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Are you looking for affordable car hire? Now a day’s it is very popular to rent a car, the majority choose to pick up a car at the airport. With car rental you and your family have the opportunity to take pleasant day trips in the areas surrounding, also you will not be dependent on public transport. By comparing prices of car rental from several players, you can save a lot of money. If you prefer to retrieve the rental car in the city center, this is also possible.
The country offers great natural and cultural experiences. It is advisable to book your car rental well before departure, so you’re sure to get just the car that suits you, at the lowest price. In certain periods there may be high demand among rental companies, and the cheapest cars are usually taken first.

Mexico short guide

Car Hire Mexico

Car Hire Mexico

Mexico, having about 111 million inhabitants, is the southernmost country of North America. In the north it borders to the US – and in the south to the Central American countries Guatemala and Belize. Otherwise Mexico a long coastline facing the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Gulf of Mexico to the east. The country’s official language is Spanish, but it is also spoken a variety of minority languages.

Mexico has a large area – almost 2 million km2. Accordingly, multiple climate types represented. In the north we find thus desert climate, while in the south are large forest areas with tropical climates. Otherwise coastal areas in both the east and west and occasionally ravaged by hurricanes.

Parts of Mexico is a mountainous – where the highest peak, Pico de Orizala, is about 5,700 meters above sea level There are also several major rivers in the country – where the longest, which flows into the Gulf of Mexico, forms the border between Mexico and the United States. In the United States called the Rio Grande, while the Mexicans call the Rio Bravo.

The country’s capital, Mexico City, is – with a population of about 20 million – one of the world’s greatest cities. There is also a dozen other cities in Mexico with over 1 million inhabitants. The largest of these is Guadalarja (4.4 million. Pop.), Monterrey (4 million. Pop.) And Puebla (2.7 million. Pop.).

Traffic and Driving Tips Mexico

At all time while driving, a foreign driver must have valid driving permit and, if it is required, International driver license; passport; car registration papers; auto insurance; proof of car ownership or renting.
Mexican insurance is required for all vehicles.

Speed Limits:

– in the city – max 40 km/h
– outside the city – max 80 km/h
– on highways – max from 100 to 110km/h

Driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal. Legal blood-alcohol level is 0.08%.

Driving is on the right side of the road and overtaking is on the left side.
Minimum driving age is 15 years.
It is not permitted to turn right on red, unless there is an additional sign or signal.
In remote areas, there may be a lot of people walking on the highway.
It is required that a driver and passengers in front and rear seats to wear seat belts.

Using cell phones is prohibited while driving in many parts of Mexico.
It is required that only owners drive their vehicles, or that the owner be in the vehicle.
Always be sure who has the right of way.

Plan your trip ahead of time.
It is helpful to have a basic Spanish phrase book.

In a case of incident, you are guilty until proven innocent, especially, if you don’t have Mexican auto insurance. The police may impound your vehicle, especially if you don’t have insurance adjuster or an attorney who can defend your rights.
You should buy Mexican auto insurance which will include claims adjusters and an attorney who will come to the scene of an accident.

Avoid driving at night.
Always keep car doors locked and windows up while driving.

If you are going to rent a car, look it over before you sign the rental agreement.
There are many toll roads.
US driver licenses are valid in Mexico.
There are many speed bumps.

Airports Mexico

Acapulco / Acapulco International Airport
Aguascalientes / Aguascalientes International Airport
Silao / Silao Del Bajio International Airport
Ciudad Obregon / Ciudad Obregon International Airport
Ciudad Juarez / Ciudad Juarez International Airport
Campeche / Campeche International Airport
Chetumal / Chetumal International Airport
Culiacan / Culiacan International Airport
Cancun / Cancun International Airport
Chihuahua / Chihuahua International Airport
Ciudad Victoria / Ciudad Victoria International Airport
Cozumel / Cozumel International Airport
Durango / Durango General Guadalupe Victoria International Airport
Guadalajara / Guadalajara International Airport
Hermosillo / Hermosillo International Airport
Huatulco / Huatulco International Airport
La Paz / La Paz International Airport
Los Mochis / Los Mochis Fort Valley Federal International Airport
Loreto / Loreto International Airport
Mexico City / Mexico Benito Juarez International Airport
Merida / Merida Rejon Airport
Morelia / Morelia International Airport
Minatitlan / Minatitlan Coatzacoalcos International Airport
Monterrey / Monterrey International Airport
Mexicali / Mexicali International Airport
Mazatlan / Mazatlan General Rafael Buelna International Airport
Oaxaca / Oaxaca Xoxocotlan International Airport
Puebla / Puebla Hermanos Serdan International Airport
Puerto Vallarta / Puerto Vallarta International Airport
Puerto Escondido / Puerto Escondido International Airport
Queretaro / Queretaro International Airport
Reynosa / Reynosa General Lucio Blanco International Airport
San Jose del Cabo / San Jose del Cabo Los Cabos International Airport
San Luis Potosi / San Luis Potosi Ponciano Arriaga International Airport
Saltillo / Saltillo Plan de Guadalupe Airport
Tampico / Tampico International Airport
Tapachula / Tapachula International Airport
Tuxtla Gutierrez / Tuxtla Gutierrez International Airport
Tijuana / Tijuana International Airport
Mexico City / Mexico City International Airport
Tepic / Tepic Amado Nervo International Airport
Torreon / Torreon Francisco Sarabia International Airport
Veracruz / Veracruz International Airport
Villahermosa / Villahermosa Carlos Rovirosa Perez International Airport
Zacatecas / Zacatecas International Airport
Zihuatanejo / Zihuatanejo Ixtapa International Airport
Manzanillo / Manzanillo Playa de Oro International Airport

Mexico’s largest airport – Benito Juárez International Airport – located just north of Mexico City. Another airport with heavy traffic are Hermanos Serdán International Airport, just outside Puebla. offers car rental throughout Mexico including popular holiday destinations such as Cancun and Villahermosa. Select destination in the search engine above for a list of available rental cars.

Popular Destinations Mexico

Mexico City – Mexico City Airport – Cancun – Cancun Airport – Chihuahua – Cozumel – Hermosillo – Laz Paz – Manzanillo – Merida – Merida Airport – Playa Del Carmen – Puerto Vallarta – Villahermosa

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