Wine language in Spain

Wine Language in Spanish

The language of wine in Spain. In Spain it is a pleasure to walk between the wine shelf in the stores and see all the different wine brands that exist. Here we find wines of all varieties and all price ranges.

Red wines are made from blue grapes, where especially the grape peel gives the wine the red color. White wine made mainly of green or yellow grapes, but can also be made of blue grapes if the shell is removed. Spain, Italy and France are the biggest wine producers in the world. Spain has its Rioja, France is known for Beaujolais, Bordeaux and Burgundy, Italy has its Chianti and Valpolicella, to name a few. It becomes a matter of taste which one you prefer.

If you are no connoisseur, but act upon the appearance of the label and the bottle, or fall for a great name? It could go well, but it might be nice to know what’s on the label. Not everyone is razor sharp in Spanish, so on this page you will get a bunch of Spanish wine expression.

Wine language in Spanish

Con crianza or just Crianza: means stored in oak barrels for a minimum of 12 months, then two years in bottle
Reserva: means stored in oak barrels for a minimum of 12 months, then 2 years in bottle
Gran Reserva: means stored in oak barrels for at least two years, then three years in bottle
Sin crianza: means not stored
Cepa: means wine or grape type
Vina, viñedo: means vineyard
Cosecha: means vintage
Vendimina: means vintage, harvest
Vino de mesa: means table wine
Vino corriente: means ordinary wine
Vino de consecha Provida: means wine made from own vineyards.
Blanco: means white
Tinto: means red
Rosado: means Rosé
Seco: means dry
Dulce: means sweet
Afrutado: means fruity

What are your favorite spanish wines? Share your tips and advice in the comments below.

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