10 good advice when buying property in Spain

A Record high number of Norwegians looking for rental in Spain and cabins in Norway is replaced with dream home in warmer climes . There is a lot for sale and real estate agents are lining up to show you what is available . In Spain the buying process works something different than what we ‘re used to in Norway . Here is some good advice that you should consider before buying property in Spain.

1 Choose a broker that listens to you and your needs . Prior to going to the broker , it is important to think about what you want from home . How many bedrooms and bathrooms, price range , location and type of house . Be sure to get passed this so that broker is prepared , showing you homes that are within what you are interested in.

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2 Take advantage of a brokerage firm that has been around a few years and have good experience . Anyone can start as real estate in Spain. It is important that you ask for references from previous customers , and take time to check whether the agent is legitimate . Are you Norwegian is also a great advantage to select a Norwegian real estate .

3 Many real estate agents in Spain showing more expensive homes than what you are used to. This is for the customer to reach a little extra, and for that broker to get the most commission on the basis of each sale. It is common for real estate agents only have commission on sales, and no salary .

4 No open bidding history – It is not customary to keep a log of bids in Spain. That way there is no way you as a buyer can check if there actually is a real bid that is given to the seller or the bank. Therefore , one should never bid on the basis of what others have , but from what you as a customer and broker believes it is possible to get home for . Start low anyway.

5 Important to document any liens on the property. Remember that in Spain as follows debts the property and not the seller . Unpaid taxes will have to take over , if not taken that these are settled on the settlement date. Require to get all receipts and guarantee that no booklets loan on the property .

6 In Spain there are often discrepancies in the area of ​​the deed and what is in prospect. This is because property taxes are determined by the area that is in deed , and thus there are many who avoid state this in development , although they have sought and received approval for the development.

7 Before buying you should make sure to carry out a appraisals of the property. It costs from 3000-6000 Norwegian kroner, but it could be money well spent on such a large investment . Then you will have assurance in what condition your property is in , and know what is wrong and may need to be repaired . If you lend money in the bank for housing purchase, the bank will charge whatever stroke before the loan is granted . The assessment will be made by the Bank’s own appraiser .

8 Ask the broker to obtain a transcript of the zoning plan for the area you want to buy a home . It is not enough to see the papers on municipal technical department . Especially important in unregulated areas. ( Rustica )

9 Is the house you have seen that you are very interested in , ask broker for a new view of the house and ask him to bring a technician who can pronounce on the house condition .

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10th Spend some time looking at homes before you decide to buy. Check what’s in the area you want to live in, municipal services and activities for kids . Remember that in Spain is a weekday , so it is important that you have what you need around you.

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