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Weather in Bergen

Climate and weather in Bergen, Norway. With its location in the North Sea in southwest Norway, Bergen feels the full effect of the Gulf Stream and therefore not as cold as most Norwegian climates. Summers are generally warm and pleasant, while winters are not very cold. Unfortunately, however, Bergen experiences abundant rainfall.

Climate in Norway

Norway is often considered a cold and precipitation rich country far up north. Norway is then also at the same latitude as Alaska, Greenland and Siberia. So compared to these areas Norway has nevertheless a mild climate. The country has, thanks to its location in the westerlies to the east of a vast ocean, with a large, warm and steady ocean current off the coast, a much more livable climate than what latitudes alone. The climate in Norway show large variations. From Lindesnes to Nordkapp extends Norway over more than 13 degrees of latitude, or as far as from Lindesnes to the Mediterranean. Besides, we have major differences in the solar energy received during the year. The differences are most pronounced in northern Norway with the midnight sun in summer and winter dark. The rugged topography of the large local differences over short distances.

Climate is weather over time described using statistical data. The basis of the statistical information, the climate information centers, are observations of weather over such a long period that individual weather extremes not materially affect the results. We can also say that the climate is a concentrate of the weather. Now we will look at the climate in Norway.

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Rainfall in Bergen

Precipitation that falls in Norway can roughly be divided into three main types frontal precipitation, orographic rainfall and squall rainfall. Front Precipitation and orographic precipitation both come of that moist air is raised and cooled so that it must give up the moisture that falls as rain or snow. There are major differences in normal amounts of precipitation in Norway. The largest amounts are found some miles from the coast of Western Norway. Here and throughout most of the country dominates the frontal precipitation and orographic precipitation and it comes most rainfall in autumn and winter and least in the spring. Shower Precipitation predominate in areas of inner coat of Eastern Norway and Finnmark and in other smaller areas protected ground against humid air masses. Here are the most rainfall in summer, and winter and spring.

The main climatic feature of Bergen is undoubtedly rain. The raincoat or umbrella should be an indispensable element in the luggage of any traveler arriving in Bergen.

Because of the mountains surrounding the city, rainfall is a constant throughout the year. The least rainy months (although rainy in the end) are April, May and June, while rainfall is especially frequent in the months of September to December.

Climate in Bergen

Bergen Climate

Climate in Bergen

The air over the sea off the west coast (meaning outside including the town of Bergen) is quite humid, because it constantly evaporate some water from the ocean. When this air blowing over the west coast abuts the soon Lang Mountains and the city mountains, located just inside the coast. The humid air is pushed upwards, due to the high mountains which is impeding the wind, and the air is then cooled, because it's colder up in the mountains. When moist air gets colder, it can not get hold of as much moisture, and water will gather in drops (condensed) and falls as rain.

In summer the temperatures usually oscillate between 18ºC of maximum and 10ºC of minimum, whereas in winter they move between 5ºC of maximum and 0ºC of 0 -1ºC of minimum.

The climate is also very humid: relative humidity remains almost constant throughout the year ranging from 70% to 80%.

Winter in Bergen

Climate Bergen

The Temperature in Bergen in contrast is much softer than one might think of a city so relatively close to the Arctic. The Gulf Stream greatly tempers temperatures, making Bergen the city with the warmest winter in all of Norway.

Bergen has a very mild climate during the winter. The temperatures do usually not go below minus 10 degrees Celsius or 50 degrees Fahrenheit. But when it is 10 degrees Celsius, it may feel very cold because the high humidity and sometimes a breeze. We usually don’t have snow here in Bergen for more than a few days each time, and it is usually not more then 10 centimeters deep.

When it is snow in Bergen, many people meets at the top of Mount Floyen for walking or skiing. If you want to go skiing, you’ll find marked tracks at Mount Floyen, there arelights along the track after sundown. It's very popular in Bergen. For cross country skiing the lighted trails are open until 22.00.

Spring in Bergen

Weather in Bergen

Even when the sping comes to Bergen there may be days thet are cold it can snow and warm days to sit outside to soak up the sun. The spring months can also be windy, but you have to be careful with the use of the umbrella.

Spring is the time of year with greater thermal amplitude between night and day.

Although many consider that spring is a season that begins with the spring equinox in March, it really sets off in February, when snow begins to melt and the first flowers begin to sprout.

Summer in Bergen

Climete Bergen

From late June to early August, the climate reaches the highest temperatures of the year and never gets to night at all. It is a welcome respite from the Norwegians, after a long, dark and cold winter and, like the flowers themselves, the Norwegians bloom thanks to the sun and the warmth happily rediscovered.

As soon as the summer shows a certain thermal stability, the locals begin to enjoy the sun outside, preparing barbecues in the parks and taking advantage of the sun as soon as possible after the long and cold winter.

In the period between the end of June to the beginning of August is when the summer is in full swing - with temperatures ranging from 25 ° C to 30 ° C. At the same time, there is very little humidity in the air and temperatures can be high, even at night

Autumn in Bergen

Weather Bergen

When Autumn fall in Bergen landscape is golden-colored during the fall and temperatures drop slowly throughout September, so the weather is perfect for picking berries or mushrooms.

The months of September and October receive the arrival of a more humid climate and with precipitations because they can unleash quite strong showers during the autumn. As time passes, the days shorten, the sun sets earlier in the evening and with the arrival of winter, temperatures drop.

Autumn storms can reach the coast of Bergen and carry strong winds or torrential rain, but this should not stop the visitors.

Map of Bergen

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