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Belo Horizonte short guide

Car Hire Belo Horizonte

Car Hire Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte is the capital of the region of Minas Gerais and the metropolitan area is the third largest in Brazil. The population of the city was in 2009 measured at over 2.4 million, and the figure rises to almost 5.4 million when you include the surrounding areas. Belo Horizonte is located in southwestern Brazil, about 500 km from the west coast and the Atlantic Ocean. Belo Horizonte was the first artificial city in Brazil and was erected in the 1890s.

The city has many open spaces and parks, and the grid is square so it’s easy to find. Belo Horizonte is a lively city that is known for the vibrant nightlife and its countless bars and discos. It also held various festivities each year, including a large carnival in February and the International Short Film Festival and the International Theater Festival. Other attractions are the artificial lake Pampulha and museums such as the Museu Histórico Abílio Barreto concerning the city’s history.

Tancedo Neves / Confins International Airport is located nearly 40 km outside of Belo Horizonte.

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