10 Top Theme Parks in Costa del Sol

Theme Parks Costa del Sol

Theme parks in Costa del Sol. The best theme parks, water parks and zoos on the Costa del Sol. Heading to the Costa del Sol on holiday and traveling with children? Then day trips to the many family parks in the area is a must, and which guaranteed success. We have collected a list of theme parks and zoos on the Costa del Sol. Here you will find everything your heart desires for the whole family.

Amusement parks on the Costa del Sol offers everything from prehistoric creatures via Nile crocodiles to real adrenalin rush rides. You can see a water show with dolphins, or why not take a dip with a sea lion? It is a great experience. Or how about a safari over the savanna while antelopes, lions and tigers frolic on all sides?

Costa del Sol stretches from the Rock of Gibraltar to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Costa del Sol is known for its fine beaches, the pleasant climate, good golf courses, and a wide and good entertainment scene no matter which city you choose to stay in. The coastal strip located in the region of Andalucia which covers 17% of the land area in the whole of Spain.

Zoos and experiences with animals on the Costa del Sol

There are many exotic animals here on the coast, the variety is immense. That is, if you go away from the beach for a moment and into a the many animal and safari parks you will find in the area. Elephants, monkeys and bears, over water and in the air, insects and snakes, everything you can imagine is available here.

1. Crocodiles Park

Crocodiles Park Costa del Sol
The park offers exciting tours with demonstrations and feeding of the crocodiles. It also has a patio where you can hold a live crocodile. You’re sure to see Paco also known as Big Daddy, the largest croc in Europe, weighing a total of 600 kilograms.

Crocodile Park has an extensive gift shop filled with all kinds of interesting wildlife-related souvenirs. When you arrive, you get a handy map describing how much time you should spend on each of the stations. The end of the journey may include a presentation (in English and Spanish) of the lives of these amazing creatures. It is also an opportunity for the children to take a picture with a baby crocodile in your arms!

Biggest crocodile park in Europe
Location: At Torremolinos.
Phone: +34 952 051 782.
Website: www.crocodile-park.com

2. Selwo Marine Park Costa del Sol

Selwo Marine Park Costa del Sol
Selwo Marina is a small marine park located in Benalmádena on the Costa del Sol in Spain. It is the only park of its kind in Andalusia. Selwo Marina is a new concept in marine parks, and offers a wonderful adventure with mammals and birds of South America.

Selwo Marina dolphin park with much more.
Location: At Benalmadena.
Phone: +34 902 190 482
Website: www.selwomarina.com

3. Zoo Fuengirola

Zoo Fuengirola Costa del Sol
This is a zoo where animals live side by side in a recreation of their natural habitat in order to promote their development. It has three different areas: Madagascar, Equatorial Africa and Southeast Asia. You will get the opportunity to see many species of birds, mammals and reptiles such as the Nile crocodile, gorillas, servals. In Madagascar area there is also a copy of a baobab (one of the largest artificial trees in the world). Zoo Fuengirola offers exhibits (to learn more first-hand about the lifestyle of mammals that armadillos, coatis, raccoons and otters, and birds like hornbill, black vulture and kookaburras from Australia), and it also has a shop, a children’s area and a restaurant area .

Zoo Fuengirola
Location: Fuengirola
Phone: 952 666 301.
Website: www.zoofuengirola.com

4. Sea Life Centre Spain

Sea Life Centre Costa del Sol
One of the attractions that must be visited in Benalmadena, Sea Life Centre, located next to the marina. One of the startling things about this akavariet’s proximity to the fishes. It is also possible to feed the fish with your fingers. Laboratory Marino starfish, hermit crabs and other strange creatures. There are members of staff available to allow further investigation.

Sea Life Centre Spain
Location: At Benalmadena.
Phone: +34 952 560 150.
Website: www.sealife.es

5. Selwo Aventura Costa del Sol

Selwo Aventura Costa del Sol
Selwo Safari Park is one of the most exciting natural parks. Safari park has more than 2,000 dyrater who live in the 100-hectare park. Selwo is far more than a zoo because the animals live in almost natural surroundings with good distance between them and the audience, and you can see all the favorites such as lions, tigers, rhinos, elephants, giraffes and bears. Expect a beautiful journey through the botanical gardens, the large reptile house and the magnificent bird garden. The two guided tours with ATVs takes you through breathtaking scenery, while the guides provide a learning experience. There are also restaurants and refreshments throughout the park. Selwo Safari Park is an exceptional zoo for anyone who wants to see animals, some quite rare, all held in beautiful, caring environments.

Selwo Aventura Zoo

Location: At Estepona
Telephone. 902,190,482.
Website: www.selwo.es

6. Lobo Park

Lobo Park Costa del Sol
In this zoo near Antequera you can see four different species of wolves, including the native Iberian wolves in natural enviroment. You are taken on a guided tour through the beautiful countryside, while the guide tells us about these majestic beasts. The tour includes stops at an observation platform, where you can come in close contact with the wolves. Feeding time is fascinating, as always with animals, there are also separate night tours, where you can hear the wolf packs howling.

Lobo Park – Wolf Park
A world’s most unique wolf parks.
Location: At Antequera.
Phone: 952 031 107.
Website: www.lobopark.com

Club El Ranchito

Club el ranchito Costa del Sol
El Ranchito opened in 1960 as a riding school, and now they are organizer of the most spectacular shows on the Costa Del Sol. This wonderful show you can see every Wednesday night, and include some of Andalucia’s finest riders and horses. Divided into six sections, with a short break in the middle, the show includes equestrian ballet, Spanish dressage and the most incredible skills. Horse show takes about an hour and a half, and the show regularly attracts over 500 spectators every Wednesday summer months, so advance booking is recommended. Dinner and a flamenco show can also be included for a higher price.

Club El Ranchito Andalusian horse shows and Flamenco
Location: At Torremolinos.
Phone: +34 952 383 140.
Website: www.ranchito.com

Born to be wild Costa del Sol

Born to be wild Costa del Sol
Ecotourism with Born to be Wild is a fun way for the whole family to discover the incredible natural park of Sierra de las Nieves (Declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO). They also offer dolphin tours from Estepona and trips to Morocco. Delfin Tours start at Blue Dolphin Beach Club in Estepona. In this two hour tour they let you run your own speedboat (4 pax / boat), while a guide provided in another boat and refers you to the dolphins that swim so close to the boat you can almost touch them. explore the Andalusian countryside off- roading in a jeep with expert guides.

Born to be wild – Jeep tours, safaris and water activities
Location: At Marbella.
Phone: 639 720 246.
Website: www.borntobewild.es

The water parks on the Costa del Sol

Nothing is better than to cool off in one of the Costa del Sol`s water park when the sun is at its worst. Here we look at the best on the Costa del Sol.

7. Parque Acuatico Mijas

Parque Acuatico Mijas Costa del Sol
Parque Acuatico Mijas is a fun water park with 5 major attractions, as well as a wave pool, playground, lake pool, jacuzzi and a mini golf area. Parque Acuatico is a great place to cool off on a hot day when the sun was at its worst. Mijas Aquatic Park offers attractions such as Kamikaze, Adventure River, and Labyrinth, which is definite for older children while Kiddie and Lizard Island suitable for younger children. This water park also offers a climbing wall, mini golf, bar, self-service restaurant, gift shop, massage services and a stage for concerts.

Parque Acuatico
Location: Mijas
Phone: 952 460 404
Website: www.aquamijas.com

8. Aquavelis Waterworld Costa del Sol

Aquavelis Water Park Costa del Sol
One of the largest water parks on the Costa del Sol is located in Torre del Mar. There are 21 different activities and slides to choose from, including some super fast (one 80 meters high). Not to forget the wave pool and lagoon.

Aquavelis – Waterworld
Location: At Velez Malaga
Phone: +34 952 542 758
Website: www.aquavelis.com

9. Aquapark Internacional

Aquapark Internacional Costa del Sol
Aqua Park Torremolinos is the largest water park on the Costa del Sol. It is 30 minutes from Marbella and offers entertainment for all ages. Aqualand Torremolinos offers 14 different attractions that are suitable for both younger and older children. Little ones can play in Mini Park while the older kids will love having a race down Crazy Race or go back and forth on Boomerang. The park also has a mini golf course on site as well as some restaurants, lockers and chairs for rent at an additional cost.

Aquapark Internacional – Largest water park on the Costa del Sol
Location: At Torremolinos.
Phone: +34 952 388 888.
Website: www.aqualand.es

Amusement Parks on the Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol as a base has many theme parks just a short drive away. Here we look at the theme parks for those who like a little action.

10. TIVOLI WORLD Costa del Sol

TIVOLI WORLD Costa del Sol
Tivoli World is the largest park for family entertainment on the Costa del Sol. It is in the heart of Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmadena and is easy to reach by car, train, bus or taxi. Tivoli World is a stunning combination of tropical gardens, beautiful square, illuminated fountains, exciting fairgrounds rides, theater, restaurants and much more. There are over 300 rides and attractions. Some of the best flamenco shows are held here and many important artists have concert here every season. Tivoli India is a new section that has recently been added to the park, offering 11 rides for the youngest members of the family. So, from young children to grandparents have Tivoli World is something for everyone.

Tivoli World – One of the biggest funfair parks on the Costa del Sol
Location: At Benalmadena.
Phone: +34 952 577 016.
Website: www.tivolicostadelsol.com

Other Activities Costa del Sol

South Coast Quad Rentals
Location: At Fuengirola.
Rent, water activities
Phone: 676 771 120.
Website: www.rentaquad.com

Amorina 1934 S.L
Sailing & fun for the whole family.
Your locations: At Malaga.
Phone: +34 626 711 000.

Aula del Mar
Location: At Malaga
Come and visit the sea, Sea Park
Phone: +34 952 577 784.
Website: www.auladelmar.info

Costasol Cruceros
Minicruse along the Costa del Sol.
Your locations: In Benalmadena, Malaga and Fuengirola.
Discover the coast from the sea.
Phone: +34 952 444 881.
Website: www.costadelsolcruceros.com

IOE Marina
Boat rental, enjoy your vacation from the sea.
Location: At Benalmadena and P.Dep. Estepona.
Phone: 952 447 567/952 806 980
Website: www.ioemarina.es

Parasailing Fuengirola
Location: At the harbor of Fuengirola.
Parasailing and other water activities.
Phone: 630 131 234.

Need Car hire to get to the theme parks?

Now a day’s it is very popular to rent a car on your holiday in Costa del Sol. The majority choose to pick up a car at Malaga Airport. With car rental you and your family have the opportunity to take pleasant day trips in Costa del Sol, take exciting excursions at your own pace and not be dependent on public transport. By comparing prices of car rental from several companies, you can save a lot of money. Check your prices on car hire in Spain now.

Rental car

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