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As a general rule you may not park in Spain where the pavement curb is painted yellow or where a no parking sign is displayed. In major cities and now even the villages, non-metered on-street parking is difficult to find but in some areas, there are parking spaces marked in blue for which you should purchase a ticket from a nearby machine on the pavement usually topped with a blue and white “P” sign, or from an attendant. These spaces are usually for about two hours maximum. Penalties for parking infringements vary from town to town and can be heavy. *On the Costa del Sol at least, a parking fine in a blue bay is around 3 Euros.

It helps if you have a basic understanding of road signs in Spain. See a selection of common road signs

If you park illegally, especially in a foreign car, you will almost certainly become a victim of the ‘grua’ – the local tow truck, and if you suffer this, there should be a sticker left on the curb with the phone number/address of your car’s new location. Getting your car back will be a hassle and will cost you dearly in fines and fees, not to mention the possible problem of your not speaking Spanish. Where possible, look for underground parking with security attendance. its worth paying that little bit more. Collecting your car from the grua is no fun. You go to the compound and pay the recovery fee. Then you go to the police station and pay the fine. Then you return to the compound with your receipts and get your car back.

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