Sanasol – Security and prosperity in the new service homes

La Nucia – Sanasol means ” Health and sunshine ,” and that is exactly what characterizes this area of the Costa Blanca coast. With a focus on safety and well being is Sanasol the perfect place to rent property , whether for a week or for a lifetime.

The new service residences is strategically located in La Nucía with panoramic views from Albir to Benidorm and within walking distance of all amenities . Heidi Stangnes is manager of Sanasol . We agreed to meet at the center’s own restaurant. The restaurant is modern and is in red and black. On hot days, open the large picture windows that open out to the terrace with the possibility of utebespisning .

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– We had the official opening of the center in September last year , says Heidi . The lady from Mo i Rana has been at the helm from the building was completed in 2008. She can tell that it has taken a long time to get everything in place . – It has been a long process to get all the licenses. In addition , we spent a whole year on repair works in conjunction with a large fire and storm damage in 2009.

– Would you like a coffee ? , Shoot Mario into . He is the restaurant’s chef and accountable for restaurant operations. Heidi ” switches ” smooth over the fluent Spanish . With 11 years in the butt in exile , she learned the language at work and by being with Spaniards . Heidi has deliberately employed only Spanish staff. Mario is now engaged in preparing the menu for upcoming guests and reveals one delicious dish after another.

– We have a menu of Mediterranean Diet and elements from my home region León , says Mario and shows pictures of the dishes served at the last conference facilities . – We are able to arrange dinners for private catering for up to 45 people. They need not be connected to the center, informs Mario .

It is impossible to avoid noticing Sanasol bottle standing on the bar . Children face evokes memories of childhood. Heidi smiles about race with children face, and beams when she explains that this was a welcome gift from a guest. The explanation for why the bottle is empty is simple. – I prefer all employees Sanasol , all have gone and taken a sip from the bottle , says Heidi , laughing. Although she is trained chef in Norway and has worked as such in his hometown of Mo i Rana for several years , and the Coast Guard. – I like the potato , can be used for all, says the fiery lady who is not afraid to lend a hand .

The Norwegian agency Senior Travel has come from Arendal to look around at the center. They are looking for a safe environment for its travelers . – For Senior Travel is important to provide travel that is quality controlled and adapted to each group , says general manager Anna Særnmo who made ​​the trip down with the nurse and consultant Berit play . Both are familiar with the health benefits of foreign travel , and the area is known for its health properties .

– We have both worked in a nursing home in Norway who were pioneers in overseas travel for the elderly. Here , we conducted a research which included 8 patients with dementia traveling . Results showed beneficial effect for the patient, relatives and staff , says Anna Særnmo .

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We hang us on the tour . In all, the center has 46 apartments spread over 1 -bedroom, 2 -bedroom and 3 -bedroom apartments. Everyone keeps Norwegian standard in terms of materials and installations that warm floors in living room and bathroom. The apartments range in size from 55 to 90 square meters , but common to all is light and spaciousness.

All are handicap friendly and wheelchair accessible . Also the grounds are accessible for wheelchairs with large open areas and a swimming pool with a ramp for wheelchairs. All apartments are set around the beautiful pool area . It is easy to imagine that guests enjoy their stay . Here ‘s everything at hand in terms of services and common areas for activities.

– We have a large common areas both indoors and outdoors. We also work with sports place in La Nucía which is voted by the European Union to the European sporstby . We have all the sports center at our disposal , says Heidi and emphasizes that it lacks the services at the center, – we want to satisfy the guests and will also suggest what they want within reason , says Heidi . Heidi pleased to announce that they have more bookings from groups throughout the year , and the outlook is bright for the center which is rapidly upward as a safe and good housing option for adults of all ages.

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