Who does this? Yes, in the first instance, this of course anyone who can pay 160,000 Euros for a living and who want permanent residency in Spain and that this can be achieved at . immediately without any requirements other than the purchase of a home.

WHAT does this mean for Norwegians who want to buy property in Spain ?
The Spanish government has passed this to gain momentum in home sales to foreigners , and of course one of the many desperate attempts to re-establish a critical economic situation unmatched since the Second World War and the Great
economic crisis in 30 years.

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House prices in Spain attracts foreign investors and individuals in a market that seems supernatural in terms of both prices and selection , also now with fasciliteter also seen as bureaucratic Residence, yes , maybe more in the aftermath , who knows ? In the first instance , it is perhaps intersserte buyers from Russia and China and Asian countries which wish to thank for this offer , as it as far as I know have not been major problems for achieving residencia for Norwegians who want to live permanently in Spain. That the prove who wish to accept this offer .

Who else is implicated in the housing market ?
Such desperate offers are just the tip of the iceberg where the back of the ” medal ” shows that over two million Spaniards have lost their homes and are thrown on the street with families and children because they have not been able to pay the installments on their mortgages . We are witnessing dramatic situations where the police break down doors and dragging people , women and children out of the homes and threatening clubs if they agree to leave the property . This is now daily fare in Spain and terrible to witness . Finally , the government has now decided that some of these situations should be postponed , but it comes not at all .

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Income limit is set at 19,000 euros . years , that is the talk of the poorest who also lives in situations where no one has any income at all and where unemployment is the cause. The rest of those who are thrown on the street is the middle class that has been destroyed by firms and individual companies have gone bankrupt , and families who might have enough to buy basic items such as food and clothing, but that no longer has a home .

15 % of Hispanic children now characterized as poor and are in danger of underærnæring ! Spanish charities, which heretofore have focused most of their activities to countries in crisis , now working for collections of Spanish families. The Spanish Constitution of 1972 had high ambitions which the right to housing , health and education , and work was legal . But such a law can only apply in the ” good years ” and is otherwise only promise the ” wet paper ” . All these purposes , which was legal at the time has now come . This is now the Spaniards protest against the daily.

Spaniards are showing great solidarity in times of crisis , but the saying ” when the manger is empty bites the horses ‘ prevails . Najonalistiske parties now want to distinguish themselves from Spain.


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