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Barcelona in Spain and Catalonia has become one of the first major tourist destinations in Spain, and the big city knows how to please the majority with a rich history among the oldest in Europe, a capital city that never sleeps, and a city full of charm, not to forget the beautiful beaches of Costa Brava. The variety of artistic treasures, Romanesque churches and the great names in modern art and architecture, Dali, Gaudi, Miro, Picasso and others.

Barcelona is a firework of joy, imagination, beauty and diversity, which hardly any European city can compete with. It has a unique nightlife, a wealth of museums and world-class gastronomy. Barcelona is located between sea and mountains, and has a reputation for being the most cosmopolitan, modern and avant-garde city in Spain. Costa Brava, that Barcelona is a part of, is named as “the wild coast” for the unique encounter between mountain and sea. Costa Dorada, in the south of Barcelona, ​​is the color of gold, and the maritime coastal zone is named “Costa Dorada” (Golden Coast).

The metropolis of Barcelona is an important economic center and one of Europe’s most important seaports. The city is also a popular tourist destination and has a rich heritage, including several architectural works of Antoni Gaudí and Lluís Domènech i Montaner, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city hosted the Summer Olympics in 1992, and is home to one of the most greatest football team, FC Barcelona.

All you need to know about Barcelona

Barcelona Spain

Travel Tips Barcelona

Barcelona fascinates and surprises, and is unlike anything else you’ve seen. Here are our top Barcelona tips before your trip. We help you find the Barcelona gold grains from the airport.

Costa Brava

Costa Brava Coast in SpainBarcelona located along the coastline of the Costa Brava is a 160 kilometer stretch of beautiful, rugged coastline in the region Catalonia in the northeast corner of Spain. Natural beauty, endless mil of sandy beaches and summer sun. You’ll find modern, international tourist resorts with high-rise hotels along the pristine sheltered rocky coves and medieval towns with ancient castles. Costa Brava stretches from Blanes, north of Barcelona, ​​the Roses, near the French border. Costa Brava includes four regions: L’Alt Emporda, Baix Empordà, La Selva and Girones. Costa Brava is serviced by two airports, Girona in north and Barcelona El Prat in the south. Approximately 600,000 people live in Costa Brava permanent and more than 5 million tourists visit this wonderful region each year. Read more about Costa Brava

Things to do in Barcelona

Attractions in BarcelonaBarcelona has much to offer, only the architecture is enough to make Barcelona one of Europe’s most interesting places. In Barcelona’s unique nightlife, a wealth of museums and world-class gastronomy and attractions, attractions and experiences in a row. Barcelona also boasts great artists like Gaudí, Dalí, Barceló and Miró. Read more about attractions in Barcelona

Shopping in Barcelona

Shopping in BarcelonaBarcelona is definitely the big city for shopping in Spain. Here there is almost an unlimited variety of shops with clothes, shoes and accessories in various price ranges. But how should one seek out the good shops, brand clothes and markets when one only has a few days to spend and are relatively green in a big city? Here we have covered what you need to know about shopping in Barcelona. Read more about shopping in Barcelona

Beaches in Barcelona

The best beaches in BarcelonaBarcelona center had not actually a beach before Summer Olympics in 1992. The best beach in the city’s Barceloneta, both in terms of cleanliness, size, sand quality and restaurants. Swimming season is from June to September, with a little wiggle room for people from the north. The beaches are suitable for everyone, young, families, couples and others. Here it is shallow, small waves and no creepy animals. The most commonly used part of the beach is Barceloneta and Bogatel. Here it is chock-full and a lot of hustle and bustle. The area located at the Hotel W is incidentally nudist beach. For a little cleaner water and beach, I followed the boardwalk from Barceloneta further north and turned me down on a nicer place that is a bit quieter. Read more about the beaches in Barcelona

Climate in Barcelona

Weather and Temperatures in BarcelonaWeather and climate in BarcelonaHavnebyen Barcelona is Spain’s second largest city and the capital and cultural center in the autonomous region of Catalonia. The city is a very popular tourist destination throughout the year, not least due to its pleasant Mediterranean climate. Barcelona is located northeast of the country on the Mediterranean coast. Here, we look at everything you need to know about weather, climate, temperature, precipitation, sunshine hours and much else in Barcelona. Read more about Barcelona climate

Nightlife in Barcelona

Best bars and nightclubs in BarcelonaBarcelona is a cool and exciting city with a very good nightlife with bars and clubs for every taste. Sun, sangria, seafood and beautiful Spanish women, mixed with fat yachts and clubs will help you get a memorable weekend. Kick back and enjoy a cocktail at one of the chic beach resorts or go to one of the many famous clubs near Las Ramblas. Whatever you choose, one thing is certain, Barcelona will not disappoint even the most hardened reveler! Read more about nightlife in Barcelona

Restaurants in Barcelona

Best restaurants in BarcelonaBarcelona have every opportunity to give you memorable restaurant visits. The range of dining options are great and the quality is generally high. Choose from tapas to tapas bars or traditional restaurants, or try both options during a weekend. The Catalan version of tapas called PicaPica. Whether you’re on vacation with your family, girlfriend, friends or a business partner, you should treat yourself to at least enjoy a good dinner and the big city. Read more about restaurants in Barcelona

Car hire in Barcelona

Car rentals BarcelonaMed hire Barcelona you can experience more at your own pace, without vera depending on alternative trans-mail. Need rental car is the easiest to get this at Barcelona airport when you land. Then you’ll alternate transportation to and from the airport, and it is in many cases cheaper than to bring it in Barcelona. When you take advantage of car rental in Barcelona, ​​we recommend that you park some distance outside the city center and go on along with a public transport. The reason for this is that there is lots of traffic in the center and it is very expensive to park. Barcelona has a large network of public transportation. This consists of metro, bus and tram as well as some mountain railways and cable cars. Read more about car hire in Barcelona

Hotels in Barcelona

It can be tricky to find cheap and good accommodation in Barcelona, ​​but the small hotel deals exist. With its 1.6 million inhabitants Barcelona is Spain’s second largest city, and simultaneously one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. This is partly a rich heritage, great architecture and not least the hometown of one of the world’s most famous football teams, namely FC Barcelona. It is important to be early to secure a room at these hotels. Barcelona is one of the cheapest cities in Europe to holiday in, and there are a wide range of design and boutique hotels.

Map of Barcelona

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