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Avignon short guide

Car Hire Avignon

Car Hire Avignon

Avignon is a French town and commune, capital of the department of Vaucluse, in the Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur.

Avignon Situated on the left bank of the Rhone river, in the northern part of Provence in southern France – specifically in the ministry Vaucluse. The city has approximately 95,000 inhabitants, but one takes the entire metropolitan area with, the population is increasing at nearly twice that.

Avignon’s oldest history dates back to ancient times, but the city had its heyday in the early part of the 1300s – when the period was papal royal residence. From that time also stems Avignon’s most famous buildings: the Palais des Papes (Palace of the Popes).

Otherwise there are a number of historical monuments and other sights in Avignon. Among the most popular is the Pont d’Avignon, the medieval fort Ramparts and the Cathedral Notre Dame des Doms (with Pope John 22s Mausoleum). Moreover, there are various museums in the city.

Among events that draw people here, must first and foremost Avignon festival mentioned. It is a major international theater festival that has been held here every summer since 1947. At its peak, over 100,000 people visited this festival.

The nearest airport is Aéroport d’Avignon-Caumont, ca. 8 km. southeast of the city.

Avignon was the residence of the Popes in 1309, when the city was under the rule of the kings of Sicily belonging to the House of Anjou. In 1348, Pope Clement VI purchased a residence to Queen Joanna of Sicily, staying Avignon as papal property until 1791 when it became part of France during the French Revolution.

Here the list of the seven popes resided here from 1309 to 1377 In this period when the popes took up residence in Avignon is known as the Avignon Papacy appears. Once finished it began in 1378 the Great Schism that was not resolved until 1417.
The anti-popes Clement VII and Benedict XIII, continued to reside here even after the popes returned to Rome in 1377 Clement VII in Avignon remained throughout his pontificate Benedict XIII from 1378 to 1394 while he lived in Avignon until he fled to Aragon, fixing his Peniscola finally residence, where he died at age 96 in 1423 had been an episcopal see Avignon since 70 AD, and was converted in 1476 Archbishop Here several minor synods were held. Its university was founded by Pope Boniface VIII in 1303 and, because of his reputation for his studies in law, was very important to the French Revolution.

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