17 Top Things to do in Malaga Spain

Things to do in Malaga Spain

Things to do in Malaga in Spain. Malaga is a city that is often overlooked by tourists. Although millions of tourists arriving Malaga International airport, for many Malaga has become a transit point, people tend to pass through on the way to the Costa del Sol’s most popular destinations. The city of Malaga is a beautiful, very Spanish and a very traditional city. There is much to see and experience in Malaga in Spain, and here we look at 17 things you should do in Malaga.

Thing to do in Malaga Spain

Malaga has a lot to offer, not only fantastic restaurants, Theme parks and water parks. Check out our little guide of things to do in Malaga.

1. Gibralfaro Castle and Alcazaba

Gibralfaro Castle Malaga
One place I love to visit is the castle Gibralfaro from the 14th century. There you can enjoy the beautiful view of the city. From here we recommend walking along the wall that connects the castle with gardens, fountains and the beautiful courtyard of the Alcazaba. Want to experience the sunset this is a lovely place.

2. Try the sweet Malaga wine

El Pimpi Malaga
There are two great places in Malaga’s old town if you want to taste the best local wines or eat the most authentic local cuisine. Try the atmospheric wine bar El Pimpi, in the afternoon or late at night for a glass of sweet Malaga wine. It is typical old Malaga bar and restaurant, full of old tiles, barrels and autographed photos of celebrities who have visited the place over the years. Another favorite place is La Casa del Guardia or ‘The Guard’ which is the oldest in Malaga.

3. Picasso Museum

Picasso Museum Malaga
Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga, and it is a museum dedicated to him in the Palace of the Condes de Buenavista, a Renaissance building decorated with Moorish elements that have been restored in a modern style. In the museum you can see more than 200 paintings, early academic studies and re-workings of old masters by one of the greatest painters of the twentieth century. While you’re there you can peek into the basement that has remnants of Phoenician Malaga (7th century BC) and traces of Roman architecture. Read more about Picasso Museum

4. Eat grilled sardines and take a swim at the beach

Pescaito frito Malaga
Another of my favorites in Malaga is the old fishing district of El Palo, where i love to walk and eat Espeto de Sardinas (grilled sardines) or pescaito frito (fried fish) – both of which can be found on any beach bars here. Grilled sardines are the most typical dish in Malaga, which consists of six sardines on a stick, roasted on the embers of bonfire on the beach. The cost is around € 5-15. If you want to sit down and have a proper meal, try the restaurant Palo El Tintero, a unique place where waiters pass around the table to auction each dish. After your meal, enjoy a swim from one of the beaches of Pedregalejo, a trendy area known for Malaga’s locals for its friendly and relaxed atmosphere. I like to end my day here, stopping at the beach and enjoy a cool drink at one of the local beach bars.

5. Manquita – Malaga Cathedral

Malaga Cathedral
La Manquita is a beloved symbol of the city, which was founded in the 15th century. His nickname, which is used by all the locals, means “one armed woman” because the south tower was never finished. Legends claim that funding for the cathedral’s completion was donated to the colonists’ cause during the American Revolutionary War. Catedral de Malaga is the biggest and most important church. The Cathedral also has a museum that is worth seeing. Open all week except Sundays.

6. Fiesta in August Malaga

La Feria Malaga
The annual Malaga city fair in August is an exuberant week-long street party with plenty of flamenco and ‘fino'(sherry).The fair commemorates the re-conquest of the city by Isabella and Ferdinand in 1487 and traditionally runs from Saturday to Saturday on the third week in August.

7. Shopping in Malaga

Marqués de Larios Malaga
Do you love to shop? If so, the area in and around the Marqués de Larios particular be worth a visit. The street itself is adorned with sculptures, and browser you up, they fine old buildings with their bay windows and balconies a breathtaking backdrop and stands in sharp contrast to the modern shops at street level. Larios has stores for all ages and for people with all preferences. Are you looking for clothes, shoes, brands, sunglasses or maybe jewelry, the main street and the streets running parallel Larios very smart places to visit. Whatever you want to put in the basket, then you have a very good chance of finding it in Málaga shopping street, Marqués de Larios.

8. Conception Botanical Garden

Conception Botanical Garden Malaga
I love this place, it is a beautiful oasis of peace in the city that is a perfect place to take a break and to relax. to sit and read in the lush vegetation, enjoy the quiet trails and admire the charming ornate fountains. It also has one of the most magnificent tropical and subtropical gardens in Europe. Admission is just € 5.20, and for this you have the opportunity to take a guided tour – which I highly recommend, because the garden has a great history. Read more about Conception Botanical Garden

9. Thyssen Museum

Thyssen Museum Malaga
Thyssen museum opened in 2011 and has a vast collection of Spanish paintings from the 19th century, but what I like most about it is the building, which has a lovely interior courtyard and very stylish gift shop.

10. Experience life in Malaga

Malaga Flamenco
The people of Malaga is famous for being open, friendly, cheerful and hospitable, and I recommend going out after 22:30 to see how true this is. The best place to do that is Mitjana Square in the old city center, which is packed with people and energy every night. Just show up and experience the excitement!

11. Visit Atarazanas market

Malaga’s central market dating back to the 14th century. Despite its fascinating history, the market is a great place to go for all kinds of local produce. Olives, oils, fish, fruit and vegetables. It is truly a feast for the senses.

12. Malaga Centre for Contemporary Art

Malaga Centre for Contemporary Art (known as CAC) houses a wonderful collection of art from the 20th and 21st centuries. With artists such as Damien Hirst, Louise Bourgeois, and Olafur Eliasson. CAC Malaga is very close to the center of Malaga, on the left bank at the mouth of Guadalmedina. Entrance is free.

13. Montes de Malaga

Montes de Malaga
Montes de Malaga is well worth the trip. Situated just a few kilometers from the center of Malaga, it really feels like you’re in a separate world away from the bustle of the city. Many hiking trails, picnic areas and traditional ‘Ventas’ (restaurants) are the order of the day. It is the best place to try one of the traditional pureness “plato de los Montes.

14. Malaga parks

Paseo de los Curas Malaga
The Center of Malaga is full of picturesque squares and parks. It provides a welcome break from the sun and is a great way to spend a few minutes to catch your breath between shopping rounds. Paseo de los curas is a great walk through Malaga’s botanical gardens, which extends along the seafront from Alameda Principal. Tropical, well-maintained gardens, fountains and the smell of orange blossom.

15. The beach

Malaga Beach
No list would be complete without a mention Malaga’s beaches. There are many beaches to choose from. Among the most popular is Playa Las Acacias, Playa de la Malagueta and Playa de la Misericordia. All offers ample facilities, with children’s parks, restaurants and beach bars. For those who want to go ahead, the beaches around Pedregalejo recommending. One of Malaga’s oldest “Barrios” offers a wealth of coves and beaches, with plenty of entertainment for the whole family.

16. Roman Theater

Roman Theater Malaga
The Roman theater, built in the first century AD, is the most preserved in Andalucía and a real tourist magnet. The Roman theater is Málaga decidedly oldest buildings, and during the last ten years the theater has had over 2.2 million visitors. The theater’s history stretches back to about 100 years f. Kr. However, it was not discovered and excavated until 1951. The semicircular pulikumstribunen has a radius of 31 meters and is 16 meters high.

17. Car museum

Car Museum Malaga
Málaga’s car museum. Cars may not be what you associate most with Spain, but here you’ll find one of the world’s best car collection, ranging from Bugatti and Rolls Royce to historical past cars Delage and Auburn.

Parking in Malaga
If you have car hire in Malaga or a private car there is a large parkingcenter in the middle of Malaga city within walking distance to almost everything. Is not the world’s cheapest place to park, but is super central to most of the experiences and the attractions in Malaga.

Rental car

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