Nightlife in Valencia

There’s a big clubbing scene in Spain, especially in big cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, etc. Nights out clubbing usually kick off a lot later than elsewhere in Europe, with some clubs not even opening until 1am and not getting busy until 3am. Again, this will vary depending on where you are – the more tourists present, the earlier a night is likely to kick off. If you’re doing things the Spanish way, you can expect to be out until sunrise.

For a proper Spanish experience, finish off a night of drinking and dancing by going for breakfast and ordering chocolate con churros, freshly fried fritters that are dipped into warm chocolate sauce. It’s not quite a kebab, but it’s still immensely satisfying.

We offer you to experience Valencian nightlife and find the best places in Valencia. Guide of bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants where you can have a drink, enjoy tasty food, relax with friends, listen the music or party all night.

Discover the wealth of entertainment that the city offers. We show you the trendiest neighborhoods to go in Valencia.

You can enjoy the typical areas of the city as well as the most authentic and characteristics between Valencians.

Live the city from within and discover places that do not appear in the guides. We want to go with the “experience of living Valencia” Are you Prepare?

Nightlife El Cedro Area Valencia

Cedro is a young university area of leisure in Valencia. Located in the Ciudad Jardin neighborhood, around Piazza del Cedro you find cafes, pubs and concert halls. El Cedro is characterized by its alternative setting, indie music or rock and good local tapas. Square Plaza Xúquer and Plaza Honduras, near this area, complement the offer.

Nightlife Valencia

Discover places to go out in El Cedro and surrounding areas:

Where to eat El Cedro

En El Cedro and nearby there is a wide gastronomic offer suitable for all budgets. Below is a selection of restaurants to eat at El Cedro and surroundings:

      • Cafe Infinito. Calle del Poeta Mas I Ros, 35.
        If you like going to enjoy cheese. They have the Apperol, for you to take a tasty apertitive Italian Style!
      • Peter Rock Restaurant. Street Explorer Andrew, 19.
        Rocker Bar with unbeatble Argentinean meat and rich beef burgers with elaboration of craftsmanship.
      • Kaña Makan. Andrés Explorer Street, 24.
        Kitchen with exotic flavors, and the best: tapas and sandwiches at 1 euro. Great!
      • Da Vinci Pizzas. Av Blasco Ibanez, 107.
        A classic. Their pizza barbecue addictive.
  • Pan de Azucar. Calle del Serpis, 5.
    With an very original decoration. Be prepared to try their crepes.
  • Beers & Burros Mexican Restaurant. Calle Poeta Artola, 19.
    Just great. The food is very tasty. Authentic mane courses and great service. You can play with your friends “who pays the bill” with restaurants electric shock machine… Viva Mexico!
  • Winery “El Labrador”. Manuel Candela, 58.
    This is in the must list. Theys cured ham, cheese and anchovies deserve nothing less. If we add to that its affordable prices and great atmosphere, the visit is necessary.
  • Cerveceria Justo. Plaza del Cedro 1.
    Authentic tapas. With outdoors terrace to enjoy.
  • Pequeño Pecado. Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 126.
    Great pizza place for group dinners.
  • The Black Turtle. Plaza Xúquer, 6.
    You will travel to the Soho of NY thanks to their amazing burgers.
  • The Garatge. C / Escultor Alfonso Gabino, 19.
    Very yammy chicken. Delicious tapas and very best wines.

Nightlife Valencia

Cedro Tapas Route

Every Wednesday Cedro Tapas Route. 8 bars and restaurants from area of Cedro of Valencia come together to offer the best of its gastronomy in Tapas form with a drink at the single price of 2 €.

Where to Drink El Cedro

The area surrounding El Cedro are famous for its many places to enjoy a drink in the best atmosphere in Valencia.

Here are the best places to have a drink in El Cedro and surroundings:

  • The Kasbah Tetería. Calle Poeta mas y ros, 36.
    Arab Tetería. They perform dance shows.
  • Cafe Tendur. Calle Historian Sylvia Romeu, 6.
    A mythical. One of the first local of Cedro. With temporary exhibitions of photography and painting. It has billiards. The essence of Cedro.
  • Cafe Colores. Plaza Cedro, 15.
    Point meeting people in the neighborhood. They have table games.
  • Cafe Burlon. Calle de Campoamor, 35.
    They show football matches. This premisis has footballin. A great atmosphere.
  • Cafe Bombon. Poeta Durán y Tortajada, 1.
    Table Games and bookselling, is one of the coolest local in the area.
  • Bar La Clave. Calle Zarra 7.
    Bar for first drinks. With footballin, darts and board games. Great atmosphere.
  • Zombie Rocks. Serpis Street, 62.
    Rock bar with an unbeatable atmosphere.

Nightclubs in El Cedro

Nightlife Valencia

El Cedro and surroundings make up an area that is filled with concert halls, pubs and nightclubs. Discover the best pubs, clubs and concert halls in the area of El Cedro and surroundings:

  • Tornillo. Campoamor Street, 42.
    Cool DJs with the best indie music of the city.
  • El Peligro. Plaza Honduras, 37.
    Good music, good atmosphere, good drinks … Very popular en area.
  • Deluxe Pop. Calle Poeta Mas y Ros 42.
    The best music with projections, great concerts and the best atmosphere in the area.
  • Wah Wah. Calle de Ramón Campoamor, 52.
    One of the best concert halls in Valencia.
  • Sala Matisse. Calle de Ramón Campoamor, 60.
    Concert and Dance Hall .
  • El Asesino. Plaza Cedro, 1.
    Its mythical. Good rock music.
  • Agenda. Avenida Blasco Ibañez, 111.
    You’re going to move the skeleton.
  • Miniclub. Blasco Ibáñez Avenue, 111.
    Dance Room. Electronic music.

Nightlife Av. Blasco Ibanez, Xuquer, Honduras

The area of Avenida Blasco Ibáñez, Plaza Plaza Xúquer and Honduras, is the area close to universities, so it is the area most frequented by students nightlife. In this area of Valencia we find nightclubs and bars, plus many restaurants. In the Plaza del Cedro you can enjoy places which brings together music and culture, such as the Circuito Café Teatro.


Nightlife Valencia

Nightlife av. Aragon and Alameda, Valencia

One of the nightlife areas of Valencia is the area of Avenida de Aragon and the Paseo de la Alameda. In this area you can find many local and bars and great restaurants to eat. But we also find places where a drink and dance, or listen the music. We invite you to discover the area of Aragon.

In the Paseo de la Alameda, and the nearby streets, you can find many entertainment venues. The Alameda better enjoy with the good weather, as many bars have terraces. Discover everything about going out in Valencia.

Where to eat Av. Aragon and Alameda, Valencia

Discover the best restaurants to eat in the area of Aragon:

    • The Book. Calle Antonio Suarez 29, Valencia.
      In this young restaurant you can find cuisine, with market produce and nuances and international influences hands of the great chef Alfonso J. Lanzas. A whole delight!
    • The Burger Lobby. Calle Vicente Sancho Tello 2, Valencia. This is a franchise with more than 8 stores in Madrid and has now landed in Valencia. Delicious gourmet burgers that will not leave anyone indifferent.
    • Bar Tonyina. Calle de Chile 3, Valencia.
      This gastrobar Aragon area known for its tapas design, quality and are highly creative. In menu we can find delicious salads tapas style, tostas, pepitos and desserts.
    • Favela bar. Calle Pintor Ricardo Verde 1.
      This is one of the best tapas restaurants and Mestalla skewers. Home cocking with a touch of exoticism and amazing cocktails. Favela bar has a nice terrace where you can dine quietly.
    • La Birra de Brian. Calle Santa Rosa, 3, 46021 Valencia. Great decor with tree in the middle of the room. The Menu is a tribute to the legendary film. Good deal at a good price and especially quality. A large number of beers to taste.

Nightlife Valencia

Where to Drink Av. Aragon and Alameda, Valencia

Discover the best places to have a drink in the area of Aragon and start off the night:

      • Pub New York. Avenida de Aragón 28.
        This is a reference valencia night. Gintonics, cocktails, drinks … anything you want to start your night or relax with friends.
      • Toucan Cafe. Calle Polo and Peyrolon 40, Valencia.
        An ideal place to start the evening with a drink and good music. You’ll have a great time at Cafe Toucan!
      • Gasoil. Avenida Aragon 18, Valencia.
        A perfect place to take your first drink of the night in the area of Aragon.

Nightclubs  Aragon and Alameda

Discover clubs in the area of Aragón in Valencia:

      • Cachao. Calle Periodista Ros Belda 5, Valencia.
        This is one of the hippest bars to party in Valencia. Cachao Valencia offers the best nights of the city with good music, good waiters and very good atmosphere.
      • White House. Calle Eolo 18, Valencia.
        Other fashion place of the Valencian night. White House offers different sessions depending on day of week: Wednesday, erasmus party; Thursday whitehouse university; Friday pachanga i love; and Saturday night elegance. You can not lose this!
      • Aguacates Rock Valencia. Calle Polo y Peyloron 12.
        If you are someone who you like rock and alternative music, this is the place where you spend the night. If on closing time you still have more desire to party, your partner its the Standby nightclub, is open until nearly 7 am.
      • Black Note. Calle Polo y Peylorón 15.
        Located in one of the streets with more action in the area of Aragon, this venue offers concerts, performances and great music to spend an incredible night.


Nightlife Valencia

Nightlife Puerto of Valencia

The harbor area has gone through a big change. With the celebration of the America’s Cup and the European Championship Formula 1, the Port of Valencia, has been remodeled and has become one of the main entertainment areas of the city of Valencia. From the port area of Valencia north we can find the Veles e Vents building, the emblem of the new Marina Real Juan Carlos I, and the best entertainment places of Valencia like Las Animas and many others; perfect to enjoy a night beside the Mediterranean. In addition you can come to dinner along the promenade and Paseo de Neptuno.

      • Veles e Vents
        Ausiàs March puts name to this emblematic building of the Port of Valencia with the title of one of his most famous poems. The best events of the city of Valencia are held in the Veles e Vents building.
      • Paseo Maritimo (Seaside promenade)
        Valencia has a grand promenade to enjoy the best walks throughout the year. Now you can stroll along the promenade and direct access to the Marina Real Juan Carlos I.
      • Edificio del Reloj (Building of the Cloak)
        This building its a reference to the Port of Valencia for its architectural elegance and its history. Formerly it was the first building that looked on arrival at the Port of Valencia.
      • Marina Real Juan Carlos I
        Epicenter of the Port of Valencia. Important things in the area and center of all activity of the Port of Valencia. A walk through this area means observing innovation of Valencia. The Marina Real Juan Carlos I is the new center of Valencia.
Nightlife Valencia. Panorama Restaurant.

Nightlife Valencia. Panorama Restaurant.

Where to eat Puerto of Valencia

      • Marina Beach Club Valencia
        Marina Beach Club Valencia is a dining and entertainment space in Valencia, created for both locals and tourists to enjoy the city and the Mediterranean Sea. It features the Marina restaurant with tatami japanese food, you can enjoy both the restaurant and the Snack Pool or Beach Club.
        Marina Beach is one of the hot spots of Valencia, ideal for lunch or go out for a drink with friends or friends in a prime location with stunning views where you can watch the sunset. Located at the beggining of Marina Real Juan Carlos I. Phone: 961 15 00 07
      • Lupe Petit Bistro
        Bistro La Petite Lupe is born of love for the restoration, by dreams and culinary experiences that have lived in different parts of the world, its owners Ramiro and Marina. This small, cozy restaurant in Valencia falls in love with his self-taught style with roots in the kitchen of the world and their own quest for creative cuisine.
        Its cuisine is based on fresh and quality food. It aims to provide an unforgettable culinary experience for all who pass by his bistro. If you are around the port and want to stop for breakfast or lunch, Lupe La Petite Bistro is an ideal choice; also organized every Sunday brunch at Valencia. The restaurant is located in Blanes Vidal Street 22. Tel: 644 59 05 99
      • Panorama
        Restaurante Panorama enjoys one of the most privileged locations in the city, overlooking the Playa de las Arenas and Malvarrosa, the Mediterranean Sea and the Marina. The cuisine offers innovative, fresh produce and traditional rice dishes. This restaurant in the port of Valencia is located in the Marina Real Juan Carlos I, Parking 6.
      • L’Estimat
        Fundado in 1927, Restaurant l’Estimat maintained since the rice tradition in Valencia. You find it at the Paseo de Neptuno 16, and there you can taste the best traditional cuisine with rice as a common denominator pump: Valencian Paella, Arroz a banda, cuttlefish and lobster stew and All i Pebre, among other dishes.
      • La Pepica
        The offers of the rise dishes in the port is huge and of high quality. La Pepica, located on Paseo de Neptuno 6 has a large main hall with capacity for 450 people and possibility of holding all kinds of events: weddings, baptisms, communions … They are specialists in rice, and if the visits have to try the Paella Pepica, its the dish of the house.
      • Dos Lunas Beach
        Dos Lunas Beach is a restaurant in the port of Valencia, specifically in the local C-5 Veles e Vents, in the Marina Real Juan Carlos I. Specializing in fresh fish and rice dishes, offers a daily menu tasting and also Italian food and excellent wines.

Nightlife Valencia

Where to Drink and Club Puerto of Valencia

    • High Cube
      Al side of the building Veles e Vents, almost on the sea, High Cube is one of the prime locations of the Port America’s Cup. This terrace overlooking the sea in Valencia hosts parties, DJ’s, presentations of events and sessions of great music for summer. It has ample free parking under the building Veles e Vents.
    • Akuarela Beach
      Akuarela Beach is a nightclub in Valencia located in Calle Eugenia Viñes 52. In summer opens its large summer terrace in Valencia to dance all kinds of music, from salsa to house through commercial music, and all this accompanied by the gentle breeze that comes from the Malvarrosa beach.
    • Gabbana Beach Cocktail Bar Lounge
      Gabbana Beach Cocktail Lounge Bar you can find on the Paseo de Neptuno 30, beachfront and amazing views over the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the most sought to leave Valencia for its combination of restaurant, cocktail bar and room for nightlife in summer by Valencia local. All in one.

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