Nightlife in Estepona

Nightlife Estepona

Nightlife, bars and nightclubs in Estepona, Spain. Out in the city in Estepona on the Costa del Sol, and need tips on where to go out with friends and family for a great night out? Here’s all you need to know about the best bars, nightclubs and nightlife in Estepona.

The bars and clubs in Estepona are significantly cheaper than those in Marbella and Puerto Banús, and can have the same exclusive feeling. Most of the bars in the Old Town are more quiet and offer a more relaxed evening out; While the port area is where most of the clubs and late night bars.

Most music bars and restaurants remain open to the small hours and the back streets of the old town are full of bars and clubs. The most popular place is Plaza de los Flores, and here you will find a large concentration of bars built around the fountain and the garden. This is equivalent to Orange Square in Marbella, and in summer it is definitely the place to socialize and make new friends. Tourists visiting Estepona usually search for a quieter place for their vacation, a town near the coast, near Marbella and Puerto Banus, two places in the province of Malaga where you can also enjoy a vibrant nightlife.

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On the seafront there is a large selection of bars and restaurants specializing in serving fresh local fish as well as the usual international range of dishes. For those who want to eat good food at one of Estepona’s restaurants, then have a drink at a bar along the beach, this is a great place.

Pubs and discos in Estepona

Here is a bunch of selected pubs and discos in Estepona on the Costa del Sol in Spain. A perfect guide to where to go out with friends and family at the old town of Estepona and at the marina.

Nightlife in the old town of Estepona

Melodie Cool: A disco and bar located in the center of Estepona, just behind the seafront at Calle Real, this bar is especially popular with the young and trendy. Open till 3 on Fridays and Saturdays.
La Bulla: A bar on Ave España (just east of Calle Terraza) has a dazzling view of neon lights. It is especially cozy in winter, and air-conditioned rooms in the summer.
Bar Tolones: Calle Real. Bar terrace right in the center of Estepona where you can relax with your drink and chill out music.

Nightlife in the Marina of Estepona

Nightlife in la marina Estepona

Nightlife in Estepona

In the port of Estepona, most discos are visited by a younger audience, although all ages are welcome at Spanish discos. For those who are a little older, Reianldo is really good place to start the evening.

Reinaldo: Is a favorite place on the corner near the marina entrance. The clientele here tends to be regular and slightly older. The owner runs the local Harley Davidson club and the bikes are proudly parked out on a Sunday morning. Happy hour 18.00 to 20.00.
To-Loco: Bar with terrace right in front of the Marina. Pop music.
Oporto: Bar with terrace right in front of the Marina. Pop music.
Healy Mac’s: Irish Bar and Restaurant.

Map nightlife and bars in Estepona

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