Alfaz del Pi – Mountain People’s Paradise in Spain

One of Spain’s biggest colonies of Norwegians are in Alfaz del Pi and the neighboring area. Here is the Norwegian companies, institutions , businesses, agencies , clubs , kindergartens and schools. Almost everything you need of services can be provided by Norwegians. What is it that attracts thousands of Norwegians to this area of the Costa Blanca?

In Alfaz del Pi , there are people from over 100 nations residing in the municipality. Of the more than 20,000 residents, there are about 10,000 foreigners in the municipality. Approximately 5,000 of these are Norwegians , and about 2500 have registered as voters for the local elections . The numbers are rising from year to year.

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Alfaz del Pi is a municipality on the Costa Blanca coast of Spain. It is located in the province of Alicante in the Valencia region , stretching from Albir Beach in the north to Sierra HELADA and Benidorm to the south.

The area of ​​Alfaz said to be the best in Spain. In this area there is a so-called ” micro- climate ” created by the high mountains and the coast and Albir which is at the coast . This has made Alfaz area to a safe area for good weather and sunshine throughout Spain . Last year there was only one place in Spain that had larger average temperature throughout the year.

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The housing market in Alfaz del Pi
Prices of residential property in Alfaz del Pi has for many years been stable , and so it looks like it will come too. Large influx of Norwegians who want to settle in the municipality , the demand for housing is great. There is a lot to sell, but good homes with Norwegian standard is the battle , so the risk is low when investing in residential property in Alfaz del Pi . Prices for rental are also high , and this allows you to get a good extra income by renting out your property to the Norwegians who have children who will start on the Norwegian school in the area or nursery. While other areas of greatest demand for short stay rent will be around the Norwegian schools have stable long -term tenants on an annual basis.

Mountain People’s ParadiseWhile the areas around can allure with gorgeous beaches , partyliv , nice people and everything that belongs to the tropical life , is Alfaz del Pi also known as mountain people’s paradise.
In fifteen minutes you can go from the beach and up to over a thousand meters high on many different mountains . Here , he has also found his home between sea and cast in a beautiful and lush green valley full of oranges and fruit. Here we were welcomed , and it still is.

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