Guide to some of the better nudist beaches on the Costa Blanca

Nudistbeaches Costa Blanca Spain

Guide nudist beaches on the Costa Blanca coast. Many people have the desire to experience a little more “private” and quiet beaches, where you can take a swim nude in peace.

Here you can walk around naked and meet like-minded, for many people it is the most natural thing in the world to be naked out there, and they think it gives a sense of freedom. But what is the right etiquette?

9 Nudist Beaches on the Costa Blanca

Here we look at 9 of the better nudist beaches on the Costa Blanca North in Spain. Are you one of those who prefer clothes on, you can see our beach guide for Costa Blanca.

1. Solsida beach Altea

Length: 50 m
Nudistbeach La Solsida Altea Spain
If you drive the 332 direction Calpe (from Alfas del Pi), you will find a isolated small beach area called La Solsida. Here naturists got their own “private” beach area. To arrive at the beach, you need to go a long way in a rocky terrain. But very nice when you get there.

2. Les Rotes beach, Denia

Les Rotes Nudistbeach Denia
This area is known as Les Rotes. Parque Natural del Montgo, is in the background and forms these beautiful surroundings. The area suitable for diving and sailing. The beach is popular for nudists.

3. L`Èsparelló beach Villlajoyosa

Nudistbeach Costa Blanca
A small bay with clear water at the foot of a cliff, nearly two kilometers from the center, direction Alicante on the N-332. This peaceful place is perfect for fishing and diving, and is suitable for nude bathing.

4. Raco del Conill, Villajoyosa

Nudistbeach Raco del Conill Villajoyosa
The area is in a small, quiet and beautiful bay. Large and steep mountains makes this place beautyful – Raco del Conill is located about 3 km from the center, direction Benidorm. Area is popular with naturists, divers and fishermen.

5. Ambolo, Javea

Length: 80 m
Nudistbeach Ambolo Javea
This is a small natural bay, with clear waters located south of Cabo de la Nao. Just outside is the island Isla del Descubridor. Here you can swim naked in peace and dive from the high cliffs. Now Ambolo Beach it’s officially closed by order of the Town Hall of Javea due to the danger of debris falling from the crumbling cliffs, although one can access at one’s own risk.

6. Ti Ximo Cove, Benidorm

Length 500m
Nudistbeach Ti Ximo Cove Benidorm
Located on the northern side of Cabo de San Martín. This is a natural bay with rock formations and crystal clear water, accessible only by foot along a trail through a pine forest. The reward is that you can swim and dive alone.

7. Read Pesquera El Rebollo Beach

Length 1360m Width 60m
Nudistbeach Les Pesqueres El Rebollo Beach
Very suitable place to enjoy lazy beach days without crowds. This is a natural beach.

8. Calalga, Calpe

Length 100 m
Nudistbeach Calalga Calpe
This is a quiet cove with sand, gravel and rock where it is possible to enjoy a bath without large crowds.

9. L Llobell, Benisa Length 100 m

Nudistbeach L-Llobell Benisa
With gravel and boulders, it is a rustic and very less traveled cove, where you can enjoy the pleasure of bathing practically alone. But very popular for diving because of the clear water.

Naturist rules

– Respect other people’s privacy. Stirring is not polite. Many come to the beaches to get some quiet time alone and did not want to be disturbed. It’s OK to find friends, but it’s rude to occupy another person’s time before you are welcomed.
– Always ask before taking photographs. Even on public you should ask before taking pictures. There is not anyone who wants to end up in other privates album. Parents should always be asked before taking pictures of children. Sneak Shooting with mobile cameras will be prosecuted.
– No sex. Nudity is one thing, but sex is a private thing between two people to be performed elsewhere. A good reputation keep our beaches free of this.

– Come prepared. Always take your own towel, sunscreen, food and matches like Do not expect that others share this with you. Do it quietly. Use headphones on radio or portable equipment.

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