Road tax and vehicle inspections “ITV” in Spain

Road tax and vehicle inspections "ITV" in SpainHere some useful information about Road tax and vehicle inspections “ITV” in Spain. Read more here.

If you are using your foreign registered car in Spain for a few months (no more than six months in any calendar year is allowed) then it must be legal as far as roadworthy, insurance and road taxes are concerned. You cannot get your car MOT’d in Spain, or even in Gibraltar, and if the certificate runs out, not only will you be illegal in Spain, but also as soon as you arrive back in the UK. Spanish vehicles have to conform to inspections also, depending on the type and use of the vehicle.
Since October 2010 The Spanish police are cracking down on all foreign vehicles driving around in Spain. If you are caught using a UK vehicle in Spain whilst living here, you will at the least, have your vehicle impounded. Fines are being handed out in the region of 2,000 euros. Having no UK road tax on your vehicle invalidates your insurance.

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