Traffic rules in Italy

Traffic rules in ItalyHere is useful information about traffic rules in Italy. Read to find out more about how to drive in Italy.

* In Italy, drive on the right and overtake on the left
* The legal minimum age to drive a car or motorbike over 125cc is 18 years
* The legal minimum age to drive a motorbike of 50cc to 125 cc is 16 years
* The legal minimum age to drive a moped up to 50 cc is 14 years
* Seatbelts are obligatory in the front and must be worn if fitted in the back
* Children under 150cm must travel in a child seat adapted to their size and weight and wear additional safety belts (these must comply with national and European safety standards). Children may not travel in a non-adapted front seat until they are 150cm tall
* Mobile cellular phones may not be used when driving unless using a hands-free system
* On-the-spot fines will be handed out for drivers who use bus or cycle lanes
* Always give way to trains, trams, buses and emergency vehicles
* In towns and developed areas, priority is given to traffic joining from the right, unless otherwise stated
* Flashing amber traffic lights means proceed with caution but give way to traffic on the right
* On a gradient, the vehicle travelling uphill has priority
* Headlights should be switched on and dipped at all times of day or night when driving on motorways and dual carriageways outside towns
* If the car is not registered in Italy it must have the EU-style number plates with the origin of the car or a sticker denoting the car’s home country next to the rear number plate

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