11 Cheap Car Hire Tips at Malaga Airport

Tips Cheap Car rental Malaga Airport

Tips for a cheap car hire at Malaga Airport in Spain. Is the flight to Malaga Airport already booked, and you’re looking for cheap car hire in Malaga? Then you are at the right place. Malaga Airport is one of the biggest airports in Spain, and many will have the freedom to explore the Malaga province at their own pace with a rental car , because it is a lot to see here for the whole family all year round.

There is much more to experience than great beaches and nightlife. Malaga in Andalucia is considered the most Spanish region of Spain with its traditions of flamenco, and a plethora of attractions ranging from Moorish palaces of the Alhambra in Granada to the snow capped mountains of the Sierra Nevada, and the glitz and glamor of Marbella. And don`t forget all the Water parks and theme parks you will find in the Malaga province.

Malaga is a city that is often overlooked by tourists. Although millions of tourists arriving Málaga International Airport, for many people Malaga has become a transit point, people tend to pass through on the way to the Costa del Sol’s most popular destinations. Many need a car to get there, and rent the car at Malaga airport.

Tips for cheap car hire in Malaga city and at Malaga Airport

Here we will give you 11 tips for a affordable car hire in Malaga city and at Malaga Airport in Spain. These tips will help you to find a car hire from a serious car company, while some tips to consider when hiring a car in Malaga.

1. Greater competition provides cheap rental cars

Car hire at Malaga Airport is very popular, and many car rental companies is competing for you as a client, and this gives you competitive rates on your car hire. Use the search form below and get rates from all major car hire companies in Malaga in one simple search. This will give you the guaranteed cheapest car hire prices in Malaga city and at Malaga Airport.

2. Book your car in Malaga early

Book your car as early as possible to ensure you get the best deal, and to get the type and model you want, especially if you are traveling during the period of June to September, and during the holidays.

3. Need child seats and GPS?

If you need child seats, GPS or other exstra devices, be sure to order them when you book your car in Malaga or at Malaga Airport. Car companies may run out during the busiest periods. And if you wait until you pick up the car you may not get what you need. A tip is to bring GPS and child seats from home, because it is often very expensive to rent.

4. Check the fuel policy to car hire company

Be sure to check if you need to return the car with fuel, or if you have to pay for a full tank upfront. If you do not fill up they will charge your credit card, and you will end up paying more than the normal price per liter. If you pay for a full tank upfront, you can deliver the car with an empty tank.

5. Car modell

Most companies will not guarantee exact make and model because of supply and demand. If you want a 4 door diesel automatic this needs to be specified in your order.

6. Get the car at Malaga Airport

The easiest is to pick up your car at the airport when you have landed at Malaga Airport. Then you don`t need alternative transportation to and from the airport, and in most cases it is cheaper than using a local supplier where you stay.

7. Pay your rental car with credit card

If you use your credit card when you rent a car, you buy additional security. The law gives you the right to complain to the creditor, if the rental car company is not giving you what has been agreed. You must first attempt to resolve the matter with the car hire company, but if you fail you can go to the bank to get a refund.

8. What do i have to bring when i pick up my rental car?

– Booking Confirmation
– Passport
– Visa or credit card
– Driving license

9. Do not buy a exstra insurance you do not need

Check what you have before ordering. Many are offered supplementary insurance when they pick up the car. They often cost more than the actual rent. This is avoided by checking your own insurance before traveling. Travel insurance usually covers theft of the car, but no damage to the car itself. Check with your insurance company if the accident insurance covers your driving abroad.

10. Capture a video of the car

Once you’ve got the keys to your rental car it is important that you check the car for any damages. Take pictures and video of the car with your phone, so you have a record of what damages that was on the car when you got it. This takes only 5 minutes, and is very good to have in order to avoid problems.

11. How many drivers?

If you want to share the driving during the holiday on the Costa del Sol, you need to keep in mind two things. One is that it comes with an additional cost per day per driver, and the second is that this person must come with you when you pick up the vehicle.

How you return the rental car in Malaga?

When you return to the airport in Malaga, the road ‘Avenida Garcia Morato’ take you to the roundabout at the entrance to the airport. Across this roundabout you will see the sign that says return of rental car in English and Spanish, this road will be the first exit on the left. From here you follow directions to your car rental company, and there will be a desk for delivery of keys for each car rental company. Malaga airport is eight kilometers west of Málaga city and is the main airport for the millions of people who arrive Costa del Sol every year. The airport is located next to the main highway A7, which runs along the coast, which is linked to the AP7 Autopista del Sol, the main road between Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Fuengirola and Marbella and Gibraltar in the west, Malaga, Nerja and Granada to the east.

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