7 Top Markets in Barcelona

Best markets in Barcelona

Markets in Barcelona, Spain. Fresh food, antique furniture and fragrant flowers. The Catalan metropolis has over 40 markets of all kinds. You have not really experienced Barcelona until you wander along at one of the city’s markets and get carried away by all the smells, the colorful fruit selection and the thrill of a bargain in one of the city’s flea markets.

The 7 Best Markets in Barcelona

There are few cities with so many markets like Barcelona. The most famous of them is a stone’s throw from La Rambla called La Boqueria. Sant Antoni Market is bigger, but is more hidden. It can be an advantage if you want to avoid the biggest crowds. Here we show you the 7 best markets in the metropolis Barcelona in Spain.

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#1 Mercat Boqueria in Barcelona

Mercat La Boqueria in Barcelona
La Boqueria Market is located at the famous and infamous shopping street La Rambla. Let boqueria or Mercat de Sant Josep, it is also known as the market that all people are visiting when going to Barcelona, ​​therefore it is always crowded here. Prices and quality may be better in the second and smaller markets, but it is certainly worth a visit. You may want to come in the morning, or do as the natives and have breakfast at one of the countless cafes. Her you will find everthing your stomach want of fruit, fish and meat, and it’s a good place to shop for a picnic or a homemade dinner.

La Boqueria can feel like a tourist magnet when many fruit traders at the entrance trying hard to lure passersby with colorful fruit juice and tastings. But the market is visited by many locals, and the further you move into the big maze of small stalls with food, the fewer tourists you will meet.

If you get hungry you can make a stop at the tapas bar Pinotxo, located at the entrance to La Rambla. Behind the tightly packed bar with the legendary owner, an elderly gentleman who sounds the same name as a bar, all with a big smile. There is no menu, but the Catalan side dishes are presented on the line, so you can be inspired, and especially chickpeas and assorted seafood tapas can be recommended.

Will you completely behind the scenes, you can sign up for a cooking class where you first go shopping with a local chef and then prepare your own tapas in a nearby kitchen. Otherwise, it is recommended to buy something you might like, there are infinite choices, take it to the appropriate place to enjoy a delicious lunch in the open.

Contact information La Boqueria Market
Hours: Monday to Saturday 08: 00-20: 00
Address: La Rambla 91, Barcelona
Internet: boqueria.info

#2 Mercat de Santa Catarina in Barcelona

Mercat de Santa Catarina in Barcelona
The latest addition to Barcelona’s markets are Mercat de Santa Caterina. It is just off the Cathedral in Old Town and is easy to find because of the characteristic wavy roof. Tiled, and as a tribute to Gaudi, the roof is made as meandering waves in rainbow colors.

Yo can not see that Santa Catarina is one of Barcelona’s oldest food markets. The market, which was closed for several years before it was reopened in 2005, houses in addition to the traditional food market an unusually restaurant as an integral part of the market. The food is made on the open space for all sight bright end. Informal and good atmosphere, well worth a visit. The market was completely renovated ten years ago, and had built the characteristic undulating roof of hexagonal tiles in 67 different colors to symbolize the diversity of market foods.

The colorful ceiling can be a little hard to see from the ground, so if you really want to see it, you can do it from the top of La Seu, the cathedral, which is close by. Behind the modern exterior lies the traditional stalls with fresh produce beside each other in the cozy wooden structure that holds the new roof up.

Fresh fruit, fish, meat, eggs and bread of the highest quality sold by local stalls, and it is a perfect market to do the daily shopping or walk around and feel the local life and see what sellers shopping for dinner. If the audience at La Boqueria deterrent, Santa Catarina an excellent alternative to experience a classic food market in Barcelona.

Contact information market Santa Caterina
Hours: Monday to Saturday from 10: 00-14: 00 and 16: 00-20: 00
Address: Avinguda de Francesc Cambo 16
Internet: mercatsantacaterina.com

#3 Sant Antoni Market

Sant Antoni in Barcelona
Sant Antoni market is a few minutes walk from the crowd at La Boqueria. The market is large and moreover quieter without all the tourists. The merchants are friendly and helpful and there are several possibilities for a snack, including the small tapas bar in the middle of the market. In area right by the big food hall there is also clothing market and sundry market. On Sundays from 08: 00-15: 00 is the book and coin market with wide range of collectors and other interested parties.

Contact information Sant Antoni Market
Hours: Monday to Sunday from 07: 00-14: 30 and from 17: 30-20: 30, Fridays 07: 00-20: 30. Many market stalls are closed in August.
Address: Carrer del Comte d’Urgell 1, Barcelona
Internet: www.mercatdesantantoni.com

#4 Fira Artesana – Honey Market in Barcelona

Fira Artesana in Barcelona
Fira Artesana, the so-called honey market, is located on the Placa del Pi, on the corner of the Barri Gotic. This is the place where they sell local and organic products from Catalonia and of course honey of all varieties. Known for homemade cakes and amazing good “honningost”.

Contact information market Fira Artesana
Hours: First Friday and Sunday of the month.
Address: Placa del Pi, Barcelona

#5 Mercat de La Concepcio

Mercat de La Concepcio in Barcelona
A few blocks from Barcelona’s main shopping street, Passeig de Gracia, the small green market. Let Conceptio is a mecca for people with green fingers where one can find everything from rare flower seeds to large plants and mature citrus trees. In addition to the flower market, La Conceptio a good selection of small stalls selling vegetables, fish, cheese and meat. And here are regularly organized various events such as tastings of food and wine and cooking classes for children.

Let Concepió has been in the neighborhood since 1888, and the market is an integral part of local life. Here is all housewives ingredients for soups, while local men drink a beer and eat some tapas in the small bar at the entrance. Since 1888, the great glass hall house a traditional food and flower market in the heart of Eixample.

Contact information market La Cecepcio
Hours: Monday to Friday from 08: 00-15: 00 and from 17: 00-20: 00
Carrer d’Aragó 313, Barcelona
Internet: laconcepcio.com

#6 Mercat Encants

Encants in Barcelona
There are two different worlds you encounter when you stand among stalls selling antique items, clothing and old electronics under Mercat Encants Golden Roof. Mercat Encants modern architecture stands in sharp contrast to the large flea market where you can make great discoveries, but some of Boderne selection can seem more like old junk than charming antique objects. But Mercat Encants has lots of charm. The flea market, which until last year was held in the open air, has now moved to the architect-designed frames, and the interaction between the modern and traditional creates a unique atmosphere.

Food can be found on the 2nd floor and consists mainly of quick dishes. But the food can once again be enjoyed with a nice view down to the big market and beyond Barcelona’s impressive skyline in the background. If you get hungry during flea trip, try Bar Fogos which is Catalan tapas bar, enjoy there a glass of cold cava or sardines with the local Moritz beer at Bar peixet.

Contact information market Encants
Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. 9-20.
Address: Avinguda Meridiana, 69, Barcelona
Internet: encantsbcn.com

#7 Mercat Princesa

Mercat Princesa in Barcelona
Tucked into an old Gothic palace close to the Picasso museum you will find Mercat Princesa in a narrow pedestrian street in the trendy area of ​​El Born. The place is like a portal to all sorts of culinary traditions of 16 different food stalls offering quick and delicious food from as far as different cuisines like Japanese, Italian and American.

And of course, the Spanish cuisine is represented by some small tapas bars, serving everything from simple patatas bravas and more challenging courses. The food ordered at the various stalls and can be enjoyed at long tables in the common dining area which makes up the center of Mercat Princesa. Prices are slightly higher than other places in town, but in return offers instead an incredible variety of dining experiences, and one can easily go to Mercat Princesa more than once.

Contact information market Princesa
Sunday-Wednesday. 9-midnight. Thursday-Saturday. 9 to 1.
Carrer Sabatera 1-3
Internet: mercatprincesa.com

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