Nightlife and Where to Party in Madrid

Nightlife in Madrid

Nightlife in Madrid in Spain. Madrid is one of the best cities in Europe to party. In the capital we will find very lively areas and some of the best nightclubs in Spain.

For anyone it is unknown that one of the great attractions of Spain is its nightlife. The good temperatures and the warmth of its people make Spain a unique place to live the night and enjoy until the wee hours of the morning, and Madrid is no exception: on the contrary. The nightlife enjoys very good health in the capital.

It is clear that to have a good time it only takes time and good company, that is our main recommendation. But if you want to get it right, do not put aside these recommendations so that your Madrid nightout is perfect. Much of the success is in knowing how to choose the place to go, especially so that you find the atmosphere and music that you like.

Party in neighborhood Las Letras

Madrid nightlife Las Letras
Main artery of the Las Letras neighborhood, Calle Huertas has engraved in its cobblestones some of the most famous verses of 16th and 17th century literature, in honor of illustrious neighbors such as Miguel de Cervantes, Lope de Vega, Francisco de Quevedo or Luis de Góngora. That spirit of playful neighborhood where taverns and taverns abound is still alive today.

The neighborhood of Las Letras is one of the landmarks of Madrid’s nightlife, either because every day of the week, without exception, it is possible to find an atmosphere between its streets, as well as the diversified offer of musical styles present.

Jazz, flamenco, indie and pop and seasonal rock make this area one of the busiest for night owls of all ages, popular with the foreign student community and even among well-known faces of the theater and television.

The practically pedestrian nature of most of its routes – Calle Huertas and adjacent – make the area a comfortable place to go out at night. The characteristic old layout of narrow and sometimes somewhat labyrinthine streets of the Barrio de Las Letras is not a problem when it comes to finding the desired establishment, since it is rare the place that does not have public relations staff that informs the Passer of offers in first consumption and type of atmosphere of the respective pubs.

Starting from the Plaza del Ángel, a reference stop is the Café Central, an emblematic space where jazz has been the protagonist for more than three decades and has won by its own name in the ranking of European clubs dedicated to this style musical. With a daily schedule from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm, in the Central it is possible to reserve a location before the concert, around the grand piano that presides the stage. To be carried away by the rhythm of the sax and the blues or the soul, in the same street Huertas, is also possible in La Fídula, another good ambassador of this type of sounds next to the Populart, distinguished by its bet by young promises and figures Of national jazz, as well as more established artists.

Breweries and restaurants guard both sides of the Plaza de Santa Ana, where the Spanish Theater – whose moderate prices always ensure a high influx of the public – shares the spotlight with the immaculate white facade of the Hotel ME Madrid Reina Victoria, heir of the old hotel Of the bullfighters’ – handover of the figures of the bullfighting that visited the bullring of Las Ventas decades ago and that today has a cozy contemporary terrace from which you get a spectacular view of the city.

As we descend through Huertas and, just past Plaza de Santa Ana, on the left, on Echegaray Street, flamenco takes the floor in the tablao del Cardamomo, one of the most popular halls in Madrid. In the same area there are discos and local outfits such as Carbones 13, retro decorated and famous for its art in the preparation of gin-tonic.

On the other side of Calle Huertas is the Plaza Matutes, with various styles that offer their own DJ sessions and sometimes becomes a meeting point for representatives of the performing arts.

The Barrio de Las Letras is one of those nerve centers of the nightlife of the capital where the bohemian air of yesteryear and the survival of the classic sounds with the most modern musical tendencies are perfectly conjugated.

Party in Chueca

Nightlife Madrid Chueca
In addition to being one of the most cosmopolitan neighborhoods in Madrid, Chueca is more lively, if at all, at night than day. Bars of all life, pubs of multiple musical styles, avant-garde cocktails and even some other cabaret with transvestite show to leave no one indifferent.

The streets of Barquillo and Fuencarral delimit from east to west the Barrio de Chueca, in which the square of the same name – where the Chueca metro station is also situated – and that of Pedro Zerolo (former Vázquez de Mella square) accustomed to To be common meeting points for those who choose to enjoy the incombustible march that has the night in this area of ​​the Madrid capital.

To the dance-clubs more discotequeros is united a wide offer of premises with more relaxed atmosphere, like the terraces of the popular Hotel Room Mate Óscar – with swimming pool in time of summer – or of the Market of San Antón open both all the year.

The fun is guaranteed in a neighborhood where any day of the week is possible to entertain until the wee hours of the morning and in which age is another of the many things that does not represent a problem. In Chueca there are alternating local cups of predominantly young environment, with others aimed at a more mature audience, where having more than 50 is no excuse to stay at home.

According to the mix of styles go the prices of the consumption by the zone. From the economic ‘cane and tapa’ of the most traditional bars to the largest budget that requires taking something in referents of the trendiest decoration.

Vanguard and tolerance go hand in hand on the streets icon of the rainbow flag and around June 28 are the setting of one of the most massive and international festivals in Madrid: the LGTB Pride. Several consecutive days of outdoor musical performances, theater, cinema, literature, exhibitions and a great parade through the streets of the center of Madrid whose end of party literally takes every corner of Chueca, which year after year an absolute full .

Party in Salamanca

Nightlife Madrid Salamanca
Between the Paseo de la Castellana and the streets of Alcalá, María de Molina and Francisco Silvela is one of the most select nightlife in Madrid. Frequented by a public of high purchasing power, the Barrio de Salamanca is the best option to be carried away by elegance.

To the rhythm of the dance, the house and the more commercial rhythms, the discos and pubs of the Barrio de Salamanca offer a plus of glamor that constitutes one of the main distinguishing features in front of other zones of ‘march’ of the city.

Many are the nocturnal options that run between the most popular commercial routes in the area, such as Serrano, Goya, Ortega and Gasset or Juan Bravo, and which accommodate all age groups. The premises aimed at a middle-aged audience are alternated with select cocktails frequented by a more mature clientele.

The nightclub Serrano 41, one of the most popular in the capital, is a real icon of the night in Salamanca, either because of its location – in the middle of the commercial Golden Mile – and its three main rooms: terrace, chill-out area And dance area on the ground floor from 11:00 pm, with funky, pop and house sounds. The disco-bar The Office (better known as Vanitas Vanitatis), on Calle Velázquez, is another of the many reference venues in the area, also with ample outdoor space and a very neat decoration.

A good part of the nightclubs in the Barrio de Salamanca have parking and even valet parking, another aspect that confirms that we are in one of the most sought after and exclusive areas of Madrid.

Night out in Lavapies

Nightlife Lavapies Madrid

Lavapies Nightlife Madrid

If there is a space where the night of Madrid is able to transform into an idyllic place where there are no borders is undoubtedly Lavapies. The multiracial character of this neighborhood of the capital is reflected in the variety of African, Arab, Latin and Flemish rhythms that envelop its nightlife.

Delimited by the roundabouts of Ambassadors and Emperor Carlos V and the squares of Antón Martín, Tirso de Molina and Cascorro, the area of ​​Lavapiés has a constant activity that extends from morning to night.

As the lights of their shops go out, those of their cultural spaces are turned on: the Valle-Inclán Theater, the concerts of the Casa Encendida and the Self-Managed Social Center La Tabacalera, the Price Circus, the National Film Library and the many alternative rooms Make Lavapies an artistic and bohemian boil.

The concentration of nationalities that coexist in the neighborhood also forms a culinary offer that includes restaurants specialized in Indian, Lebanese, Syrian, Moroccan, Egyptian, Latin, Senegalese, Italian and Spanish cuisine. Through the streets of Lavapiés, Ave Maria and Miguel Servet it is possible to give a good account of these foreign flavors, while the continuous line of terraces of Argumosa Street, Magdalena Street and its surroundings are home to a number of traditional taverns and more modern gastrobars Centered on local cuisine.

Once the appetite is satisfied, it is advisable to get carried away by the diversity of its leisure facilities, where, in the framework of vaulted cellars so typical of the Madrid of centuries ago, different artistic representations are performed – monologues, theater, cabaret, music As is the case of Jacob’s Ladder, the Cultural Space La Victoria-Sala Samotracia or El Juglar. The flamenco touch to an evening by Lavapiés can be found in El Candela, open until six o’clock in the morning.

San Lorenzo and Alternative Festivals
On the second week of August, the streets of Lavapiés are festive to celebrate, on the one hand the traditional verbena of San Lorenzo – in honor to the festival that every 10 of August pays cult to the patron of the basilica of the same name located in the neighborhood – with stalls, carnivals, children’s activities and concerts, and on the other hand, the Alternative Festivals recently promoted by neighborhood associations in the area and which have more modern rhythms such as rap or hip-hop and associated folkloric expressions To that multiculturality like belly and Bollywood dances.

Night at Asturias

Asturias Nightlife Madrid
Classic cafes, restaurants, cocktails, historic party halls, an old market converted into gastronomic space and the great Royal Theater. All this in the framework of the Madrid of the Austrias, one of the areas of greater architectural value of the capital.

Surrounded by the streets of Segovia and Bailén, San Vicente hill, Opera square, Arenal street, Plaza Mayor and Plaza de la Villa, Austrias neighborhood is another good example of classic Madrid and avant-garde .

The nightlife of the area is largely articulated to the rhythm of bel canto and the operas that are represented in the Teatro Real, which also has its own restaurant – with a new menu proposal for the entreactos express. But the Madrid of the Austrias offers more things.

The old market of San Miguel, from the beginning of the 20th century, has been transformed since 2009 into a modern gastronomic space of great tourist attraction, both for the conservation of its structure of glass glazed of the time as for the variety of stands of selected products , Bars, tastings and events held daily, until midnight on weekdays and until 02:00 hours every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The terraces of the cafes and restaurants dominate the arcades of the Plaza Mayor, where by day and night a multitude of urban artists congregate around which are formed of curious people.

The Joy Eslava theater hall, on Calle Arenal, is one of those places with a proper name in Madrid’s nightlife. Active since 1981, it was one of the first macro-discos in the capital and many of the Movida’s protagonists passed through it. It opens every day of the year and its extensive program hosts concerts, humorous monologues and even a light-without-alcohol session for teenagers until 10:00 p.m.

The culinary offer in the surroundings of the Plaza Mayor is abundant and many of the locals recreate that underground Madrid in its vaulted dining rooms where, sometimes, it is possible to enjoy flamenco show and dinner, as in the tablao Las Carboneras, Square Conde de Miranda.

The new nocturnal trends in the area are marked by pubs and elaborately decorated teakeries such as the Anticafé, on Union Street, with vintage furniture, or the Yambala on Calle Coloreros, an Arabic setting.

With the Plaza de Oriente and the Royal Palace as a backdrop, the night of the Madrid de los Austrias is as versatile and varied as the opera arias that stop at their theater.

Nightlife at Gran Via and Puerta del Sol

Nightlife at Gran Via and Puerta del Sol
With a century of history behind it, the Gran Vía de Madrid has been the nucleus of the nightlife of many generations. Next to the area of ​​Sol is perhaps one of those corners of the capital where the simple contemplation of the coming and going of its people is the best starting point to get infected of its environment.

The visual spectacle of the lights and shadows projected by the promotional posters of theaters and cinemas on the monumental buildings of the Gran Vía in Madrid is perhaps the main hallmark of leisure in this area.

The Callao Cinema often extends its red carpet to welcome previews of films or musical releases that attract a good number of artists and the general public. Theaters Rialto, Principe Gran Vía, Lope de Vega, Teatro de la Luz Philips or Calderón are the scene of many of the musicals that arrive every year in Madrid, so that the succession of restaurants, taverns and bars of all prices And styles is a constant from the area of ​​Santo Domingo to the square of Benavente and its surroundings.

Terraces of modern hotels such as the Urban invite you to pause for a moment the rhythm of the big city and make a wink at the sunset from the heights. The spectacular roof of the Círculo de Bellas Artes, which is accessible until 02:30 hours on Fridays and Saturdays, is without doubt another of the places to take into account.

Advanced the night comes the turn of the party halls and discos. Since 1979 the Sala El Sol has witnessed the fervor of the Movida and maintains today the label of concert hall and cultural space which also has room for presentations of books, records or even recordings of video clips. You can not miss the Joy Eslava room, the center’s reference nightclub and the usual concert scene. Other more modern references are the Independance Club, with nights and thematic parties of the most varied or the Costello Café & Nite Club, with rhythms rock, indie or funk and appreciated scene of local bands.

Night out in Castellana

Night out at Castellana Madrid

The frenetic work rhythm of the day in much of the Paseo de la Castellana and the financial district of Azca, where most of the official buildings, embassies and the first skyscrapers built in Madrid are concentrated, gives way to neon lights and music Of the nightclubs as the night approaches.

Metro stations Nuevos Ministerios, Santiago Bernabéu, Cuzco, Plaza de Castilla and Chamartín and a large number of EMT Madrid bus lines, which connect with the center and other areas of the city, bring us closer to the area of ​​Castellana .

Parallel to the section of La Castellana Avenue that joins the squares of Lima and Cuzco are the Avenida de Brasil and Orense Street, with nightclubs with techno, house and commercial pop as La Nuit, frequented mainly by a young and arranged audience Clothing, but also some other alternative space like the Moby Dick Club, which usually has a large billboard of indie, rock and soul sounds.

The lower floors of emblematic buildings of the financial complex where more than 20,000 people work during the day, such as the BBVA Tower, Torre Europa, or the Picasso Tower, saw the emergence of a large number of Disc-pubs of Latin rhythms of which, although in smaller volume, still remains sample.

When talking about a business area, it is logical that the afterwork phenomenon is of special relevance in the area. From the most affordable and modern to the most select and classic. The Real Café Bernabéu, located in the Real Madrid stadium, has a restaurant overlooking the lawn, and is a unique option to take the rigorous rest after work or start the evening with one of the signature cocktails of his bar. The NH Eurobuilding Metropol bar, with live piano concerts every Tuesday and Wednesday from 18:00 to 21:00, while enjoying a drink, is another option. At its feet, the Marmara room, another classic of Madrid night with flamenco themed sessions on Tuesdays and acoustic on Wednesdays.

Irish pubs and pubs are also common in the area, as are the new off-road and cosmopolitan Manhattan style New York-style proposals in the Nuevos Ministerios area, with restaurant and conservatory for all times of the year and Neoyorkina setting in detail.

And if you want to enjoy a night of caprice from the top, the four newly built skyscrapers that make up the expansion of the business area of ​​Madrid since 2009 – Four Towers Business Area – offer without a doubt the ideal option . Both Espacio 33, in Torre Espacio, and the Volvoreta Restaurant of the Eurostars Madrid Tower, in the PwC Tower, combine dinners and luxury parties with spectacular panoramic views of Madrid.

Student area Princesa

Night out area Princesa Madrid

Student territory par excellence, the night in Princesa offers plenty of places and prices adapted to a very young audience and all kinds of musical preferences. Rock, national pop, techno and commercial sounds in general are the most heard in their discos and pubs.

The high number of colleges and university residences make the area of ​​Princesa a night out area of ​​reference for many young people, so the leisure offer has traditionally been adapted to this public.

Any of the metro stops of Plaza de España, Ventura Rodríguez, Argüelles, Moncloa, Philippine Islands and Guzmán el Bueno are a valid option to get into the nightlife of Princesa, where, at the beginning of the street of the same name, Of great clubs, the Sala Marco Aldany (former Sala Arena). With programming and musical performances of the most varied, but of special interest for lovers of house, the discotheque has two other branches, the Pirandello I and II rooms, in the adjacent street.

Towards the Guzmán el Bueno area, it is possible to find a high concentration of national and international bars, taverns and fast food chains for affordable dining – with many special offers aimed at the student group – and start off on a good evening Finishing in mythical places like the Cats, La Sal, the Ricorda or the Mama does not know.

And as in most of the nightlife areas of the capital, in Princesa, the premises that close their doors between 02:00 and 04:00 hours are combined with those in which the night lasts until well into the night, especially From Thursday to Saturday.

If the plan is to relax in the light of the sunset, and in warm weather, on the last floor of the Hotel Exe, in the Market of Moncloa, is the Terrace of West, with orientation to the west of the capital and With spectacular views of the El Pardo National Park and the Sierra de Guadarrama. Something more than 300 square meters of surface, with swimming pool and spacious white sofas in a chill-out environment that pretends to flee from the masses.

Neighborhood Malasaña

Malasaña Nightlife in Madrid

Cradle of the first musical performances of the Madrilenian Movida of the 80’s – countercultural movement emerged at the beginning of the democratic transition of Spain -, Barrio de Malasaña / Triball is distinguished by always going to the last.

Malasaña / Triball is the entire area between the streets of San Bernardo and Fuencarral, delimited to the north by the roundabouts of Bilbao and Ruiz Jiménez and to the south by the Gran Via. The Plaza de Dos de Mayo is, next to the exits of the Tribunal metro station, one of the main meeting places for those who decide to live the night, especially on weekends, in this area of ​​Madrid.

Rock, punk and indie-pop mark the most nocturnal rhythms of a neighborhood in which the aesthetic eighties adorns much of its premises. In the streets of Malasaña, it is possible to go back to that breakthrough decade of the Spanish musical scene as well as to delight in the subsequent international movements that follow that alternative trail in the margins of the most commercial music.

Disco-pubs such as TupperWare, Penta and La Vía Láctea, around the streets of La Palma and Velarde, in addition to the Madrid Me Mata museum-bar, congregate every night to a heterogeneous audience in which although the young people predominate too It is possible to meet nostalgics from the era of Radio Futura, The Secrets, Alaska, and so many other groups and voices of the Movida. The terraces of the cafes located in the Plaza de Dos de Mayo are usually also very popular.

But the renovation is also one of the virtues of this area of ​​Madrid. New spaces of nocturnal leisure are constantly appearing in Malasaña, where modernity becomes a gap between the underground and cool Anglicism takes on a greater role that attracts countless visitors.

The cocktails are a more quiet option to enjoy the night and next to references of yesteryear, the resurgence of the area of ​​Triball has given rise to other spaces in which accommodates aesthetic kitsch. In addition, in the surroundings of the Calle Luna it is possible to discover that phenomenon of the terraces so appreciated in the capital. From the summer of 2013, the GyMage lounge resort offers the option of enjoying on the top floor a privileged view both in summer and winter, until 02:00 hours on weekends, and at quite moderate prices.

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