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Car Hire Pau

Car Hire Pau

Pau is a French city in the Southwest of the country. It is the capital of the department of Pyrénées-Atlantiques, in the region of Aquitaine. It is located about 750 km southwest of Paris. It has, according to the 2010census, 87,500 inhabitants, with an agglomeration of more than 185,000 people.

It is twinned with Zaragoza since 1970.

Pau was founded in the Middle Ages to control a passage of the river now called Gave de Pau, which served the pastors who practiced transhumance between the Pyrenees and the plain.

The name of the city appears in the twelfth century. It is provided with a communal charter in 1464 and it shows as well as the assembly of the states of Bearne develop.

As a result of dynastic marriages, the Bearn joins the kingdom of Navarre during the fifteenth century. In 1512 Ferdinand, King of Aragon and Regent of Castile, conquered the part of Navarre south of the Pyrenees and annexed to Castile. The King and the court flee and take refuge in Pamplona Pau, who becomes the new capital of the kingdom. In 1520 Pau installed in a sovereign Council and House of accounts.

In 1560 Queen Jeanne III of Navarre (Jeanne d’Albret) is converted to Calvinism, which became the official religion of the kingdom of Navarre.

This will make Pau and its region to be players in the front row of the wars of religion in France faced for decades Catholics and Huguenots (Calvinists).

Joan died in 1572 and was succeeded by his son Henry III, born in Pau in 1553, the same year Henry married Margaret, third daughter of Catherine de Medici. The result of this marriage and a series of deaths chain in the French royal family, Henry himself becomes King of France in 1589 as Henry IV of France. Thereafter, the government of Beam Bourbon Catalina lies with his sister, who lives in Pau.

In 1619, nine years after the assassination of Henry IV in Paris, Pau revolts. Louis XIII, the King, is occupied with his army, becomes the sovereign Parliament and Council merely joins the kingdom of Navarre to the Crown of France.

Pau erected a new wall (1649), then a university in 1722 Calvinism is receding, following the vagaries of the French policy of these centuries. The city, like all Bearn, stagnates and sinks into the economic and cultural backwardness.

During the revolution, Pau was declared capital of the new department “Lower Pyrenees”, 14 October 1790 This department (French province) is now called “Atlantic Pyrenees” and Pau has been the capital since then except for a brief period in 1795-1796.

In 1808 Emperor Napoleon passes Pau back from Bayonne, where he accomplished the installation of his brother Joseph on the throne of Spain. Calls the city “mediocre” and castle “regrettable” for being in ruins. Noting that the best of Pau is the view over the Pyrenees, gives order to extend the Place Bonaparte (now Place Royale) to the south, opening to the mountains. This intervention will be key in starting the beautification of the city.

Pau prosper during the nineteenth century due to international tourism, especially English, attracted by the supposed beneficial properties of the local climate. Numerous luxury hotels and the first golf course was built on the European continent, the Pau Golf Club in the nearby village of Billière. The train comes to town to build the line carrying pilgrims to Lourdes neighbor. In 1909 the Wright Brothers created the first school in Pau aviation world, later converted into pilot school French Army. However, devoid of industry and political power, the city is still largely rural and grows very slowly in size.

In 1950 everything changed with the discovery of a large gas field in the neighboring region of Lacq. Many workers and engineers established in Pau, which happens to host the headquarters of the Aquitaine oil company Elf later. The city is enriched and grows in an orderly manner.

In 1971 he was first elected mayor Labarrère André, who holds the office continuously until his death in May 2006.

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