Tips to make property purchase in Spain as simple as possible

Buying property in Spain is in many ways seen as difficult from many quarters, but it does not have to be. Here is a little overview of what is needed to conduct a safe trade.

Find your real estate partner

The first thing to do is find a reliable partner who can help you buy your dream home. The buying property in Spain can be difficult if you try on your own and or come into contact with people who would not be there to make sure you get your dream home in Spain. There are plenty of homes to find, in many cases, may the accommodation that best suits you happy is not out on the website yet. Let your partner help you make your purchase as simple and safe as possible for you.

Select your property

To select housing is an important choice, you will not find what you seek yourself, let your real estate agent to help you find your homes that fit your criteria. When the choice of housing is made, it is important to check that everything regarding the accommodation is in order, so you know it is safe to carry out a transaction. Your real estate agent will help you by checking out all of the documentation regarding your item to ensure that trade is safe.

Carry trade

The process of buying property in Spain are as follows:

– Find a property that suits you.
– Verification of the legal purity of the property.
– Open a bank account.
– The signing of the preliminary contract (contrato de Arras).
– Viewing N.I.E number.
– The signing of the sales contract by notaries.
– Payment of taxes.
– Registration of property in the name of the buyer.

Let your real estate agent help you make the process as easy and safe as possible. Blanca International know the process and know what it takes to make sure you get exactly the home that best suits you.

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