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Verviers short guide

Car Hire Verviers

Car Hire Verviers

Verviers is a city in the province of Liege, the eastern part of Belgium. It borders Germany and Verviers located between the city of Liege and German border. In 2008 there lived about 53 000 inhabitants in the city and the area is the second largest in the province. Verviers is located on the river Vesdre and the town is called “water capital”.

There are many reasons why Verviers has been nicknamed “water capital” and one of those located in the city’s history. For hundreds of years ago, the citizens selling their unique wool at markets, and the wool had been given its special shape because of the water from the river Vedre. The square is adorned with fountain Fontaine secretes, which is located at ground level and shoot up jets in light of 84 spotlights. In addition offers Verviers on a large flea market in Easter time.

There are several small airports near Verviers, but the biggest is Liège Airport. This is the third largest airport in Belgium and is about 40 kilometers away.

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