13 Cheap Car Hire Tips Gran Canaria

Cheap Rental Car Tips in Gran Canaria

Tips for a cheap Car hire in Gran Canaria. Gran Canaria is one of the Europeans favorite destination in Spain, and for many it has become their second home. Many people need car hire during their stay, and we will in this article give you great tips about how to get cheap car rental in Gran Canaria.

It is a delight to discover Gran Canaria on your own with a rental car. The island, like all the Canary Islands, has a slightly different season than the Mediterranean countries. It is in December to March the hotels are at its fullest, because the temperature remains stable all year round. It’s rarely too cold to swim. The more active travelers pulls up in the mountains of central regions of the island, a paradise for hiking when the temperature is not at the maximum. The climate on Gran Canaria is warm and the average temperature varies from 20 ° C in winter to 26 ° C in summer. With affordable car hire, you and your family can experience more, without having to be dependent on alternative transportation.

Car hire Tips in Gran Canaria

Good tips about car rental in Gran Canaria. They will help you to find a car hire in Gran Canaria, and ensure that everything runs smoothly, and you can focus on enjoying your holiday. Here comes 13 tips for affordable car hire in Gran Canaria.

1. Rent a car in Gran Canaria early

It always pays to make your flight well before you arrive at Gran Canaria. Gran Canaria has full season all year round and there is always a great demand for rental cars. Are you waiting to book your car until you have landed at the Gran Canaria Airport, prices will in most cases be much higher, and there is less cars to choose from. A good rule is to book you car when you know when you are going to Gran Canaria.

2. What kind of car should I choose?

The smallest cars are ordered first, and this is because most people believe that the smallest cars are the cheapest. What many people don`t know is that a medium-sized car can be as cheap as a small car. Remember that the whole family needs to sit well without having all the luggage on their laps.

3. Where is it cheapest to book car hire in Gran Canaria

In most cases it is cheapest to book car hire on the internet within you arrive to Gran Canaria. You can book through the search engine located below on this page or use other simular services. These services compare prices from leading car rental providers in Gran Canaria, to give you the best price on your car rental in one simple search.

Rental car

4. Where do i pick up the car?

The easiest is to pick up your car at the airport when you have landed at Gran Canaria Airport. Then you don`t need alternative transportation to and from the airport, and in most cases it is cheaper than using a local supplier where to stay.

5. Need GPS ot other exstra equipment?

GPS, child seats and other extra equipment is expensive to rent. Often it will cost more to rent it than to buy it. We recommend to take it with your from home, or buy it yourself at one of the shopping centers in Gran Canaria, so you can keep the equipment for the next trip.

6. Need a additional driver?

If you want to share the driving during the holiday on Gran Canaria, you need to keep in mind two things. One is that it comes with an additional cost per day per driver, and the second is that this person must come with you when you pick up the vehicle.

7. Check your confirmation email after booking

After you have booked your rental car it is important that you print your confirmation email and read it carefully so that all information is correct. It is much easier to change your order early than to wait until you collect the car in Gran Canaria.

8. Pay your car rental with a credit card

If you use your credit card when you rent a car in Gran Canaria, you buy additional security. The law gives you the right to complain to the creditor, if the car rental company is not giving you what has been agreed. You must first attempt to resolve the matter, but then you can go to your bank. If your appeal is rejected by the bank, you can complain to the Financial Services Complaints Board. You can also complain to the European Consumer Centre if you have bought the service in an EU or EEA country.

9. Do not buy insurances you don`t need

Check what you have before ordering. Many are offered supplementary insurance when they pick up the car. They often cost more than the actual rent. This is avoided by checking your own insurance before traveling. Travel insurance usually covers theft of the car, but no damage to the car itself. Check with your insurance company if the accident insurance covers your driving abroad.

8. What do i have to bring when i pick up my rental car?

– Booking Confirmation
– Passport
– Visa or credit card
– Driving license

10. Check the vehicle for visible damage

Once you’ve got the keys to your rental car it is important that you check the car for damage. Take pictures and video of the car with your phone, so you have a record of what damages that was on the car when you got the car. This takes only 5 minutes, but is very good to have in order to avoid problems.

11. Drive carefully

Spain has a completely different driving culture than in many countries in Europe. And on unfamiliar roads in a another country, it is important to take it easy. Spaniards are known for a more aggressive driving style. Take it easy so you avoid problems.

12. Return of the vehicle

Upon return of the vehicle, it is important to do the same as when you got the car. Take pictures and video of the car so you can document the condition of the car.

13. Check your bank statement

A while after you get home from your holiday in Gran Canaria, it is important to check that you have regained any deposit, that the correct rent amount is charged from your account, and that everything is as agreed on the booking confirmation .

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