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Angers short guide

Car Hire Angers

Car Hire Angers

Angers is a French city, located in the department of Maine-et-Loire and Pays de la Loire region.

Angers located in northern France, 90 km southeast of Nantes and 300 kilometers southwest of Paris. Angers is by the river Maine, eight kilometers from the river’s outlet in the Loire. Here live about 156,000 inhabitants in the town itself, 230,000 including the suburbs.

Angers is rich in history. In a byborg medieval with 17 towers, there is a 100 meter long famous tapestry depicting the Apocalypse. The city also has a beautiful Gothic cathedral. There are several museums in the city including the art museum, Musée des beaux arts d’Angers. The former Barrault residence from the 1500s, the house has an art collection with paintings by, among others Chardin, Watteau and Boucher, since 1796. In Angers is also 13 monasteries, of which David d’Angers is the largest. In this monastery there is a several works in marble and bronze statues. The city also has a museum for aviation enthusiasts. Angers also has several cinemas and has a good nightlife.

Angers inhabitants are called Angevins and formerly as Andegaves.

Renato Castillo del Rey The Good: This thirteenth century fortified castle was built on a promontory overlooking the Slate River Maine. It is associated with the beginning of the general fortification of the city which has a large wall which is the main stronghold. The massive fortifications were built between 1230 and 1240 under the order of St. Louis and have a circumference of nearly a mile long, flanquadas by 17 towers. Within the castle walls were built buildings pleasure from XV century such as the chapel of St. Genevieve and Castillito (le Chatelet). From the 1950s the castle keeps and exhibits Apocalypse tapestry, woven of a work over 130 m long (of which there are only 101 m) and 4.50 m high, made in the fourteenth century at the request of Louis of Anjou Iro. The tapestry depicts the prophecy of the Apostle John.
View: Castle of Angers

Museum of Fine Arts: after 5 years of building the Museum of Fine Arts in Angers became open in 2004 and houses a permanent very interesting collection also features works by contemporary artists of world renown.
Jean Lurçat Museum: in the old San Juan hospital twelfth century and presents the “Chant du Monde” (1957-1966). A set of ten tapestries by contemporary artist Jean Lurçat (1892-1966) is also displayed. In it the artist explains his vision of the world after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.
David d’Angers Gallery: hosts a large number of statues of David d’Angers (1788-1856) exhibited at the Toussaint abaya thirteenth century, including the model of the pediment of the Pantheon in Paris.
Angers Cathedral of St. Maurice and other religious buildings in Angers
Tower Saint-Aubin of Angers.
The city is classified as a City of Art and History.
There are two film festivals in Angers:
The Premiers Plans festival, is held annually and is open to young European filmmakers who wish to submit their first filmmaking. Since its founding in 1990, 60 films have debuted under the presidency and patronage of the great names of cinema as Théo Angelopolos, Bertrand Tavernier, Agnès Varda, Gérard Depardieu, Jeanne Moreau, among others. This festival showcases the filmmakers of tomorrow. The festival allowed to discover among others, Nick Parck (Wallace and Gromit), Danny Boyle (Meurtres Petits entre amis), Xavier Beauvois …
The Cinemas d’Afrique (African Movies) festival is a biennial event that features a selection of short films and feature films with themes based on the African continent. All the theaters Angers participates in exhibitions of the event.
Anjou Festival (June-July) (N.Briançon)
Scènes Tour Festival (May)
Scoop du Festival (November)

Central Station Angers St. Laud rebuilt in 2001, with direct connections TGVs trains to / from Paris (1h30), Nantes (40 mn), Lyon (3h45), Lille, Avignon, Marseille.
It has a new airport in Marce located 20 km northeast of the city. Regular service with connections throughout Europe.
It has highways that connect it to Paris, Nantes, La Roche-sur-Yon, Tours (opening in 2008) and a beltway north of Angers.

Urban transport: Angers has a heterogeneous network of buses extending through the periphery (29 communities). Trams with North, South and West axis (opening in 2011)
Other media: the city center has a small pedestrian area and a small number of busy shopping streets. The network of cycle paths is in development and lacks continuity in some of its routes (the city is a member of the club of cyclists cities). On May 2, 2012 Francesco Lottuccia, a boy in northern Italy, had an accident with a tram in Foch unharmed, but the tram was severely damaged and had paralyzed the city for 3 days.

Video of Angers, France

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