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Car Hire Weiz

Car Hire Weiz

Weiz is located in the province of Styria in Austria, and in 2006 the population measured at just over 9000. The town is located far east, a short distance inland, west of the border with Hungary. Because of its size, it can be difficult to look at maps, but it is to find just about in the middle of the triangle formed between Kapfenberg, Hartberg and Austria’s second largest city Graz.

The most famous attraction in Weiz is Weizbergkirche. This is a lovely church that is often depicted on postcards from the city. The present church replaced an old church in the 1700s allegedly due to insufficient light. The old church will have been raised even before the year 1100 and have been renovated and rebuilt several times. Other beautiful sight is the church Taborkirche and various caves.

The easiest way to fly to Weiz is to land in Graz. The airport’s official name is Graz Thalerhof-Flughafen and is located about 30 km southwest of Weiz.

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