13 Top Attractions in Bergen

13 Most Popular Attractions Bergen

Top attractions in Bergen, Norway. The best-known Norwegian city of the fjords is Bergen, a beautiful city surrounded by seven mountains and the North Sea. It is an ancient city since it was founded in 1070 and for a time was the capital of the kingdom, until that place was occupied by Oslo, the old Cristania. Bergen has always been lucky either in fishing as in oil because in the ’60 was discovered black gold in the North Sea. Since then it has become a tourist reference with many attractions to see.

The city has a beautiful temperated climate and Bergen attracts a lot of tourists each year. The city has a lot of places of interest and cultural values. In addition, there is an excellent infrastructure developed and a large number of modern hotels.

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Highlights of the city include the original and romantic Bergen seawall, which attracts visitors to the city. The Bergen Cathedral is not only a historical monument but also has great religious value. The medieval fortress Bergenhus has the perfectly preserved Jacon room and the extraordinarily beautiful Rosenkranz tower. We must mention the Fredriksberg and Sverresborg fortresses, and “The Trolley Hill” that is an impressive museum that will undoubtedly captivate your conscience. And, of course, the Technical Museum of Bergen.

#1 Neighbourhood of Bryggen in Bergen

Bryggen, Bergen

13 Attractions of Bergen

The old neighbourhood of the Bryggen remind us of the importance of the city of Bergen in the commercial empire of the Hanseatic League from the 14th to the mid of 16th century. The typical wooden houses of this neighborhood were grass of the flames in numerous occasions; The last fire dates back to 1955. Successive reconstructions were carried out on the basis of the original models and according to traditional methods, thus preserving the essential configuration of the site, which is a relic of the old very generalized urban wood structures Formerly in northern Europe. Today, there are 62 buildings in this urban complex.

#2 Fløyen

Fløyen Bergen

Take Fløibanen cable car to the top of Mount Fløyen. Magnificent view of Bergen, great children’s playground and ideal for mountain walks.

Taking a cable railway to Mount Fløyen and you will see all of Bergen in just 8 minutes.

The funicular railway is one of Norway’s most famous attractions. The trip starts from the city centre, just 150 metres from the Fish Market and Bryggen. The exiting trip up to the mountain is a magnificent experience in itself.

From Mount Fløyen, approx. 320 metres above sea level, you can enjoy the beautiful view, study the cityscape in detail and the seaward approaches and fjords surrounding Bergen.

The Funicular takes you to a fantastic area of beautiful natural surroundings with innumerable opportunities for walking and hiking. At Fløyen there is also a restaurant, cafeteria, souvenir shop and play area.

The Fløibanen funicular runs daily from early morning until 11 p.m. during the the year. The funicular has easy access for prams/pushchairs and wheelchairs.

#3 Edvard Grieg – Troldhaugen Museum

Troldhaugen  Museum in Bergen

Edvard Grieg Museum Troldhaugen was the home of composer Edvard Grieg for 22 years. He composed many of his best-known works in the little garden hut.

Troldhaugen in Bergen, the home of composer Edvard Grieg, is now a living museum comprising an exhibition centre with shop and cafe, concert hall, composers’ cabin and Grieg’s villa dating from 1885.

Guided tours of the villa run continuously for both groups and individual tourists. It is also possible to hold private concerts in the villa or concert hall.

At the lunch time popular concerts available every day from 18 May to 30 September.

You can experience evening concerts every Sunday from 19 June to 28 August. Tickets for the concert and transport from city center can be booked online.

Contact Information Edvard Grieg Museum Troldhaugen

Phone: +47 55922992
Email: info@troldhaugen.com
Website: www.troldhaugen.com

Address: Troldhaugveien 65, Bergen

#4 The Hanseatic Museum and Schøtstuene Bergen

 Hanseatic Museum and Schøtstuene in Bergen

The Hanseatic Museum is one of the oldest wooden buildings in Bergen, furnished in 18th century style and shows the life of the Hanseatic merchants.

The Hanseatic Museum is situated centrally on Bryggen in Bergen. The museum shows how the German merchants from The Hanseatic League lived and worked.

From 1350 to 1750 these merchants traded stockfish and grains from their office in Bergen. The museum was opened in 1872 and has two trading houses, one facing the sea and one in back of the tenement. You may walk through this building from 1704, the only house on Bryggen which has kept its original interior.

Walking for five minutes to the other side of Bryggen, you will find Schøtstuene next to St. Mary’s Church. These rooms were assembly halls for the Hanseatic merchants during winter time. Due to the danger of fire, Schøtstuene were placed separately behind the other office buildings. In winter hot meals were served here. The buildings were also used for teaching and as courtrooms, meeting rooms and party rooms. The museum consists of three assembly rooms and a kitchen.

Contact Information Hanseatic Museum Bergen

Phone: 53 00 61 10
Email: post@museumvest.no
Website: http://www.museumvest.no/

#5 Bergen Maritime Museum

Bergen Maritime Museum

The Bergen Maritime Museum presents the history of shipping, its development and importance to Bergen and Norway throughout the ages.

Collections ranging form the Age of antiquity and the Middle Ages right up to the present day. West Norway is particularly well represented. Archaeological finds, urban and rural history collections, a textile section and a rich ethnographic collection.

Covering cultural history, art history, archaeology, anthropology.
Exhibitions “Viking Era”. Activity exhibition for children. Norwegian church art – largest collection in Norway. Russian icons. “The Christie-room”. History of rural communities, furniture and textiles. “Roses and Legends in Norwegian Folk Art”. “Ibsen in Bergen”, 1851-57. Nepalese Masks. Indian – Inuit – Aleut”. “Eternal Life” – Egyptian Mummies.

Contact Information Bergen Maritime Museum

Phone: 55 54 96 00
Email: publikum@um.uib.no
Website: www.uib.no

Address: Håkon Sheteligsplass 10, Bergen

#6 Bergenhus Fortress Bergen

Bergenhus Fortress in Bergen

Bergenhus Fortress is one of the oldest and best preserved fortresses in Norway. The designation of Cashel reflects Bergenhus Fortress extensive history. Culture Park sets the ambition of the players in cooperation with each other, the history, terrain, buildings and fortress walls creates an arena for culture.

In the 19th century, the fortress lost its function as a defensive fortification, but it was retained by the military as an administrative base. After restoration in the 1890s, and again after destruction sustained during World War II, Bergenhus is today again used as a concert venue and as a feast hall for public events. During World War II, the German navy used several of its buildings for their headquarters, and they also constructed a large concrete bunker within the fortress walls. The buildings, including Haakon’s Hall, were severely damaged when a Dutch ship in the service of the German navy, carrying approximately 120 tons of dynamite, exploded on 20 April 1944 in the harbour just outside the fortress walls, but the buildings were later restored.

Bergenhus is currently under the command of the Royal Norwegian Navy, which has about 150 military personnel stationed there. The fortifications Sverresborg fortress and Fredriksberg fortress also lie in the centre of Bergen. Haakon’s Hall and Rosenkrantz Tower are open for visits by the public. Koengen, the central part of Bergenhus Fortress is also known as a concert venue.

Contact Information Bergenhus Fortress Bergen

Phone: 815 70 400
Email: servicesenter@forsvarsbygg.no
Website: http://www.forsvarsbygg.no/festningene/Festningene/Bergenhus-festning/

Address: Vågen,
5003 Bergen

#7 Bergen Aquarium

Aquarium in Bergen

Bergen has many attractions, especially its funiculars, fjords and museums, but also here is one of the most interesting aquariums in Europe. Bergen Aquarium is located at the tip of the peninsula and has one of the best collections of marine fauna from all over the continent. It opened in 1960 and has always been modernized so it remains one of the largest and most modern in the world.

The Bergen Aquarium has more than 50 tanks and three outdoor pools and a special, very realistic and cliff-shaped area has been built so that seabirds can nest there and reproduce as they are in their natural habitat. There are some open tanks, video exhibits, exhibits and shows, of course.

Contact Information Bergen Aquarium

Phone: +4755557171
Email: post@akvariet.no
Website: http://www.akvariet.no/

Address: Nordnesbakken 4,
5005 Bergen

#9 Damsgård Manor Museum Bergen

Damsgård Manor Museum in Bergen

Damsgård Manor is built in 1770s as Bergen’s finest bright place. The manor is Europe’s perhaps the best preserved wooden building from this period.

It is with pleasure that we present this wonderful, classic bright spot. In the 1700s, Bergen was a big, busy and rich city. Amongst the aristocracy adopted the trends from the continent and settled up with aristocratic fancy places in the countryside. Around the year 1800 there were about 70 such fancy places in the lands around the city of Bergen, and Damsgård was the finest.

Damsgård Manor, as it stands today, was built in the 1770s for general war commissioner and general duty manager Joachim Christian Geelmuyden (1730-1795). Geelmuyden was knighted in 1783, and took the name Gyldenkrant. The house he built on Damsgård considered yet as Rococo architecture in wood in Norway, it is also perhaps Europe’s most authentic wooden building from this period.

In 1796 the manor was sold to the court agent Herman Didrich Janson (1757-1822). Janson family lived on Damsgård 1983, and for many Janson farm an equally familiar names Damsgård Manor. State and Bergen municipality purchased in 1983 Damsgård hovedgård to preserve it as a cultural monument. In the period 1983- 1993 was the best resources adopted to give all major protection, conservation, restoration and recreation. Today the main farm as an outstanding example of a Bergen country retreat in the 1700s and 1800s.

Contact Information Damsgård Manor Museum Bergen

Phone: 55 30 80 30, 479 79 584
Email: post@bymuseet.no
Website: bymuseet.no

Address: Alleen 29,
5162 Laksevåg

#10 Bergen Cathedral of San Olaf

Cathedral of San Olaf in Bergen

Bergen Cathedral is one of the oldest buildings in Bergen, dating from the middle of the 12th century and began as the Church of St. Olav. It has suffered turbulent times and has been devastated by fire no less than five times. Do not miss the 350-year-old cannonball, stuck to the wall and stained glass windows. The church grounds are also a highlight.

It is a building of Lutheran cult under the consecration of San Olaf, which has a history of almost 900 years, and is located on a small square standing out for its imposing square tower by a dome with tower of bronze green color. It measures 60.5 m long and 20.5 m wide. The tower measures 13 m wide, and the chorus 13.5. There are remains of foundations of two older churches.

Its history begins approximately in the year 1150, and since then it has been related to many historical events that have led it to be subjected to several transformations.

After supporting several fires, and new additions to its structure, its most significant reconstruction is perhaps had between the years 1880 and 1883; Made by architects Christian Christie and Peter Blix. The purpose of this intervention was to restore the medieval aspect of its origins, and therefore its old side ship was demolished and rebuilt from the foundations, with four Gothic columns; In addition the rococo decoration of the interior was retired and it was endowed with a new altar of soapstone.

Contact Information Bergen Cathedral of San Olaf

Phone: 55593200
Email: : post@bergen.kirken.no
Website: : www.bergen.kirken.no

Address: Vestre Strømkaien 7

#11 KODE Art Museums Bergen

KODE Art Musiums in Bergen

KODE Art Museums The museum fills four buildings in the centre of the city. You can experience the masterpieces by Edvard Munch, Nikolai Astrup, Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee and J. C. Dahl, visit the unique exhibition “the Silver Treasure”, admire the handicrafts and designs from the last five hundred years, or experience some of museum temporary exhibitions.

KODE 1: (West Norway Museum of Decorative Art) Nordahl Bruns gate 9.
Closed for renovation for two years from 1 January 2015.

KODE 2: (Stenersens Collection) Rasmus Meyers allé 3
Permanent and temporarily exhibitions exhibition of contemporary art. The largest museums shop is in this the ground floor right next to the café, Smakverket.

KODE 3: (Rasmus Meyers Collection) Rasmus Meyers allé 7
New collection of works by Edvard Munch including many of his major works. This little mansion also houses a fantastic collection of art from the Golden Age in Scandinavian art, as well as historical interiors from the Bergen area. The exhibition includes highlights from the careers of artists such as J. C. Dahl, Harriet Backer, Erik Werenskiold and Gerhard Munthe.

KODE 4: (Tidl. Lysverket) Rasmus Meyers allé 9
Great fun form children in KunstLab/ ArtLab. This is the first museum for children including a specially designed laboratory where children are are free to explore the world of art thorugh play and experimentation. In the groud floor you will also find the presentation of paintings and paperworks by the Norwegian artist Nikolai Astrup. The building opened in 1938 as an administration building for the electrical powerplant company. In 2003 it was restored and opened as a museum.

Contact Information KODE Art Museums Bergen

Phone: 53 00 97 04
Email: post@kodebergen.no
Website: kodebergen.no

Address: Rasmus Meyers allé 9,
5015 Bergen

#11 Rosenkrantz Museum Bergen

Rosenkrantz Museum in Bergen

Rosenkrantz Tower is considered the most important Renaissance monument in Norway. Parts of the tower is from the 1270s, and from the roof the view over the city, port and Bergenhus is impressive. The tower was the residence of King Eirik Magnusson until he died in 1299. He was the last king with the seat in Bergen.

Rosenkrantztårnet as we know it today was built as a combined defense and residence tower on five floors of bilge gentleman Erik Rosenkrantz. It is the first time depicted on Scholeus-sting from around 1580. It was carried out by Scottish masons and stonecutters in 1560s, and the finished building had many similarities with fortified Scottish tower house at the time. Two older plants were built into the tower; Magnus Lagabøters Kastell – the original castle from about 1270 – and Jorgen Hansson forverk from around 1520. This has given the tower a quaint ground floor and romordning including shifts in floor height. With its strategic location in the southern wing, and under changing Roof types tower has been a cornerstone of the fortress system of Bergenhus Fortress.

Contact Information Rosenkrantz Museum Bergen

Phone: (+47) 55 30 80 30
Email: post@bymuseet.no
Website: www.bymuseet.no/

Address: Bergenhus Festning
5003 Bergen

#12 Gamlehaugen Museum Bergen

Gamlehaugen Museum in Bergen

When the Norwegian King visits Bergen, his official residence is Gamlehaugen. Gamlehaugen resembles a Scottish castle. Built in 1901 for Christian Michelsen, a ship-owner and prime minister. In 1925, Gamlehaugen was bought by the Norwegian State and placed at the disposal of the King. Crown Prince Haakon lived here when studying at the Naval Academy in Bergen.

Parts of building are open to the public, known as the “Gamlehaugen Museum”. The Gardens of Gamlehaugen is all open for the public. Nice place for relaxing in the sun, also nice for swimming in the sea.

Contact Information Gamlehaugen Museum Bergen

Phone: +47 55 92 51 20, +47 53 00 61 15
Email: gamlehaugen@museumvest.no
Website: http://www.gamlehaugen.no

Address: Gamlehaugvegen 10
5230 Paradis

#13 Waterworld Vannkanten Bergen

Bergen Waterworld Vannkanten

Waterworld VannKanten offers great entertainment for both young and old. Exiting indoor and outdoor swimming pools,bubbling water, slides,bowling, Jacuzzis, a relax section and meals an drinks on “the beach”.

Badeland is the center of all activities at Vestkanten, which is Norway’s largest combined shopping and entertainment centre.

With 90 stores, a skating rink, curling,bowling, a gym and variety of restaurants and cafes, Vestkanten is the natural meeting place for the entire family.

Contact Information Waterworld VannKanten Bergen

Phone: +47 55 50 77 77
Email: post@vannkanten.no
Website: vannkanten.no

Address: Loddefjordveien 2
5171 Loddefjord

Other Attractions in Bergen

Lepramuseet|St Jørgens Hospital www.bymuseet.no
Norges Fiskerimuseum fiskerimuseum.museumvest.no
Bergen Maritime Museum www.bsj.uib.no
Bergen Kunsthall http://www.kunsthall.no/
Botanical Garden and Arboretum at the University of Bergen http://www.uib.no/arboretet
Fortun Wood Church http://www.fantoftstavkirke.com/
Nykirken http://nykirkenibergen.kirkenorge.no/
Church of Santa Maria http://www.bergen.kirken.no/
Korskirken http://www.bymisjon.no/
Trøndelag Folkemuseum http://sverresborg.no/
Concert in Bergen School Museum http://www.bymuseet.no/

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