there are live concerts, which provides extra a great Irish feel. Pubs have a typical Irish flair – with brown and rustic interiors. J. Mullin’s serves a wide selection of Irish beers – including Guinness – and whiskey and coffee. It is also possible to order international beers here.

Contact information J. Mullin’s
Hours: Monday – Thursday. 9:00 to 3:30. Friday and Saturday. 11:30 to 3:30.
Address: Calle Caballero de Rodas 211, 03182 Torrevieja

Discoteca Oz

Discoteca OZ in Torrevieja
Discoteca Oz is the largest nightclub in Torrevieja and is popular for its foam party. Usually Parties last until 8 o’clock in the morning, and the four rooms are packed with people of all ages. The club also has a roof terrace and a VIP bar. Discoteca Oz is one of Torrevieja’s most popular nightclubs, and is located to the northern part of the city, in the same premises where the famous nightclub chain Pacha lay earlier. Discoteca Oz attracts clubbers and young people, and regularly offers special events – including foam party every Friday night. Nightclubs are known for their good DJ’s, great dance music and partying mood.

Contact information Discoteca Oz
Address: Avenida Delfine Viudes, s / n 03183 TORREVIEJA (Alicante) Antigua Pacha, Spain
Phone: 667 093 070

222 Tropic Garden

222 Tropic Garden in Torrevieja
222 Tropic Garden is the best place to visit if you are down at the beach, at the Tropic Garden you can enjoy pizza, beer, ice cream and cocktails and live entertainment, as well as a good selection of music.

Contact 2information 22 Garden Tropic
Address: Av. Alfredo Nobel, 2, 03183 Torrevieja, Alicante

Discoteca Love

Discoteca Love in Torrevieja
Discoteca Love is in the northern part of Torrevieja and is a lively nightclub that has kept the door open for over 20 years. Large dance floor, pulsating lights and sound, events and DJs make the club very popular. Open from noon to 8 every weekend, all year round. The place has a vibrant atmosphere with large dance floor and great sound and lighting systems. Discoteca Love hosts regular theme nights and live concerts, and is renowned for its great DJ’s. Discoteca Love has also has a wide selection of cocktails. Minimum age: 18 years.

Contact information Discoteca Love
Hours: Friday and Saturday. From 24.00 to 08.00.
Address: Pol. Ind. Casagrande Calle Antonio Ruiz Coves 26, 03183 Torrevieja

Jaima Del Puerto – Torrevieja

Jaima del Puerto in Torrevieja
Jaima Del Puerto is locadet in Las Salinas. Jaima Del Puerto is the place to celebrate your birthday, or if you want a real chillout place. You can relax on comfortable furniture and drink delicious drinks from ten in the morning until four the next morning, much in the style of those fancy beach clubs on the Costa del Sol.

Video from Jaima Del Puerto

Contact information Jaima del Puerto
Address: Puerto Deportivo Marina Salinas, 03181 Torrevieja, Spain
Internet: Jaima del Puerto on Facebook

Map bars and nightclubs in Torrevieja

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