19 Activities for children of all ages in Alicante

Activities kids in Alicante

Activities, attractions and experiences for children in Alicante in Spain. Alicante is the perfect vacation destination to travel to if you bring children. Besides the wonderful climate and beautiful sandy beaches that can keep kids active for days, there are several activities and attractions geared toward children of all ages throughout the Alicante province.

In Spain the family is the heart of everything, and all along the Alicante province you can find a variety of activities and attractions suitable for children of all ages. Happy children make happy parents, and that is why Costa Blanca is such a big family destination. There are enough activities, experiences and attractions here to keep the kids in activity throughout the year.

19 activities and attractions for kids in Alicante

Alicante province is the perfect destination to travel to if you bring children on a holiday trip. Here we will look at activities and experiences for kids in Alicante in Spain.

Water park and water parks in Alicante

Water parks are popular summer attractions on the Costa Blanca coast, and they often have thousands of visitors. Both local residents and tourists visiting these bathing parks, and if you take the trip yourself you can expect a fantastic day for the whole family. When the sun burns from a cloudless sky, it’s good to be able to be in the water. Here’s a list of water parks on the Costa Blanca, naturally, the kids are in focus. All water parks in this section is suitable for small children.

#1. Aqualandia in Benidorm

Aqualandia in Benidorm
Aqualandia is one of the largest water parks, and has about 20 attractions with speed and voltage levels for all ages. The most adventurous trying slides from dizzying heights or through pitch dark tunnels! Aqualandia is a very popular all-day event. Aqualandia is located east of Benidorm, about 10 minutes drive. Bus numbers 1 and 11 go to Aqualandia and Mundomar.

Contact information Aqualandia
Address: Parque Natural Sierra Helada, Calle Sierra Helada, s / n, 03503 Benidorm, Alicante, Spain
Phone: +34 965 86 January 00
Internet: tickets.aqualandia.net

#2 Flamingo Aqua Park in Torrevieja

Flamingo Aquapark Torrevieja
Aqua Park Flamingo is a small but a reasonable water park in Torrevieja, ideal for families with young children since the park is not too big to walk around. It has a few slides suitable for younger children, with a shallow pool area for them to play in. They also have a number of larger slides for children and adults. It has and larger, deeper pool for swimming. There are plenty of shaded areas to relax during the midday sun and sunbeds are free. Food is available 24: 30-16: 00. Parking is free. Since the waterpark is smaller than the other, it is not so busy, and less queuing for rides and food. Aqua Park Flamingo is located in Urb. La Siesta, Torrevieja, 2 minutes from Carrefour and the new Habaneras shopping center. Find us on the second roundabout past Carrefour on cv-905 toward Quesada.

Contact information Flamingo Aqua Park
Address: C / Rossini, s / n, 03184 Urb la Siesta Torrevieja, Alicante, Spain
Phone: +34 966 78 47 60
Internet: www.aquaparkflamingo.com

#3 Aquapolis in Torrevieja

Aquapolis in Torrevieja
The Aquopolis water park located on the outskirts of Torrevieja, close to the sports area. In the park there are several water activities for both children and adults, such as an artificial wave pool, zigzag, a zip line, a waterfall, and for the bravest the famous Kamikaze, which is a long, enclosed tube that throws your body high speed into the pool. There is and a green area with many umbrellas and a wide range of security measures that provide help to all attractions. And for the youngest children, there is a children’s pool with water toys and a mini water slide.

Contact information Aquapolis
Address: Av. Delfina Viudes, s / n, 03183 Torrevieja, Alicante, Spain
Phone: +34 902 34 50 08
Internet: torrevieja.aquopolis.es

#4 Aqua Park Rojales

Aqua Park Rojales in Alicante province
Aqua Park Rojales, Ciudad Quesada. Here are several different slides, three children pools, plus a large main pool. On serving the front, you can choose between a restaurant with standard menu and a kiosk that serves ice cream, soda, beer and other small items. There is a large lawn with free loungers within the resort, here the adults can relax while the kids play. Aqua Park Rojales is ideal for family outings, and is definitely worth a visit.

Contact information Aqua Park Rojales
Calle Nte, s / n, 03170 Rojales, Alicante, Spain
Phone: +34 966 71 86 12
Internet: www.aquaparkrojales.es

#5 Go karting – Speed ​​and excitement

Go-karting in Alicante
The fabulous Alicante, a paradise for sun lovers and adrenaline seekers with a wide range of activities for all tastes and all age groups. Go Karting is fun for the whole family and a great way for kids (young or old) to experience an activity they have previously only tried on Playstation or Xbox. There are a number of Go Kart courses along the Alicante province. Read more about Go kart courses in Alicante

#6 Lo Rufete – Multi Adventure Park

Lo Rufete Multi Adventure Park in Alicante
If you have an active family, a day out in Lo Rufete Adverture Park will be fun for the whole family. Situated on the edge of Lake Pedrera, near San Miguel, the park offers a wide range of activities such as horse riding / trekking, quads, paintball, archery, hiking and kayaks. The center has a large swimming pool which you are welcome to enjoy after the day’s many activities, and a nice place to relax on some members of the family not feeling so adventurous.

Although there are activities for all ages, the center will appeal most to older children (7 years plus) and adults. There are benches for those who wish to bring lunch and nearby El Prado restaurant offers homemade food and a very reasonable menu del dia (menu). Entrance is free, but check with Lo Rufete for individual activity rates.

Contact information Lo Rufete Multi Adventure Park
Address: San Miguel to Orihuela junction, Torremendo, C.V. 951 KM 1
Phone: 605 815 636
Internet: www.lorufete.com

Amusement parks in Alicante

The coastal strip Costa Blanca bursting of amusement parks and zoos for adults and children and here you can find fun diversion from the sun, beach and shopping. Costa Blanca theme parks offer everything from prehistoric creatures via crocodiles to real adrenalin rush rides. You can see water shows with dolphins, or why not take a dip with a sea lion? Or how about a safari, while antelopes, lions and tigers on all sides?

#7 Terra Mitica in Benidorm

Terra Mitica in Benidorm
Terra Mitica is a huge theme park is divided into five zones: Rome, Greece, Egypt, the Mediterranean islands and Iberia. This park has a variety of attractions for all ages – scrawny, wet, lightning fast, breathless and quiet, in addition to regular performances with the ancient civilizations that theme. Here spend easily a full day. Major attractions are such as Europe’s longest rollercoaster in wood, rafting down a river, and rollercoaster à la restored and protected at Daisy. The park has several restaurants with decent prices, and picnic areas if you have carried lunch.

Contact information Terra Mitica
Address: Partida del Moralet, s / n, 03502 Benidorm, Alicante, Spain
Phone: +34 902 2 Feb. 20
Internet: www.terramiticapark.com

#8 Mundomar in Benidorm

Mundomar in Benidorm
Sea world are located just ourside Benidorm. Here there is a great park with a spectacular dolphin show. More beautiful entertainment you should look long for. Dolphins are feet, smart and graceful, yeah, but in summer it is professional synchronized swimmers in the water with the dolphins. Sea lions and parrot shows, flamingos and penguins, and more is just a few of the good reasons to visit Mundomar. There is not allowed to carry food into the park, but in return there are opportunities to get food of all various kinds within the oark area.

Contact information Mundomar
Address: C / Sierra Helada, s / n, 03503 Benidorm, Alicante, Spain
Phone: +34 965 86 91 01
Internet: www.mundomar.es

#9 Pola Park Santa Pola

Pola Park in Alicante Province
Come to Pola Park for a fun family day out, where you can enjoy karting, quads, bumper cars, carousels, rides and rodeos. Pola Park has many attractions for the whole family. There are cafes and restaurants in the area so you can have a well deserved rest and a snack before tackling a few more of the major attractions.

Contact information Pola Park
Address: Avda. Zaragoza, s / n, 03130 Santa Pola, Alicante, Spain
Phone: +34 965 41 70 60
Internet: polapark.com

#10 Activity Camp for children in Guardamar

Sailing school in Alicante
In Guardamar del Segura is a sailing club which offers summer and holiday camps for children from 5 years and up. Monday to Friday from 10am until 14:00 attending children in various activities such as windsurfing, kayaking and sailing, and learn about teamwork and responsibility at sea from a fantastic and very professional team of instructors.

Sailing School of Guardamar del Segura (Escuela de Vela Guardamar) is open all year and offers a wide range of services, activities and equipment. You can rent a boat for the day, or go on a guided kayak trip, take windsurfing lessons, or finally get the diving license you have always dreamed about. Not only are you having fun in the water and learn new sports, but you also get friends for life.

Contact information Escuela de Vela Guardamar
Address: Puerto Deportivo Marina Las Dunas
Phone: 634 530 534
Internet: www.escueladevelaguardamar.es

#11 Beach life and water activities

Beaches in Alicante province
In Alicante province you’ll find some of the world’s best beaches, and the white coast has no less than 200 kilometers of shoreline, and they are all together in the province of Alicante where one can enjoy lazy days in the sand in the relaxing climate of the Mediterranean. Here we will give an overview of the best beaches on the Costa Blanca, all equipped with the blue flag. Perfect for kids on hot summer days. Read more about beaches in the Alicante Province

#12 Snorkel Safari in Santa Pola

Snorkel Safari in Alicante
Just bring a towel and bathing suit and walk over to the famous Santa Pola Dive Academy located at Marina Miramar Santa Pola. The day starts at 09:15 with a presentation of the amazing marine life you can expect to see, plus a short safety demo for safe snorkeling. Then you will be heading out in the boat to the crystal clear waters off Santa Pola and the island Tabarca.

All equipment is delivered and with the help of a lifejacket is not much strenuous swimming necessary either, just float along and enjoy the spectacular scene that unfolds below you. Thanks reef around the island Tabarca, please be sure to see hundreds of colorful fish and marine life. You will have the chance to stop for a snack and a drink on the island before the price goes back to the marina around 2:00 p.m..

Contact information Santa Pola Dive Academy
Address: Santa Pola Dive Academy, Marina Miramar, Santa Pola
Phone: 34966699088
Internet: www.diveacademy-santapola.com

Zoos and Safari in Alicante

There are many exotic animals here in the Alicante Province, That is if you go away from nature for a moment and into one of the many animal and safari parks you will find in the area. Elephants and sjirafer, monkeys and bears, insects and snakes, everything you can imagine is available here.

#13 Terra Natura in Benidorm

Terra Natura in Benidorm and Murcia
These parks that are both in Benidorm and Murcia are commercial parks with shows and restaurants. Already at the entrance you get exhilaration exotic musicians playing up to those standing in the entrance area. The same dancers and musicians can be seen through several times later around the park, where they create small productions and shows. Terra Natura is owned and operated by animal rights activists. It is non-profit despite the commercial and professional appearance. The purpose is environmental protection and animal protection with endangered species as a specialty. You can via their homepages remote adopt animals hippopotamus, Siberian tiger and other animals in the park program. They also have a large laboratory in Benidorm. The park is professional and diverse. Many great eateries, Indians who make a special bird dance soaring high above the ground and elephants, lions and many more animals.

Contact information Terra Natura
Address: Partida Foia del verdad, 1, 03502 Benidorm, Alicante, Spain
Phone: +34 966 7:27 70
Internet: www.terranatura.com

#14 Safari Aitana

Activities for children in Alicante
Want to see elephants and lions in their natural surroundings in Alicante? Then we recommend a trip to Safari Aitana. In a fantastic landscape with many large animals, you drive right up close to lions and tigers who doze in the sun. The animals are tame, extremely tame and you can stroke the elephants, and walk among deer and zebras. The park has a restaurant at the entrance. Few places you can get closer to the animals than here.

Contact information Safari Aitana
Address: Carretera CV-785, Km 20, 03815 Penáguila, Alicante, Spain
Phone: +34 965 52 92 73
Internet: safariaitana.es

#15 Rio Safari

Rio Safari in Alicante
On the road between Santa Pola and Elche, you find another great park. Rio Safari is not just a zoo, here you find water slides too. There is a small train that takes you around, looking at the animals. For those who reside south of the Costa Blanca, this park is a must and it is not too bad priced either, 20 € for adults and 15 € for children under 12 years. With private picnic areas, this may be a reasonable alternative for the family.

Contact information Rio Safari
Address: Carretera Elche – Santa Pola, Km. 9, 03139 Alicante, Spain
Phone: +34 966 63 82 88
Internet: riosafari.com

#16 Riding lessons

Horseriding in Alicante
Experience Alicante horseback. There are several ranches in Alicante province where you can take riding lessons, or just come and enjoy a guided tour of the area. There are many different riding schools on the Costa Blanca that have their own websites. Most pages are in Spanish, but there are also sites in English. There are facilities and schools to suit all levels and abilities, as well as special schools for riding for the disabled.

#17 The Castle in Alicante

Santa Barbara Castle in Alicante
On top of Benacantil mountain you find a giant fort. Wherever you are in Alicante, you will see Santa Barbara 166 meters above the cityscape. A visit to the Castillo de Santa Barbara is fun for the whole family. First you travel by cable car to the top and then the view down towards the town and the beach is guaranteed a thrill. Here children run around among guns and watchtowers, and afterwards maybe running down to the center again on the old but well-kept city walls.

#18 Alicante’s Archaeological Museum

Museum in Alicante
May sound boring? Then you have to think again. This is a spectacular and modern museum where culture and entertainment go hand in hand and where you can actively participate. Entering the caves, visit a sunken Roman ship and spankulér around the excavation sites where you can learn about the most exciting aspects of archeology.

Contact Alicante’s Archaeological Museum
Address: Placa Dr. Gómez Ulla, 0, 03001 Alacant, Alicante
Phone: 965 14 90 00
Internet: www.marqalicante.com

#19 The nature park in Torrevieja

Nature Park in Torrvieja
Torrevieja and La Mata lagoons are surrounded by a unique landscape, and is a major tourist attraction. The entrance to the nature park located near La Mata beach in northern part of Torrevieja, and here we also find the modern visitors’ center “Centro de Información del Parque Natural.” The nature park with salt pans (Las Salinas) is a “must” for first time visitors to Torrevieja. The area consists of wetlands and saltwater lakes – used for salt production. The nature park is also an important conservation area for birds, and here one can spot various species of birds – including flamingos. Visitors have the opportunity to swim in the salt lagoon – which will be very healthy for people with ia arthritis, respiratory problems and rheumatism. The particular reddish color on one salt lagoon caused by algae, and is a favorite photo object. The nature park has great hiking and biking trails and visitor center is open most days of the year.

Address: Carretera Nacional 332, 03188 Torrevieja

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