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Ayers Rock short guide

Car Hire Ayers Rock

Car Hire Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock is one of the most distinctive tourist attractions in Australia – a reddish sandstone mountains in the interior of the continent, specifically in the southeastern part of the Northern Territory. The mountain is believed to be about 230 million years old, and rises 330 meters above an otherwise nearly completely flat plains. The closest town is Alice Springs, ca. 450 km northeast of Ayers Rock.

Inside the mountain there are several interesting caves with wall paintings made by Australia’s indigenous inhabitants, the Aborigines. They have also always called Mount Uluru – and since 2002 has been the official name Uluru / Ayers Rock. Around the mountain there is today a National Park – Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park – covering an area of ​​whole 1398 km2. It includes, inter alia, Kata Tjuta / Mount Olga – a group of distinctive, dome-shaped cut that is about 25 km west of Ayers Rock. The whole park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Close to Ayers Rock was a few years ago built a vacation center – Ayers Rock Resort – where hotels, restaurants, supermarket, etc. encircles an idyllic, open space with swimming pool.

6 km outside the resort center are airport Ayers Rock Resort Airport which has daily route connection with towns Perth, Sydney, Cairns and Alice Springs.

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