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Villach short guide

Car Hire Villach

Car Hire Villach

Villach is the second largest city in the state of Carinthia in Austria, and in 2007 the population estimated to be nearly 59 000. The city is located south of the country, part east of Austria’s western arm. Villach is an important railway junction with connections to the nearby border countries Italy and Slovenia. The town was mentioned in sources as early as 878.

Today there are many tourists who come to Villach, partly because of the historic urban landscape with stately medieval churches, but also because the city has much more to offer. Villach offers many museums and attractions such as a dock museum, water park with spa, and zoo Affenberg Landskron. When you visit Villach should take a boat trip on the picturesque River Drau, or travel when the city hosts New Orleans Festival, the festival Summertime or when it is held carnival.

For those traveling by plane, you have to book travel to Klagenfurt and its airport Klagenfurt Wörthersee International Airport. Klagenfurt is located about 40 km from Villach.

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