Nightlife and Party in Bergen

Things to do at night in Bergen

Nightlife, bars and nightclubs in Bergen, Norway. Due to the small size of the city, there is no specific neighborhood in Bergen where the entire nightlife is concentrated, although the most popular areas are Bryggen and Ole Bulls plass. In this article we show you the best nightlife in Bergen, from small local bars, to nightclubs where you can dance all night long.

The bars usually close at 02.00, while nightclubs (which usually charge an entrance fee of 50 NOK or more) are usually open until 03.00. It is not necessary to wear very formal clothes to go out at night, since the inhabitants of Bergen usually dress quite informally. The consumption of beer and wine is legal from the age of 18, but to consume spirits you must be older than 20 years. The prices for drinks in bars, discos and restaurants are very high. In fact, going out at night in Bergen is one of the most expensive activities. A beer costs from 60 NOK to 130NOK.

Compared to any other city in Europe with the same size, Bergen offers a wide and diverse selection of pubs, bars and clubs. Most popular days to go out are Fridays and Saturdays. Although it is quite popular among students to go out during the weekdays (especially Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) as prices usually are lower then.

Pubs in Bergen

Pubs and Bars in Bergen

Among the dozens of bars in the center are three ubiquitous Irish pubs:

Scruffy Murphy’s in Torget
The Harp Irish Bar in Bryggen
Phone: 55 32 47 95
Finnegan’s in Veiten 3
The Scotsman, Valkendorfsgaten 1B
Fotballpuben, Vestre Torggate

Many pubs and bars in Bergen offer live music performances on weekends.

Live Music, DJ’s and Concerts in Bergen

Dj's and Live Music in Bergen

Mood, Vågsallmenning 16, used to be a bank, but today it is a cafe during the day and a trendy bar at night. On Friday and Saturday there is live music and dancing.

Rick’s Café og Salonger, Veiten 3, is both a bar, disco and concert hall. Miles Ahead, Torggaten, and C49, Christian Michelsensgate, offer DJ performances.

Logen, at Ole Bulls Plass, offers magazine and cabaret shows throughout the year.
Det Akademiske Kvarter discotheque, Olav Kyrresgate 49-53, is very popular with students and promotes rock and pop concerts. It also offers performances of jazz and classical music.

Madam Felle, at Bryggen, has jazz, blues, roots and gospel concerts.

– The recently opened Ole Bull Scene, Øvre Ole Bullsplass 3
Website:, has a program of concerts and plays throughout the week.

– Rock fans can go on Fridays and Saturdays to concerts by international groups at the Hulen, Olaf Ryes Vei 48.

Culture in Bergen

The people of Bergen are proud of their long cultural tradition. In addition to internationally acclaimed musicians such as Edvard Grieg (composer of the Peer Gynt Suite) or Harald Sæverud and writers such as Henrik Ibsen and Ludvig Holberg, Bergen has also served as an inspiration to painters such as J. C. Dahl.

Today, Bergen still has a lively cultural scene. Music and the arts are very popular and there are events for all tastes, with a dynamic annual program of festivals of classical music, rock, jazz, theater and cinema.

Tickets for most events can be purchased directly at the venue or through Ticketmaster

Grieghallen of Bergen


Grieghallen is probably best known for its main stage, where audiences have had close contact with some of the greatest performers of Grieghallen era over the past 45 years. But the entire Grieghallen complex offers so much more, with spaces suited to a wide variety of functions.

With its diversity, flexibility and the high quality of its facilities and technical capabilities, Grieghallen represents the top of the market in staging cultural activities, trade fairs, conferences, receptions and fine catering.

The Bergen Filharmoniske Orkester (Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra), which dates back to 1765, operates every Thursday between September and June and occasionally on Fridays and Saturdays at the Grieghallen.

Edvard Grieg is the most famous composer born in Bergen, but another well-known musician is Harald Sæverud, whose piano compositions, Tunes and Dances from Siljustøl, celebrated the people, flora and fauna of the Bergen region.

Contact Information Grieg Hall

Phone: +47 55 21 61 00

Address: Edvard Griegs plass 1,
5015 Bergen

Den Nationale Scene Theater Bergen

Den Nationale Scene Theather

Den Nationale Scene has three theaters in which Norwegian plays, musicals and more commercial shows are represented. The history of this theater is intimately linked with that of the playwright Henrik Ibsen, who was named “resident poet” in 1851.

At a theater Den Nationale Scene is hectic activity around the clock. In some periods played the theater starting at 9:30 in the morning until the clock 23 at night. On the busiest it has been conducted 44 performances with various offers within the same week, while production of new productions has been in full swing. Work in the theater house is organized in different shift and working time from 7 o’clock in the morning till 23 at night on weekdays, and the clock 21 on Saturdays. The actors have shared working within a single working day, trying at noon and performances in the evenings.

Contact Information Den Nationale Scene Bergen

Phone: 5554 9700

Address: Engen 1,
5803 Bergen

Cinema in Bergen

The success of films such as Nils Gaup’s The Gorge Guide (1987) and Berit Nesheim’s The Other Side of Sunday (1997) have led critics to talk about a new Norwegian film boom. All the films that are projected in the two main cinemas of the city are in original version with subtitles in Norwegian (tel: 5556 9050 – reserves for both cinemas). Konsertpaleet (13 rooms) is located in Neumannsgate 3, while Forum Kino is in Danmarksplass.

Konsertpaleet Bergen

Konsertpaleet Bergen

Konsertpaleet is the largest theater in Bergen. It has a total of 12 halls, the largest of which is the hall No1 for 485 people. There are four halls that are more than 100 visitors and the smallest hall is for 48 persons.

Konsertpaleet cinema is part of the cinema chain Bergen Kino, who also manages theaters in Bergen.

Contact Information Konsertpaleet Bergen

Phone: 55 56 90 50

Address: Neumanns gate,
5015 Bergen

Forum Kino Bergen

Forum Kino in Bergen

Forum Kino Scene was the biggest cinema in Bergen until it was closed down in Easter 2005 after showing Star Wars movie “Revenge of the Sith.” Functionalist building was designed as a cinema construction begun in 1936. Because of World War 2 was not cinema premiere ready until 1946. The building was sold twice in 2007, the last of the Christian television channel TV Vision Norway.

Contact Information Forum Kino Bergen

Phone: +47 55 29 80 70
Address: Fjøsangerveien 28,
5054 Bergen

Nightclubs in Bergen

Nightclubs in Bergen

Nightlife in Bergen

Bergen is one of the best cities in Norway and there’s lot’s in store for all the night creatures! Among plenty of gorgeous pubs and exciting nightclubs to pick from, here are our top suggestion for you:


Opening hours: all week
Age limit: 20
Entrance: free
Phone: +47 55 32 19 80

Address: Christies gate 14, 5015 Bergen


Opening hours: 16:00 – 03:00 (all week)
Age limit: 20 kr.
Entrance: free
Phone: +47 907 30 941

Address: Christies gate 11,
5015 Bergen


Opening hour: Monday to Thursday from 19.00, Friday to Saturday from 17.00, till late.
Age limit: 20
Entrance: free
Phone: +47 55 70 54 15

Address: Håkonsgaten 27,
5015 Bergen

Bar Kollektiv

Opening hour: every day from 13.00
Age limit: 24
Entrance: free
Phone: +47 55 56 00 20

Address: Vetrlidsallmenningen 4,
5014 Bergen

Tonga bar

Opening hour: 20-02.30 all week (except wednesdays 21-02.00).
Age limit: 20
Entrance: free
Phone: 55 30 09 00

Address: Torget 9,
5014 Bergen

Hectors Hybel Bar

Age limit: 20
Opening hours: all week
Entrance: free

Address: Vaskerelvsmauet 7,
5014 Berge

No Stress Bar

Opening hours: 17-01.30 in weekdays and 17-02.30 in the weekend.
Age limit: 20 year.
Entrance: free

Address: Hollendergaten 11,
5017 Bergen

Cafe Opera

Opening hours: 10:00/11:00 – 00:30/03:30
Age limit: 20 after 20:00
Entrance: free
Phone: +47 55 23 03 15

Address: Engen 18,
5011 Bergen

Lille Bar & Lounge

Opening Hours: 20:00 – 02.30 (all week)
Age limit: 20 Sunday – Thursday, 22 Friday – Saturday
Entrance: free
Phone: +47 414 22 222

Address: Vaskerelven 16,
5014 Bergen


Entrance: Free entrance
Age limit: 23
Phone: +47 452 04 461

Address: Vaskerelven 1,
5014 Bergen

Kaos Bar

Opening hours: 19:00 – 02:30 (come early if you want a table!)
Student prices: 29 kr for a beer and a glas of wine, 19 for a shot (Weekdays), 49 kr for a beer on weekends.
Age limit: 20
Entrance fee: free
Phone: +47 414 22 222

Address: Nygårdsgaten 2,
5015 Bergen

Hulen Club

Opening hours: Thursday, Friday and Saturday 21-03.00
Age limit: 18 as long as you have student ID, if not 20. Always 18 at concerts.
Entrance fee: Normally free, except when it’s a concert or special events.
Phone: +47 55 32 31 31

Address: Olaf Ryes vei 48,
5006 Bergen


Beer prices: around 50 kr
Entrance: normally free, 50 kr when it’s “Helhus” (some Saturdays).
Age limit: 18 with a student card, without: 20.
Phone: +47 55 58 99 10

Address: Olav Kyrres gate 49,
5015 Bergen

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