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Car Hire Curitiba

Car Hire Curitiba

Curitiba is the largest city and capital of the state of Paraná with over 1.8 million inhabitants (2009). It is also the economic center in both the state and the southern part of Brazil. Curitiba is situated southeast of the country and it is about 100 km to the coast bordering the Atlantic Ocean. The town was founded in 1654 and has grown a lot over the years, mainly because of immigration.

Old Town dating from the first centuries after the founding, is well cared for and provides an authentic experience of the city’s history. Many areas are a legacy for the many immigrants, including Germantown Woods, Japan Square and Italian Woods. The areas are forests with some old buildings or small neighborhoods. Curitiba also offers many parks and museums. Outside the cities located Iguaçu Park is the largest in its kind. Here there are many activities and attractions, including a great zoo.

Afonso Pena International Airport is a modern airport located about 18 km outside the city center.

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