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Car Hire Alice Springs

Car Hire Alice Spring

Alice Springs (26.500 inhabitants in 2006) located in the Northern Territory (Northern Territory), and is the second largest city in the state after Darwin. Alice Springs is often called the gateway to “the Australian outback” – in that it is one of the country’s most isolated cities. The closest town to the north is Darwin with a distance of about 150 mil, and the city of Adelaide in the south is 153 mil away.

Alice Springs is located 576 meters above sea level and the area has a dry climate. Around town are several different deserts. The town has both Western and Aboriginal influences, and in the center are a number of art galleries featuring Aboriginal artworks.

Other sights and attractions in Alice Springs are: the Botanical Gardens, Museum of Central Australia – with fossils, meteorites and minerals and Alice Springs Reptile Center – the largest collection of reptiles in Northern Territory. There are over 100 reptiles – including pythons.

Another attraction in town is Alice Springs Desert Park – a large park with animals and plants from different desert environments.

The city hosts annual events and festivals, among others “Camel Cup” – a kamelløp that takes place at the local racecourse, the music festival “Bass in the Dust” and desert festival “Alice Desert Festival.”

The nearest airport is Alice Springs Airport, located 14 km south of downtown. The airport has daily domestic flights to major cities in Australia.

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