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Paray-le-Monial short guide

Car Hire Paray-le-Monial

Car Hire Paray-le-Monial

Paray-le-Monial is a French commune in the department of Saone-et-Loire in the Burgundy region. 10.000 habitants.

This commune, located in the hitórica Charolais region, is an important center of Catholic worship, famous for being the scene of Christ’s appearance to religious Margaret Mary Alacoque in the seventeenth century, which led to the devotion to the Sacred Heart Jesus, which later spread throughout the world.

The town is also known for hosting the Basilica of the Sacred Heart (built in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, although the name is from later), often cited as the best example of Romanesque art cluniacense preserved, being a reproduction on a smaller scale of the missing Cluny Abbey.
Located in the extreme south of Bourgogne, this is an attractive natural environment and has a variety of attractions.

Near the canal, the railroad arrived in 1867. Paray-le-Monial was responsible for the increase in industrial activity in the city and was founded in 1877 by the ceramicist Pablo Charnoz a ceramic tile factory. By creating a range of stoneware tiles designed by handling dough, presented today at the Museum Charnoz, industry had quickly distinguished by the quality of its aesthetic and technical productions.

Both channels of communication are particularly attractive, the Canal du Centre and the railway, had competed, from 1873, organizing pilgrimages to celebrate the start of the Sacred Heart religious Margaret Mary of the Visitation of the late 17th century the city is now dedicated to the Sacred Heart. Thus, among those living a spiritual heritage and its industrial past, the city is now the evolution of Paray-le-Monial.

The town of Paray-le-Monial as a great heritage to discover:
The Basilica of the Sacred Heart (eleventh-twelfth centuries) is a jewel of Romanesque architecture. This is the title shown by molding, in Paris, in the City of Architecture and Heritage. The cloister (XVIII century) forms with it a Cluniac monk leads.

The Museum of Hiero, one of the few sites in Burgundy built as a museum, since its inception in 1890, gives a more contemporary dimension to architectural promenade: the steel structure inspired by Gustave Eiffel, is visible from the central hall of the museum from rehabilitation in 2005.

Amazing Building City Hall (Casa Hayet): the name of its owner, who built between 1525 and 1528, the facade of this beautiful mansion plates on older structures. His style belongs to the Renaissance, the Loire castles. The old parish church of St. Nicholas (sixteenth and seventeenth century), which today houses the City Hall is the historic core of the city.

After the restoration of three buildings classified as historical monuments and museums of France, and to contribute to its development, the landscape around the historic city center. The unit of this set will be returned by the expansion of space for pedestrians will be offered a course of historical, architectural and heritage discovery, with the help of highlighting each of the sites and urban relationship.

Chapel of the Visitation (XVII century XIX.), Called the Chapel of Apparitions: As stated in the inscription on the façade, is where the Visitation Margaret Mary received the apparitions of the Sacred Heart between 1673 and 1675, endorsed by the confessor, Jesuit Father Claude La Colombière. The monastery chapel of the Visitation, built in 1633, was rebuilt in 1854 in a style reminiscent of neo-Romanesque decoration of the basilica. She witnessed the largest pilgrimages in France, which began in the early summer of 1873 with the arrival of some 200,000 pilgrims. Margaret Mary was canonized by Pope Benedict XVI on 15 1920 Today, we can meditate lying down in front of his wax.

The Chapel of Colombia (XX c.): Inspired by Byzantium, the simple chapel was enriched within Mauméjean brothers mosaics and windows, carved and painted by Henri Charlier capitals and stations of the cross carved by René Davoine. The chapel of the Jesuits, whose Paray-le-Monial presence dates back to 1619, was built on the occasion of the beatification of Claudio La Colombière (1929). Spiritual director of St. Margaret Mary in 1675, was canonized in 1992, after the arrival of Pope John Paul II. We can pray before the golden altar Father comes in the north chapel.

Saint-Nicolas Tower (XVI-XVII century.): Former parish church consecrated in 1535, its architecture is enriched with a huge 1549 The turret tower, perched on the ledge pediment bears the date of 1658 was reduced to the level current in the 19th c. with the removal of the head and the side chapels. This is the installation of the clock, declared a public utility, the destruction of the tower is avoided. The cult was suppressed during the French Revolution, when the church of the monks (now Basilica) became the parish church. Over time, the building has had many roles as a prison guard or hometown. It now houses exhibitions.

Paul Charnoz Museum – Art Tile: The museum is the sole repository of human memory and Paray-le-Monial industrial ceramics. He clearly knew and educational different life stages of the plant, through its technology and products, but also through the memories of its former employees. Are presented, including two monumental frescoes French industrial jewelry and decorative ceramic tiles designed by made ​​of pop and awarded first prize gold medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1889 and 1900 each year the museum presents an exhibition that encourages the summer season.

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