Torrevieja in Spain is one of the fastest growing cities in all of Spain, here you will not find towering skyscrapers or package holiday hotels, the city has retained its Spanish charm, and Torrevieja is an ideal place for family holidays as there is much to experience for her whole family here.

Torrevieja is located on the Costa Blanca coast in the Alicante province and is surrounded by three beautiful and large salt lakes. The city has an area of ​​72 square kilometers and about 100,000 inhabitants in the winter, and five times as many in the summer. Torrevieja can be called an island because three channels separates the city from the country. The town of Torrevieja which gets its name from an ancient tower (old = vieja, tower = torre), was first mentioned around 1800. It became known in 1802, when it took over the salt administration from Orihuela. Apart from salt industry and tourism its the fish that keep the city alive. The port of Torrevieja gives home to 300 fishboats and over 900 private sport boats. Here you can enjoy an absolutely stunning view, especially when the sun goes down.

Torrevieja in Spain is a good place for a holiday. Torrevieja is a developing tourist center and one of the most important on the Mediterranean coast, and is not nearly as commercialized as tourist towns north of Alicante. The town still retains that special ‘Spanish’ feel and a relaxed environment.

The concentration of salt and temperature, Torrevieja and surrounding areas has a particularly healthy microclimate, recommended by doctors for its beneficial health properties. Bathing in the salt lagoons is also becoming popular for several medical reasons. The weather in Torrevieja making it an ideal location for year round holiday activities, especially if you want some sunshine during the dull winter months. On average Torrevieja enjoys 320 days of sunshine a year and an average daily temperature of 17 degrees celsius. Temperatures in July and August are usually 30 degrees Celsius. Many prefer the months when the weather can be close to perfect: April, May, June, September, October and November.

Salt Lake Torrevieja

Torrevieja salt lake in Spain
The Salt Lake in Torrevieja has a surface of 2,500 hectares and a perimeter of 17 km. The salt comes from filtered seawater. The water crystallizes and turns into salt, and the characteristic pink color from a microorganism called “Artemia Salina”. To get the salt out of the sea, they uses wooden boats placed one after another and transforming a so-called “train”. To transport the salt from the port used a 2 km long conveyor belt. In the past, the carriages and small train to transport salt to Las Eras de la sal, the old salt house. In the bottom of the salt lake’s 8,000,000 tons of salt. The salt is exported to Northern Europe, Iceland, Canada, USA and West Africa. The salt used to salt the meat, fish, industrial and road salt in northern Europe.

In African countries they use the salt to cool, defend and preserve food. We can also mention that the word “salary” (salary) comes from the Latin word salarium, used on the small salt bags as the Romanesque soldiers received in reward for their work. The salt was also used in other contexts including the finish on wooden boats. The boats were placed first a day, then three days in salt lake that salt would be crystallized and the boat will be covered by a white glossy finish.

Attractions and things to do in Torrevieja

Things to do in TorreviejaThere are many attractions and things to do in Torrevieja. The beautiful Parque de las Naciones is located in the center and open all year round and is a great place to bring your family. There is a large market every Friday and on the summer there is an evening market and a mini funfair near the harbor and seafront. Torrevieja has a long breakwater that one can go on and a beautiful walkway along the beach that teems with life all year round. Badeparken Aquapolis is open from June to September, and then we have the Salt Museum which can be visited all year. Read more about the attractions in Torrevieja

Restaurants in Torrevieja

Restaurants in TorreviejaTorrevieja has a large selection of good restaurants, from small Spanish cafes with a few tables and chairs on the sidewalk to restaurants with Michelin stars. Traditional Spanish restaurants in Torrevieja often serves typical Mediterranean dishes – a balanced and tasty menu consisting of vegetables, meat, fish or shellfish. Due to the cultural diversity of Torrevieja, there are numerous international restaurants here – from virtually every country in the world. There are many Chinese restaurants to choose from as well as Italian, Indian, French and British. If you want to eat Norwegian food in Torrevieja, you can visit “Henrik Ibsen Restaurant” – located in Calle San Pascual 216, close to Plaza de la Habana. Read more about restaurants in Torrevieja

Nightlife in Torrevieja

Nightlife in TorreviejaNightlife, bars and nightclubs in Torrevieja. Torrevieja is the largest tourist resort on the southern Costa Blanca and comes just after Benidorm when it comes to its nightlife. One of the most popular places to enjoy the nightlife in Torrevieja is the Keeper Bar. Keeper Bar is located on the waterfront and is a very busy bar that has one of the few live webcams in Torrevieja, and many people come to Keeper Bar to see and be seen. All you need to know about nightlife, bars and nightclubs in Torrevieja. Read more about nightlife in Torrevieja

Shopping in Torrevieja

Shopping in TorreviejaDowntown main street in the center of Torrevieja – “Calle Ramon Galud” – runs parallel to the seafront, and is one of the main shopping streets of Torrevieja. Also the small side streets near the seafront has a good selection of shops. The most well-known national and international brands in fashion, design and electronics are well represented here. With more than 2,300 stores, there is something for everyone. Fashion, shoes, clothes, perfumes, electrical goods, leather goods, and of course plenty of restaurants located around the Plaza de Izabel II and in other key areas of Torrevieja. Only about 200 meters from the marina and all the surrounding streets. Read more about shopping in Torrevieja

Fiesta and holidays in Torrevieja

National holidays in TorreviejaHolidays and fiesta in Torrevieja. Fiestas and official holidays in Torrevieja are often religious festivals and can last for several days. Spain has many fiestas for local patron saints and the Virgin Mary, as well as special days for regional areas as well. Whatever type of fiesta held in Torrevieja, you can be sure there will always be a colorful and extravagant event, often with amazing costumes, impressive parades and plenty of food and drink. Below are details about the major fiestas and festivals celebrated in Torrevieja throughout the year. Read more about the fiesta and holidays in Torrevieja

Climate and weather in Torrevieja

Climate and weather in TorreviejaThe climate in Torrevieja Torrevieja has a dry climate throughout the year and an average temperature in winter of 18 degrees. Statistics say they have 305 sunny days a year, 30 cloudy days and 30 days of rain a year. August is the hottest month of Torrevieja with an average temperature of 26 ° C (79 ° F) and the coldest January is at 11 ° C (52 ° F) with 13 daily hours of sunshine in July. The wettest month is October with an average of 59mm of rain. The best month to swim in the sea in August, when the average sea temperature is 25 ° C (77 ° F). Read more about climate in Torrevieja

Car hire in Torrevieja

Rent a Car TorreviejaNeed rental car for your stay in Torrevieja, it is easiest to order it for pickup when you land at the airport in Alicante. Then you can easily return it when traveling back to their home country, and you do not alternate transportation to and from Alicante Airport. In most cases, this is less expensive than using small local suppliers in Torrevieja. You can easily check and compare prices on car hire in Torrevieja even using the search form on this page. Read more about car rental in Torrevieja

Beaches in Torrevieja

Best beaches in TorreviejaPlaya del Cura in Torrevieja. In Torrevieja there are 4 central, great beaches with fine sand and all the services. In the Center of Torrevieja there is the popular sandy beach of Playa del Cura with shops, restaurants, cafes etc. Playa del Cura extends from the end of Calle Ramón y Cajal and all the way along Avenida de Los Marineros.

Playa de La Mata is situated north of Torrevieja, in the district of La Mata. This 2.3 km beach is Torrevieja’s longest, with promenade, restaurants and chiringuitos. In addition, there are small taverns that sell drinks and tapas. South of the beach is the Parque del Molino del aqua, “waterwheel park”.

The Playa del Acequion and Playa Naufragos has both received the award “Blue Flag”, is separated by dock muelle de la sal. 1987 European Year of the Environment, and the year starting the campaign “Bandera Azul” (Blue Flag) in Spain. FEE Federación Europea de Educación Ambiental conducts annual inspections by Spain’s beaches, and deploys the blue flag at all beaches that meet the criteria for environmental protection and good service offers.

At Playa Naufragos is a small water park for the kids. Playa los Locos is below Cala Cornuda, the first of many inlets that form the eastern side of Torrevieja. Read more about the beaches in Torrevieja

Banks in Torrevieja

All banks in Torrevieja have English-speaking staff, and some banks have staff who also speak other european languages. At the bank you will be able to exchange currency, open an account and have ATMs that accept all the popular cards including Visa, Mastercard, and others.

Torrevieja Spain

Torrevieja Spain

Map of Torrevieja

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