Toll/Peaje roads in Spain and how to use them.

Toll roadsHere is some useful information about Toll/Peaje roads in Spain and how to use them. Read more here.

Spain has over 2,000 km of toll roads and more are planned. They are of excellent standard and all have service stations with cafes of an acceptable standard every 40km or so. The tolls are expensive, especially in summer when the rates are doubled and are usually calculated per km. Some toll roads, for long distance travelling allow you to collect a ticket at the start and then pay the total when you exit the road. They do however mean that you can drive relaxed and safer over long distances as the locals usually avoid them. Most ticket booths are on the left so in a UK car, the passenger will need to take the ticket/pay. Some booths have operators both sides.

As you approach the ticket booth or entry to the toll road, carefully make your way into one of the lanes and take your ticket/pay. When you come off the toll road and need to pay, watch the lanes carefully as all the lanes are different. ‘Manual’ is where the operator will take your cash, ‘Automatic’ is a machine only where exact money can be paid. ‘Tarjeta’ is to pay by credit card only.

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