21 Top Beaches in Alicante

Alicante beaches

Beaches in Alicante Province worth a visit. In Alicante you will find some of the world’s best beaches, and the white coast has no less than 200 kilometers of beaches and they are all together in the Alicante Province where you can enjoy lazy days in the sand.

Alicante on the Costa Blanca coast is one of Spain’s most popular destinations, and that is easy to understand when you come here. It is also a paradise for true beach-lovers. Swimming season is long also on the mainland, and there are many good beaches along the coast of the Alicante province.

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21 best beaches in Alicante in Spain

Here we will give an overview of the best beaches in Alicante, all equipped with the blue flag that ensures that the beaches meet the criteria for environmental protection and good service offers.

#1 Postiguet Beach in Alicante

Playa del Postiguet in Alicante
This is one of the beaches in Alicante with white fine sand in the city center. The beach has all of the services, and is well attended both day and night during the summer. Well suited for the disabled.

Beach length: 900m
Averages beach width: 45m
Visit level: High

#2 Playa Levante Beach in Santa Pola

Playa Levante in Santa Pola
The beach is in the center of Santa Pola and has a good selection of restaurants, shops and services for children. In the area are also sports grounds and playgrounds. The beach is easily accessible for disabled people and good infrastructure for this group.

Beach length: 460m
Averages beach width: 67m
Visit level: High

#3 Barranco y Rubio Beach in Orihuela

Playa Barranco y Rubio in Alicante
A beach with fine sand and a good services located in Orihuela. The beach has a private lifeguard tower and parking. The beach is located in a shopping area with cinemas, parks, discos, sports space, cafes and pubs.

Beach length: 655m
Averages beach width: 48m
Visit level: High

#4 Playa de L’Horta-Mutxavista Beach in Alicante

Playa de L`horta Mutxavista in Alicante
This is El Campellos biggest beach with fine sand as far as the eye can see, almost four kilometers. This is an urban beach at Playa de San Juan. Here are opportunities for various water sports. Otherwise there is a 3 km long paseo located at the railway that runs between Alicante and Dénia. The train runs every half hour. During the summer months are held various activities for children. Well suited for the disabled.

Beach length: 3950m
Averages beach width: 300m
Visit level: Intermediate

#5 Playa Carrer la Mar Beach in El Campellos

Playa de Carrer del Mar in Alicante
The beach is at la Atalaya de la Torre de I’Illeta and fishing port. The sand is fine. The beach has a pedestrian paseo with all services. In summer months concerts, cinema, children’s cartoons, art markets etc. On July 18 is celebrated the Virgen del Carmen, which is sailors’ patron. A celebration which is worth seeing itself, where it is handed out gifts to the children.

Beach length: 1650m
Averages beach width: 30m
Visit level: High

#6 Playa San Juan Beach in Alicante

Playa San Juan in Alicante
The beach is close by El Campello and constitutes almost three kilometers of this beach coast. The beach is large and open with fine sand. It is well attended. Here are restaurants and other service facilities. The beach is easily accessible and suitable for disabled people.

Beach length: 2900m
Averages beach width: 90m
Visit Level: High

#7 Playa Bon Nou Beach Villajoyosa

Playa Bon Nou in Alicante
This small beach in Villajoyosa is located in a bay well protected by a hinge at each end. it is therefore always calm sea at this beach. The beach consists of sand and pebbles.

Beach Length: 237m
Averages beach width: 50m
Visit Level: Intermediate

No. 8 Playa Paradis Beach in Villajoyosa

Playa el Paraiso in Alicante
In addition to a wonderful beach in the center of Villajoyosa with all servicefasciliteter, there are also a number of smaller beaches that are also worth a visit such as El Paradis. The beach has a mixture of sand and pebbles. The natural fit with easy access for the disabled. Large parking in the beachfront.

Beach length: 719m
Averages beach width: 45m
Visit level: Intermediate

#9 Playa La Cala Beach in Finestrat

La Cala Playa in Alicante
The beach is a small cove on Finestrats short coastline. Here are fine sand, toys for kids, showers and dressingrooms. There is also a small paseo with restaurants, bars and pubs.

Beach length: 300m
Averages beach width: 75m
Visit level: Intermediate

#10 Cala Mal Pas in Alicante

Playa Cala Mal Pas in Alicante
This is the small beach located between Punta Canfali and fishing port of Benidorm, in the old town. Here it is usually a bit quieter than the Poniente and Levante. From the harbor you can take the boat over to Benidorm Island which is a marine reserve and bird sanctuary.

Beach length: 120m
Averages beach width: 30m
Visit level: Intermediate

#11 Playa Poniente Beach in Benidorm

Playa Poniente in Alicante
Playa Poniente runs from the port area to Cabeza del Tossal. The beach is over three kilometers long with fine sand. The beach is decorated with palm trees that provide an exotic flair. Here are a paseo with all services. Well suited for the disabled.

Beach length: 3100m
Averages beach width: 105m
Visit level: High

#12 Playa Levante Beach in Benidorm

Playa Levante in Alicante
This is the beach of all beaches for visitors in town. This is a beach with fine sand of over two kilometers. It is located in the center of Benidorm between Punta Pinet and Punta Canfali. Thanks to its location it is excellent sun from morning to evening, all year round. Here you can go water skiing, drive with hangliding etc. The beach is decorated with palm trees providing an attractive appearance. Here are a long paseo with restaurants, pubs and shops. The beach is suitable for disabled people.

Beach length: 2384m
Averages beach width: 75m
Visit level: High

#13 Playa Levante / La Fossa in Calpe

Playa La Fossa in Alicante
This beach is located in the large bay between Purla the Bassel and El Peñon de Ifach, and is one of the most popular beaches in Calpe. This is a beach with fine sand, with all services. Here is a paseo with restaurants and shops. During the summer months there are ramps for wheelchairs. Since 2004, the beach received a “Q” for quality.

Beach length: 950m
Averages beach width: 40m
Visit level: High

#14 Cantal Roig Beach in Calpe

Playa Cantal Roig in Alicante
This is a small beach in downtown Calpe south of the fishing port. Fine-grained sand. There are also remains of Queen baths (Baños de la Reina), valuable archaeological sites.

Beach length: 200m
Averages beach width: 15m
Visit level: High

#15 Del Portet Beach in Moraira

Del Portet beach in Alicante
This is a beautiful little cove in Moraira with fine sand and rocks, and is probably the most picturesque beach in the area away from the crowded tourist beaches. Here are restaurants and cafeterias. The beach is equipped with shower and is easily accessible for disabled people. Parking in the street or on own parking lot above the beach.

Beach length: 350m
Averages beach width: 20m
Visit level: High

#16 Platgetes Beach in Moraira

Platgetes beach in Alicante
The beach is located in the center of Moraira and consists of fine sand and stones. With its clear waters, the beach is suitable for snorkeling and diving. There is also a paseo with services.

Beach Length: 200m
Averages beach width: 25m
Visit level: Intermediate

#17 Playa El Arenal Beach in Javea

Playa el Arenal in Alicante
This is a fine sand beach in Javea with shallow waters, suitable for children. Here you can rent a pedal boat and of course sunbeds. The beach has its own paseo with restaurants, shops, banks etc. Suitable for wheelchairs.

Beach length: 460m
Averages beach width: 80m
Visit level: High

#18 Playa North in Gandia

Playa north in Alicante
The beach in Gandia has a width of up to one and a half kilometers. Here are a paseo with all fasciliteter. The sand is fine. Here is the opportunity to rent boards for windsurfing or take classes in sailing. The beach is easily accessible for disabled people.

Beach length: 3500m
Averages beach width: 120m
Visit level: High

#19 L’Aigua Morta Beach in Oliva

Playa L`Aigua Morta in Alicante
The beach in Oliva its proximity to residential areas of Oliva Nova and San Fernando. The beach area is actively used all year. It includes soccer and golf. The river Bullen crosses the beach, and is a favorite place for both swimming and fishing.

Beach length: 2200m
Averages beach width: 120m
Visit level: Intermediate

#20 El Cura Beach in Torrevieja

Playa El Cura in Alicante
El Cura in Torrevieja is a golden sand beach and one of Torrevieja’s best places for sunbathing and swimming. In July Habaneras Night is held on the Beach at El Cura where thousands of people find their way down to the beach to have dinner and listen to music. Musicians, street performers and artists who build sculptures of sand are a common sight on the beach.

#21 Las Marinas Beach in Denia

Las Marinas in Alicante
The town of Denia in Spain has 15 kilometers of beaches range from long sandy beaches to rocky coves. One of the most popular beaches is Las Marinas, located in an attractive part of town for tourists. Las Marinas in Denia is a safe beach with a bar in the summer, surrounded by meadows, and it has long stretches of golden sand and shallow water. Across the road there are plenty of bars and restaurants, so you can enjoy the beach all day.

Map beaches in Alicante

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