Why buy a home and settle in Albir

Should you buy a property in Spain but do not know where you want to settle ? Then you are not alone , choice of residence is very essential for your well-being in Spain. When you’re going to invest money in property , it is important that you find a place where the whole family can enjoy . For also in Spain is a weekday , so it is important to have what you need nearby .

Albir was like many other towns on the Costa Blanca is a city that would protect its citizens against pirates. The old fort has disappeared long ago , and the town is now host of new residents from all over northern Europe , in fact, the foreign population larger than the Spanish .

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With appropriate tip in Albir and a radius of 200 kilometers, which is not much of a country with highways and good public transportation , you can experience the most year round . It is important to stay somewhere where there is activity all year round and not just empty homes and streets during the off season .

The housing market
Prices of residential property in Albir has for many years been stable. There is a lot to sell, but good homes with Norwegian standard is the battle , so the risk is low when investing in residential property in Albir. Prices for rental are also high , and this allows you to get a good extra income by renting out your property to holiday happy Norwegians when you do not use your home yourself.

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Pleasure and Leisure
” Iceberg ” Sierra Herald is in the immediate vicinity, and hike from Albir to Benidorm is truly something for themselves . In 700 meters altitude , you get a fantastic view of the nearby towns. Another popular walk is up to the popular lighthouse in Albir. Do you love sports , there are all amenities nearby and the golf enthusiasts can enjoy a private golf course in my heart of Albir.

In Albir is the Norwegian -speaking doctor, dentist, physiotherapist, chiropractor , health , yoga teacher, massage therapist, and mostly you should need of health care. This makes it very safe for us Norwegians , as it is important to have good and clear communication with their doctor.

In Albir center there are numerous shops. So the possibilities to burn some money shopping is good . If you want the big brand stores located shopping center La Marina is a 10 minute drive away .

Amusement Parks
A few minutes away by car will find a paradise of amusement parks. Like roller coasters and thrill is Terra Mitica place for you. Terra Natura is a giant zoo, where you can find animals from different continents . In addition, the water park and Aqualandia with its popular dolphin show.

School and nursery
There are both Norwegian schools and kindergartens in Albir area. One Norwegian school is located in the center of Albir , while the other school and the Norwegian kindergarten is located just outside the center of Alfaz del Pi .

Learning Spanish can be a challenge for many, but you live in Albir , it is not necessary. There are a number of foreign residents in Albir than there are Spaniards , and all services are offered mostly by Norwegians, Englishmen and Dutchmen . So with Norwegian and some English come a long way . Do you want to learn Spanish , there are several Norwegians who offers this. There are regular Spanish lessons Pavarotti in Albir.

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