Restaurants and Where to Eat in Valencia

To find where to eat in Valencia will not be a problem, as there are many very good restaurants. The Mediterranean diet is the main base of the gastronomy of the city of Valencia. The region is rich in rice and fresh vegetables as well as fish stocks from the coast. Rice is predominant in the kitchen, appearing in a variety of dishes, among which the world-famous Valencian paella.

The name paella actually corresponds to the container in which the plate, which receives the same name by extension kitchen; the definition “paella pan” is a deformation created by outsiders. The paella is made with rice and local products such as fresh vegetables, poultry or rabbit; there are also versions, more modern, including seafood. Another of the most famous dishes is rice a banda, fish based, and arròs amb naps i fesols of soupy type and accompanied by turnips and beans (this dish is more characteristic of winter). The black rice is accompanied by seafood and squid ink or sepia, and all rice can be completed with a side of garlic sauce (mayonnaise-like sauce that is made with olive oil, garlic and egg). It is also justly famous fideuá a dish similar to paella but in this case, made with thick noodles; almost always it made with seafood and rock fish, such as monkfish or mullet. Among the pastries and desserts, they are popular sweets, sweet potato cakes, marzipan and, of course, nougat (in this case, the most famous is that of Jijona, in Alicante). The Arab influence is seen in all desserts, mostly based on ingredients such as almonds, sugar and honey. And finally, we can not fail to mention the typical drink of Valencia: The Horchata, similar to milk made from tiger nuts and appearance.

The cuisine has become a strong point of the city that holds in the neighborhoods of Valencia – Japanese, Italian, Andalusian, Traditional Tapas, Valencian, Vegetarian, Mexican and new design cuisine.

The rise of the restaurants in Valencia has also been produced by the emergence of Valencian cooks: Quique Dacosta, Jorge Breton, Alejandro del Toro or Quique Barella. Restaurants like El Poblet or Vertical but also new initiatives such as the Bar Tonyina, Mar d’Avellanes or restaurants 5-star hotels of the city pose a gastronomic call to visit Valencia.

Designation of Origin Valencia and Utiel-Requena also puts the spotlight on the Valencian wines. New wines that have earned great prestige and you can taste in restaurants in Valencia.

Are you looking for a special restaurant for a celebration? Are you going out with friends? Would you like to try something vegetarian? In this section we have selected for you the best restaurants in Valencia by type of food and accommodation.

Romantic Restaurants in Valencia

Restaurants and Where to Eat in Valencia

Restaurants and Where to Eat in Valencia

Valencia is a very romantic, full of charming streets, intimate corners, places romantic city. Valencia is the perfect city for love and reenamorar. We collect the most Romantic and Intimate restaurants in Valencia.

  • El Submarino.  Eduardo Primo Yufera, 1B,  València
    An experience out of the ordinary. Perfect place to surprise your partner.
  • Bajo Flores.  Calle del Reverend Rafael Tramoyeres, 5, València.
    In Bajo Flores you can try the pizzas cooked in the stone oven. To snack you can also take your delicious baked provolone cheese and chicken patties. Crepe caramel deserves a good bite.
  • Komori.  Calle del General Gil Dolz 14, Valencia.
    If your partner passionate about the Japanese food, do not hesitate to visit Komori at the Westin Hotel Valencia.
  • La Lambrusqueria.  Calle del Comte d’Altea 31,  València.
    At Lambrusquería of Valencia you will enjoy the company of your partner while enjoying each and every one of the delicious dishes offered and delight you with its extensive wine list.
  • Vertical.  Calle Luis García Berlanga 19,  Valencia.
    With one Michelin Star. The kitchen works with top quality natural foods offering diners flavors and aromas that will make your visit to Vertical Valencian Restaurant a unique experience.



Restaurants on the Beach in Valencia

Restaurants and Where to Eat in Valencia

Go to lunch or dinner in summer to one of the restaurants on the beach in Valencia may be the best option to unwind from the stressful city and enjoy a relaxing day, for example, a paella in the Valencian coast. We offer you restaurants to enjoy the best food on the Mediterranean Sea.

  • La Perla de Javea. Playa del Arenal, Avenida de la Libertad 21, 03730 Javea
    You can taste a dozen of rice dishes ranging from sweet lobster to the traditional paella, fish market or the noble red shrimp, cooked, grilled or garlic are some of the stars of a given height, which now it serves in a renovated stage. La Perla de Javea even have dishes for children so you can spend a pleasant family Sunday.
  • Arroceria I’Estibador. Paseo de la Dehesa n°3, Módulo del Barco de Estibadores, 46012 El Saler, Valencia
    In Arroceria l’Stevedore Valencia you can enjoy a family day as the restaurant has put up for children’s amusement areas.  Is the perfect place for any celebration. In the Arrocería l’Stevedore new culinary adapt to the more traditional Valencian recipes trends.
  • La Pepica. Avenida Neptuno nº 6, 46011 Valencia
    By the Restaurante La Pepica they have spent countless famous people. King Philip VI, Don Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith and even Ernest Hemingway mentions in one of his books. A restaurant with history that deserves to be in a must list.
  • Marina Beach Club. Calle Marina Real Juan Carlos I, s/n. 46011, Valencia (Valencia).
    The culinary proposal Restaurant Marina combines modern, innovative and cutting edge with the essence of Traditional Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Arroceria Duna. Paseo Pintor Francisco Lozano módulo 3 s/n, 46012 El Saler (Valencia)
    In the Arrocería Duna You can enjoy a delicious dinner under the moonlight in a chill out atmosphere with candles, perfect for this summer or winter in Valencia.


TAPAS Bars and Restaurants in Valencia

Restaurants and Where to Eat in Valencia

Tapas has become one of its signs of identity in Spain. It is very normal that people going out to dine to bars or restaurants based on “snack” with a good beer or wine in hand. Discover the best places to go for Tapas in Valencia.

  • Rus de Ruzafa. Calle Sueca 35, Valencia
    This is a special place in Ruzafa. Its menu consists of tapas, sandwiches, burgers, salads, pitas and desserts.
  • Tanto Monta. Calle del Poeta Artola 19, Valencia
    One of the Best Tapas places in Valencia. It noted for the quality of their tapas or kebabs.
  • El Almacen. Calle Sueca 41, Valencia
    Cold tapas, hot tapas, toasts, burgers and sweet tapas (desserts) are the main dishes of this charming Restaurant in Valencia.
  • Lotelito. Calle de las Barcas 13, Valencia
    Lotelito is the ideal place to sample Tapas and Mediterranean cuisine at a price to suit every budget.
  • Casa Montaña. Calle José Benlliure 69, El Cabanyal, Valencia.
    Casa Montaña is a winery where the quality of their tapas and mediterranean cuisine are known throughout all Valencia.


Vegetarian Restaurants in Valencia

Restaurants and Where to Eat in Valencia

Valencian restaurants offer what you’re looking for. If you want lunch or dinner at a Vegetarian Restaurants in Valencia, here are some of the places that you can visit.

  • Copenhaguen. Calle Literato Azorín 8, Valencia.
    This vegetarian restaurant is very famous in the neighborhood of Ruzafa and no wonder. They presented a letter with more than 30 dishes including appetizers, first, second and desserts that will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • Ana Eva. Calle Turia 49, Valencia
    Ana Eva Restaurant have a lunch menu, a special menu for vegans, another for coeliacs, and special menus for groups. It is quality vegetarian food prepared with organic seasonal products.
  • Kimpira. Calle Convento San Francisco 5, Valencia.
    Ecological and natural food; health, the gourmet, original, edgy, nutritious and fun are united. If you like to eat 100% healthy this is your place.
  • La Lluna. Calle San Ramón, 23 Valencia
    If anything highlights this vegetarian restaurant in Valencia is for its vegetable lasagna, stuffed eggplant and croquettes.
  • La Tastoalletes. Calle Salvador Giner 6, Valencia
    For many it is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Valencia. It is characteristic of the city of Valencia for its fresh food, homemade taste and hearty dishes.


Gourmet Burger Restaurants in Valencia

Restaurants and Where to Eat in Valencia

Hamburger conception has changed in recent years in Valencia. The opening of new Hamburger  Restaurants in Valencia concept moves away from fast food, to begin to be understood as gourmet food, made with the best ingredients and good presentation.

  • Belmondo. Calle Císcar 51, 46005 Valencia
    Menu with more than 10 varieties of burgers each more spectacular than the last. The Canyonero burger with extra cheddar cheese, bacon, tempura onion rings and homemade barbecue sauce is one of the most mouthwatering.
  • Black Turtle. Plaza Xuquer nº7 Valencia, Calle Sueca nº51 (Ruzafa-Valencia) y Paseo Alameda nº46, Valencia
    Three Restaurants in Valencia. There are all kinds of burgers, from the most traditional to the most innovative with mango, strawberries, wheat tortilla or homemade bourbon sauce. A different, but good idea that will not leave anyone indifferent. If you go, all you want its to return to this burger restaurant in Valencia!
  • Berny’s Burger. Carrer dels Valencians nº 4 (Valencia)
    Berny’s Burger there a burger for everyone, it is a cozy place where you feel like in your living room, you can even have a drink on the sofas while reading the latest best seller, since it is also a quiet library Restaurant. Has a great thematic variety of books for a pleasant afternoon reading in the Barrio del Carmen.
  • Mediterránea de Hamburguesas. Calle Sueca 45, Calle San Fernando 22, 46001 Valencia.
    Two restaurants in Valencia. Here burgers are served with delicious potatoes, and there are a variety of ingredients and meat taste of each consumer. Both local and dishes have a unique and elegant presentation.


Japanese Restaurants in Valencia

Restaurants and Where to Eat in Valencia

In Valencia can be found more and more Japanese restaurants that meets the expectations of the japanese cuisine lovers. Below we propose the best Japanese restaurants in Valencia.

  • Sushi and Tapas. Calle de Salamanca nº 10, Valencia
    This Japanese cuisine restaurant presents a varied menu with maki, tempura, rice, pasta temaki, hesomaki, shashimi etc., but certainly their dishes to note are the Japo Menu Set (featuring tuna tartare, california maki, maki prawn tempura, maki Norway, Yakisoba).
  • Tastem. Calle de Ernesto Ferrer 14, Valencia.
    For many it is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Valencia. Tastem stands out for the variety of its products and the quality of them. Not always the cheapest choice, but it’s worth it.
  • Tora. Calle Pedro III el Grande 13, Valencia.
    Tora offer significant dishes of Japanese culture, which were very difficult to see grouped together in the same establishment. Advisable to book in advance because it will be difficult to find a table. There is also possibility to eat at the bar.
  • Nozomi Sushi Bar. Calle Pedro III el Grande 11, Valencia.
    Impossible not to be tempted to taste its excellent cuisine, full of colors and textures; and savor its exquisite sake, in a space full of design and innovation.
  • Ao Yama. Calle de Joaquín Costa 3, Valencia.
    Ao Yama Japanese restaurant famous for a good oriental decor, good service and best of all has a free buffet à la carte and outstanding quality.


Italian Pasta and Pizza Restaurants in Valencia

Restaurants and Where to Eat in Valencia

Italian cuisine is one of the most famous in the world. Valencia offers a wide range of Italian restaurants with all kinds of specialties of Italian cuisine. In the city we can find from traditional trattorias to the most modern and groundbreaking restaurants.

  • Al Pomodoro. Calle del Mar 22, Valencia.
    The Italian restaurant Al Pomodoro is a local genuine Italian-style tapas. It offers a menu of gluten-free and children’s menus. They have extensive and very personal menu of starters and pizzas.
  • Idon. Calle Burrina 37, Valencia.
    Italian restaurant Idon in Valencia has a plus: all its cuisine is made with local ingredients from Naples. Restaurant have traditional oven and an Pizza expert. You have never tasted a pizza margarita as yammy as that! Traditional Italian dishes with all the flavor of Naples in Valencia.
  • La Nicoletta. Calle de la Paz 33, Valencia.
    In the Italian restaurant La Nicoletta committed to the process of homemade in all its dishes (including delicious desserts). They also have a charming attic to enjoy a fantastic meal in City of Valencia.
  • La Pappardella. Calle Bordadores 5, Valencia.
    In this Italian restaurant you get all kinds of Sensations from a touch of vodka in your sause, a touch of red curry or some dry fruits to put the counterpoint to the tastiest Italian tradition. It features a beautiful vintage décor in the center of Valencia.
  • Tinto Fino Ultramarino. Calle Corregería 38, Valencia.
    Restaurant Tinto Fino Ultramarino has tapas and wines that will surprise you. For the preparation of their dishes only used genuinely Italian ingredients. One of the most innovative Italian cuisine in Valencia.


Mexican Restaurants in Valencia

Restaurants and Where to Eat in Valencia

Mexican cuisine is appreciated by many people in Valencia, more and more those who enjoy a good lunch or dinner at a restaurant in true Mexican style. Below we show you the best Mexican restaurants in Valencia.

  • Beers & Burros. Calle de Poeta Artola 19, Valencia.
    The Menu consists of a wide variety of Mexican dishes where you can find salads, delicious entrees, enchiladas, burros of all kinds and fabulous desserts.
  • Tecolotes. Calle Sueca 51, Valencia.
    Highlighted dishes of Tecolotes are spicy nachos, guacamole, tacos and dishes with cheese. It also has a variety of tequilas and cocktails to accompany Mexican cuisine.
  • Black Chili. Calle Ciscar 10, Valencia.
    It is ideal casual place for a fun time with friends either eating or simply enjoying a good beer after work. The food stands out for being fresh, healthy and simple and beers for their variety and quality. They have 4 taps in which they rotate the barrels, they offer more than 60 brands in bottles, between which find the best beers from microbrews of Valencia.
  • Tako Away. Plaza Cánovas del Castillo 9, Valencia.
    The Restaurant provides clear and concrete products located within the traditional Mexican cuisine such as corn, wheat tortilla, chicken, beef and cheese among others. The customer can choose from burritos, quesadillas, tacos, salads, nachos, sauces and different drinks, many of them are Mexican soul.


Paella / Rise Restaurants in Valencia

Restaurants and Where to Eat in Valencia

There are many restaurants in Valencia cooking the most delicious paellas. Here is a selection, 3 on the beach and
3 in the center of the city, so do not stay without trying tourists favorite dish in Valencia!

On the Beach

  • Restaurant Llevant. Paseo Marítimo de la Patacona 2, Valencia.
    This restaurant specializes in Valencian paellas on firewood, with a special flavor fruit of cooking with firewood and a quality of ingredients.
    To order Paella or book the table: 963 56 44 85
  • La Alegría de la Huerta. Paseo Marítimo, módulo 6. Playa de la Malvarrosa, Valencia.
    To visit this restaurant is like stepping into one of the most emblematic restaurants on the Malvarrosa Beach. On the front line of the beach, the Mediterranean food is their hallmark. And the paella, as always, delicious.
    To order Paella or book the table: 963 55 05 07
  • La Pepica. Paseo de Neptuno 6, Valencia.
    Located opposite the Playa de las Arenas, La Pepica Restaurant has more than a hundred years of history and is one of the most emblematic of Valencian restaurants.
    To order Paella or book the table: 963 71 03 66

In the Center

  • Restaurante Yuso. Calle de la Cruz 4, Valencia.
    Located in the district of Ciutat Vella, in the center of Valencia, the Yuso restaurant has one of the best special weekend menus. Specializing in rice dishes and Traditional Spanish cuisine.
    To order Paella or book the table: 963 15 39 67
  • La Bernarda. Calle de Tapinería 15-17, Valencia.
    Bernarda is a very special place. Located in the Market Tapinería. You find there traditional spanish baggets to catch up the energy at midday. And if this were not enough, they cook different rice dishes like paella (could not miss) and rice paella oven, the richest and original.
    To order Paella or book the table: 692 227 967
  • La Riuà. Calle del Mar 27, Valencia.
    They specialize in all kinds of rice and also a great traditional paella valenciana, you can dare with vegetable paella, seafood, cuttlefish and cauliflower or lobster.
    To order Paella or book the table: 96 391 45 71

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