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Valence short guide

Car Hire Valence

Car Hire Valence

Valence, also called Valence-sur-Rhône and formerly in Castilian, Valencia de France (Occitan Valença) is a municipality (commune) French, located in the department of Drôme and the Rhône-Alpes. It is the fifth largest city in the region with 64,484 inhabitants in 2008, 130,000 with the suburbs. Valencia is often referred to as “the gateway to southern France.” Valence is part of the Villes et Pays d’art et d’histoire. Valence is historically linked to the Dauphine.

Valence is a city in southern France, 100 kilometers south of Lyon.

Valence was established in the year 121, and became bishop in 300’s. In the 1100s the city was the capital of the duchy of Valentinois. Valence is an important trade in the Rhone Valley, which is rich in fruits and vegetables. The city is famous for gemstone production. Here there is a Romanesque cathedral, Cathedrale St. Apollinaire from 1095. In the church there is a monument of Pope Pius VI who died in Valence in 1799. In the cathedral library is the Roman antiquities, and a photo gallery. Visitors can also take a walk in the local park, the Parc Jouvet, or take a canal tour. Among the city’s culinary specialties we find Le Suisse, a 200 year-old recipe for a bread with orange marmalade. The city also has several types of chocolate.

Airport Valence Chabeuil is six kilometers from Valence, and the airport Lyon Saint-Exupéry 89 km.

Its inhabitants are called Valentinois and French valentinoises.

Your name, from the Latin Valentia, is shared in various ways by other cities of the ancient empire. It was a Roman outpost against the Gauls.

During the Middle Ages the city remained within the Roman walls, reinforced in 1570 under Charles IX. Despite this stagnation, Valence remained an important point in the commercial hub of the Rhone, and also on the border between France and the Holy Roman Empire, which was part until the fifteenth century.

In 1452 a university was founded.

During the sixteenth century a citadel was built and military installations were developed during the seventeenth and various religious orders settled. Al strengthened military, administrative and religious functions to the detriment of trade, the center of the city remained a which persists medieval aesthetics.

It was not until the nineteenth century that the city exceeded its walls, replaced by boulevards in 1860.

In the early twentieth century came to Valence many Armenian emigrants. Their descendants account for 10% of the current population of the city, which is reflected in many socio-cultural aspects.

During World War II, bombing suffered Valence being particularly hard those of 1944, which damaged the bridge over the Rhone.

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