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Bayonne short guide

Car Hire Bayonne

Car Hire Bayonne

Bayonne is a French commune and town in the southwest of France, located at the confluence of the Nive and River Nive and Adour rivers, near the Bay of Biscay, in the department of Pyrenees-Atlantiques, which is one of its sub-prefectures; part, while the historical province of Labort vascofrancesa and cultural region of Gascony.

The population (2010) is 50,000. The inhabitants are from Bayonne or bayonesa.
Bayonne was founded in AD 950 on the ruins of an ancient Roman castrum called Lapurdum, who has left his name to the territory of Labort.

There are several explanations of the meaning of the name of Bayonne could also be a Basque or Gascon augmentative Latin Baia (“large expanse of water”) or a name derived from Basque Ibaiona (“good river”) or Ibaiune (“place of river “).

In the ninth century it was occupied by the Vikings, which aired its people the secrets of shipbuilding. Recovered by Duke William of Basque Sancho almost a century later, it became the capital of the viscount of Labort.

For years he was part of the duchy of Aquitaine, who passed to British rule in 1155, developed as a major port until Dunois, during the reign of Charles VII of France, conquered it on 21 August 1451 to the French crown, last chapter of the Hundred Years War.

Many expelled from the Kingdoms of Castile and Aragon by the Catholic Monarchs Jews settled in Bayonne, until in 1602 the king forced them to leave the city, to which they returned in 1789, when they settled in the Saint Esprit.

Throughout sporadic conflict that shook the French camps in the seventeenth century, farmers in Bayona found short of powder and projectiles. Then they put their hunting knives in the barrels of their guns and makeshift spears concocted be called thereafter bayonets.

In Castle Marracq minutes of abdication of King Carlos IV of Spain and his son Ferdinand VII in favor of Napoleon Bonaparte, a fact known as the abdication of Bayonne were signed in 1808. On July 8 of that year the Statute of Bayonne was signed into Spanish constitution of Joseph Bonaparte.

The Saint-Esprit, located on the right bank of the Adour, Bayonne joined on June 1, 1857 Previously formed an autonomous commune in the Landes department.

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