Main roads and Tunnels in Italy

Main roads and Tunnels in Italy
Here is useful information about main roads and tunnels in Italy. Read more here.

The road signs are white with black text, except for strada statali and strada provinciali, which are blue with white text.

* Strade Statali: often dual carriageway, not tolled, usually lead to cities or town centres; they are numbered and named with the prefix SS
* Strada Provinciali: regional roads which are (sometimes) numbered with the prefix SP
* Strada Bianca: can be, literally, white roads that are unpaved/not tarred and connect rural areas; they are of varying quality

As much as 75 percent of Italy is mountainous; some autostradas have long tunnels and bridges.

Tunnels link Italy with France and Switzerland: Tunnel du Frejus and the Mont Blanc Tunnel link Italy and France in the Alps and the Tunnel Gran San Bernardino crosses the border to Switzerland.

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