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We offer a wide range of car hire in Torrevieja in Spain, ranging from small cars that best suit a couple traveling alone on holiday, to large family cars and minivans where the whole family can travel together. Whatever you need, we have a rental car that will suit you well.

How about making your holiday in Torrevieja a little more special and treat yourself with some luxury? Experience the fresh air, the wind in your hair and enjoy the most beautiful monuments with a convertible car hire in Torrevieja. A good selection of convertible cars from many different car hire companies means that we have a convertible for you regardless of budget, ranging from economy to luxury class. Renting a convertible is a fun and stylish way to experience many of the sights throughout Spain.

Torrevieja you explore best in a rental car, and if you need 7 or 9 seater car hire in Torrevieja, it is cheaper to rent than two small cars, as well as savings on gasoline costs etc. With a seven or nine seater car, it will allow bigger families or golf groups to travel together so nobody misses day trips to the beach or other adventures in Torrevieja. Book you car rental early, because all 7 and 9 seater cars are highly requested, with limited availability. This is especially true for Easter and the summer months between June and September.

There is nothing better than renting a luxury car on an exotic island in Spain, or driving down the coast and visiting Spain’s best sights. We have many luxury rental cars and sports cars throughout Spain, at train stations, airports, ports, and in the city that make it easy to drive in style across Spain. Through us you can access top luxury cars from famous brands like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Range Rovcer, Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati, and Jaguar to name a few.

Car hire Tips Torrevieja

  • If you need a rental car for your stay in Torrevieja, it’s easiest to book it for pickup when you arrive at Murcia Airport or Alicante Airport. Then you can easily return it when you return to your home country, and you do not need alternative transport to and from the Airport. In most cases, this is less expensive than using small local suppliers in Torrevieja.
  • Always order as early as possible. In high season there is a battle for the rental cars in Torrevieja. This means that prices will be higher. If you book on the internet as early as possible, the chance will be great for getting a car rental at a much cheaper price than by booking when you arrive in Spain. Check your car rental price in Torrevieja by using the form above.
  • After ordering, confirm the confirmation email you receive by email. You must bring this with you when you pick up the car. In addition, you must bring credit card, passport and valid driver’s license.
  • Please read carefully the contract from the car rental company before signing. Is it in Spanish, so ask for it in English. In particular, check with insurance, deposit, and fuel conditions.
  • Once you have received a key and will pick up your rental car in Torrevieja, take a tour around the car and check for bumps, broken lights, and scratches. Take photos and videos of the rental car in use so that you can document the condition of the car when you picked it up and return the car after use. Also read why you should take pictures and videos of the rental car in use

    Torrevieja Short Guide

    Car Hire Torrevieja

    Car Hire Torrevieja

    Torrevieja is a coastal town and municipality located on the Costa Blanca in the province of Alicante, in south-eastern Spain. Torrevieja is about 30 miles south of the city of Alicante and has a population of 104,000 (2008). Torrevieja was originally a salt-mining and fishing village as it is located between the sea and two large salt lakes (Las Salinas), which give Torrevieja a healthy micro climate. In recent years, the local economy has risen tremendously due to the tourism industry. A large population of British, Irish, Germans and Scandinavians, many live there all year round, and Spanish people who have a second home in the city. The high number of British expatriates has led Torrevieja being nicknamed as ‘the costa del Yorkshire’ by some holidaymakers, often surprised that many British citizens prefer imported cheap mass produced bread from England such as Warburtons and Hovis.

    Torrevieja means “old tower” in Spanish and it was only a couple watchtower here until the 1800s. In the 19th century began salt production in the mines called Salinas, something you can see more of in the Museum of the Sea and Salt. In addition, you can pay a visit to the Natural History Museum or see the old watch tower, Torre del Moro from the 1300s. Today Torrevieja primarily a vacation paradise that draws tourists, especially from Scandinavia and Britain.

    Torrevieja in the province of Alicante belonging to the region Communidad Valenciana. The town lies on the Mediterranean coast in the southeastern part of Spain and it is approximately 50 km to the provincial capital Alicante, northeast of Torrevieja. It is around 470 km to the capital Madrid in the northwest, while the country’s southern city of Tarifa is about 600 km south. The city is located along the popular resort coast called the Costa Blanca.

    Torrevieja has expanded a lot since its humble days as a local port of call for fishermen. Indeed, there is no denying that the Spanish Tourist Industry which recently exploded into life has been particularly kind to the city, however Torrevieja has by no means lost site of its past.

    Whilst it offers much of the glitz associated with a packaged swimming pool holiday hotspot like Benidorm, there are no hotels dominating the skyline, blotting out the Mediterranean sun. Instead, one finds traditional Spanish villas, local seafood restaurants, and unspoilt beaches. At the same time, it is a lot more accessible than many of the smaller towns which are scattered throughout the area.

    Torrevieja provides a welcome environment for visitors yet continues to grant them the privilege of viewing an intimate portrait of Spanish life and culture. It also provides an excellent base from which to explore the rest of the region. Torrevieja is no more than a pleasant drive away from Alicante, Murcia, and San Miguel. The small town of Orihuela deserves mention for the fantastic processions put on by its inhabitants who, adorned in the finest costumes set about recreating the epic battles waged between Christians and Moors many centuries ago.

    Torrevieja rests upon one of the most beautiful stretches of coast in the Costa Blanca. There are six large white sandy beaches – La Mata, Cabo Cervera, Los Locos, El Cura, Los Naufragos and Ferris. There are also many coves and cliffs offering a more secluded and peaceful setting ideal for bathing and diving around Torrevieja’s prized sea beds. Torrevieja has a charming local harbour, filled with an impressive array of fishing boats and private yachts as well as small sightseeing vessels which offer cruises around the coast, and to the neighbouring island of Tabarca. Further inland, just outside the city, there are two impressive salt lakes on display. It is quite breathtaking to behold these gigantic mountains of salt. The region annually produces in excess of half a million tons of salt.

    The sea and salt have been of such significance to the local economy that there is now a museum dedicated to the display of Torrevieja’s maritime past. The Museum of the Sea and Salt boasts a large collection of unique exhibits, the most interesting of which is probably the recently added Delfin S-61 Submarine which visitors can board and walk around themselves. The Holy Week Museum ‘Tomas Valcarcel’ on the other hand explores the heritage of the Passion processions. Named after the city’s most revered artist, the museum is adorned with statues, thrones, paintings and sculptures all celebrating the Holy Week processions. The Church of the Inmaculada Concepcion is also a noteworthy attraction, and holds a statue of the city’s patron saint, La Purisima Concepcion.

    Torrevieja is host to many religious and historical fiestas (festivals) throughout the year. From the Procession of the Three Kings in January to the San Juan Bonfires in June and the Seafarer’s Festival of the Virgen del Carmen in July, there is bound to be something happening whenever you visit. For the musically inclined, Torrevieja is the site of the Taking place towards the end of July by the Eras de las Sal (the cathedral of the Habaneras), this famous festival of habanera music attracts the finest choirs and choral singers from all over world to the small city of Torrevieja. For those travelling at other times in the year, the Habaneras Museum ‘Ricardo Lafuente’ is an excellent museum dedicated to Torreviejas most famous habanera song writer, Ricardo Lafuente.

    Torrevieja has excellent sporting facilities and an Olympic swimming pool. There are top quality golf courses surrounding the city. 10 minutes from the city centre is one of the best in the country and has in fact hosted the Spanish Open.

    Torrevieja offers a wide range of shops stocked in the latest national and international fashions and technologies, as well as an excellent array of large supermarkets. For a sample of more traditional commerce, there are a number of street markets. The largest, containing over 1200 stalls is held every Friday. Handicrafts, ornaments, textiles, clothing and footwear can all be found at very agreeable prices. For those who enjoy the cool evenings with a stroll by the waterside, there are many stalls lining the seaside promenades selling all manner of goods.

    Torrevieja offers a wide selection of restaurants and night-time entertainments. In the area of La Punta alone, there are more than 70 pubs and clubs most of which stay open until the early hours of the morning. Building upon its gastronomic heritage, Torrevieja has an excellent selection of local sea food dishes. Bahia and Miramar are two restaurants that stand out particularly. Beyond the traditional, Torrevieja also offers most international styles of cuisine. For those in the mood for Indian, Gandhi Restaurante offers excellent food at very reasonable prices. Nearly all restaurants and cafes offer outside seating in the summer months. Wandering musicians weave around the many tables that line the pavements playing classical Spanish guitar.

    Torrevieja is accessible both from Alicante Airport, 40km to the north outside Alicante, and San Javier Airport outside of Murcia. The airport at Alicante houses a fine duty free selection as well as offices for all the major car hire companies. Furthermore, it is on the easyJet destination map, meaning that there are cheap flights out of most airports in the UK on a daily basis. Compared to the UK, Spain is a large country.
    Murcia-San Javier Airport is located approx. 30 km south of Torrevieja.

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