Spanish authorities with stricter taxation of expatriates

To fill the bottom scraped the Treasury gives Spanish authorities embarked on introducing one fee and tax is imposed by the other. Now it is the foreign residents in Spain who put in the spotlight.

Those who live permanently in Spain for more than six months a year are required to notify the Spanish authorities about housing in other countries, then these should be taxed in Spain. If you do not declare residence abroad, you risk criminal tax equivalent to up to half of the property value and a staggering fine.

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It is the government’s introduction of wealth tax that foreigners are now in the spotlight, as they often have multiple homes. Wealth tax is between 0.2 and 2.5% of property value. According to Spanish statistical agency INE was at 1 January 19 000 Norwegians living in Spain, but the true figure is believed to be around 50 000.

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