Speed Limits and Fuel in Italy

Speed limits and Fuel in Italy
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Speed limits For cars, and motorbikes over 150cc:

* towns and residential areas: 50 Km/h
* trunk roads (outside towns): 90 Km/h
* main highways: 110 Km/h
* motorways and highways (autostrade): 130 Km/h

A driver who has held their licence for three years or less must not exceed 100 Km/h on motorways and 90 Km/h on urban roads (even if the limit is higher)

Many petrol service stations in Italy are manned, meaning a pump operator will fill the car while the driver stays in their seat. The driver will have to instruct the operator on the type of fuel and how much is required:

* Unleaded fuel: benzina senza piombo (available in 95 and 98 octane)
Diesel: gasolio
Full/fill up: pieno

Leaded fuel has not been available in Italy since January 2002.

Most petrol stations will take payment by credit card but in rural areas, small garages will only accept cash. Most gas stations in smaller towns and villages close for lunch and all day Sundays. Motorway service centres remain open.

After hours, petrol can be bought and payment can be made in notes or with a European bankcard at specified automatic self-service petrol pumps (although these are rarer in the less-developed south of the country).

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