Expecting huge shortage of hotel rooms and rental cars

Expect huge shortage of rental cars and hotels rooms in Spain and Greece.

In the media we can read that the experts expect a influx to Spain and Greece this summer, and it is expected that Spain and Greece will be filled to the brim. Trouble in North Africa and the terrorist attacks in Turkey makes summer tourists seeking to other holiday destinations, and Spain and Greece are the favorites. It is expected packed hotels, but also the a lack of rental cars on the most popular resort areas of Spain.

Those who choose Spain or Greece this summer should be prepared for packed beaches and stagnant queues. It will be a very difficult year for many destinations, but an extreme success for particularly Greece and Spain. But they have not the capacity to fill the demand. Suddenly the world becomes too small for all of us who want to go on vacation. Many summer tourists will have problems if they just jump on a plane, because it may be hard to find somewhere to stay.

It is expected that the pressure will spread from popular destinations such as Mallorca, Gran Canaria, Menorca and Ibiza and the mainland, where he expects pressure on areas around Malaga Costa del Sol and Alicante and the Costa Blanca area.

Major shortage of rental cars in Spain

Rental car shortage in SpainThe big rental car giants in Spain has a very high demand during the summer holidays, and has the following advice for those who going to Spain and and Greece and need a rental car this summer. For you to be sure of to get the car you want at a reasonable price it is important to book as soon as possible. If not you may not get the car you want or get a car at all. High demand will also result in high prices.

You can check the price of all the major car hire companies in Spain using the form below. All in a single simple search.

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