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To Shop in Bergen

Shopping in Bergen, Spain. Tourists who travel to the city of Bergen know that this is one of the most interesting cities for shopping in Norway, A city where all tourists can find a multitude of shops to get their best gifts and souvenirs. All you need to know about shopping centers, shops and markets in Bergen.

The shopping area is located right in the center of the city and allows tourists to enjoy the good atmosphere of Bergen, as well as taking advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a very prominent city during the summer. Tourists come to the shops and shopping areas of the city to buy some typical gifts from Norway and have the possibility to keep a beautiful memory of your passing through this beautiful country of northern Europe. This city has it all, and don`t forget to discover all the attractions in Bergen.

During the summer holidays is a more adequate time to visit Bergen as a tourist destination, to do some shopping and to enjoy its more cultural side, which is something that is always charming and that you will like a lot.

Shopping Centers in Bergen

You can easily find department stores and shopping centers in Bergen. Like in every city, it’s very practical to find one place that have all the shops you might need to visit. Here is a list of the best shopping centers in Bergen. For each one of them, you will find a description, opening times, the adress and the website where all the shops available are displayed.

Xhibition Shopping Centre Bergen

Xhibition Shopping Mall Bergen

Shopping at Xhibition Shopping Centre offers many exciting brands and offers you shoppinng you will not find elsewhere in Bergen. Xhibition is not only an exciting new shopping mall in the city center, but a meeting place for adventure and relaxation beyond the ordinary.

Centrally located in the city, Xhibition has a wide range of offerings, great variety of brands and high quality. Xhibition Shopping Centre it’s multitude of shops, eating a delicious meal, take in a fashion show or get a pleasant wellness treatment.

Contact Information Xhibition Shopping Centre Bergen

Phone: +47 55 55 88 22

Address: Småstrandgaten 3
5014 Bergen

Shopping Center Galleriet Bergen

Shopping Mall Galleriet Bergen

Galleriet is regarded as the most spetacular shopping center in Bergen. Galleriet has a variety of stores representing most of your shopping needs. With more than 70 stores, Galleriet is located in the heart of downtown Bergen, on Torgalmenningen – right next to the fishmarket.

Inside we find supermarket, pharmacy, perfumery, bookstore, fashion shops, decoration, restaurants telephone shops and photography etc.

Contact Information Shopping Center Galleriet Bergen

Phone: +47 55 30 05 00

Address: Torgallmenningen, 8
5014 Bergen

Shopping Center Bergen Storsenter

Shopping Mall Bergen Storsenter

Bergen Storsenter the largest shopping centre in Bergen city centre, with almost 70 shops representing most commodities as well as several services, ranging from a wine shop to a pharmacy and dentist’s. Indoor walk from the center to the bus, train and car parking.

Bergen Storsenter is Bergen’s most fashionable shopping centre with a primary focus on fashion and an enormous amount of visitors every day.

Contact Information Shopping Center Bergen Storsenter

Phone: 55 21 24 60

Address: Strømgaten 8,
5015 Bergen

Markets Of Bergen

Everybody loves a good market, the sights and sounds, the hustle and bustle, the thrill of bargaining, the objects you would never usually find, the smell of the freshest food. Specialist stalls selling many and varied options of seafood, the Bergen Fish market is on of the biggest attractions in the city.

Torget Fish Market Bergen

Torget Fish Market Bergen

For most of its history, Bergen has survived of the fruits of the sea, so there’s no better place for lunch than the town’s lively Torget Fish Market, where you’ll find everything from salmon to calamari, fish and chips, prawn baguettes and seafood salads. If you can afford it, the sides of smoked salmon are some of the best in Norway.

Contact Information Torget Fish Market Bergen

Phone: +47 55 56 92 60

Address: Strandkaien,
5013 Bergen

Farmers Markets Bergen

Fruit and Veg Markets Bergen

Shopping in Bergen

Farmers arrive at these markets with boxes and barrels of fresh vegetables and fruits – often at great prices. Many farmers’ markets also feature vendors with specialty items like fresh-baked goods, pickles and relishes, jams and jellies, honey, cheeses including hand-made mozzarella, pasta, plants, flowers and more.

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