Health insurance in Spain

It is not necessary to have private health insurance in Spain, although there are many such insurance companies in the country that are used mainly by people who feel more comfortable with private health insurance. If you have been brought over to Spain by a company you are probably provided with health insurance anyway, but there is no need for concern if you don’t have it. The public healthcare system in Spain is extremely good.

EU residents
Under a reciprocal agreement between European Union governments, residents of EU countries can receive free medical care when visiting another country. To make sure you qualify, get an E111 form, which is standard for all member states of the EU, before coming to Spain. It is usually available at post offices.

If you are receiving a benefit for a disability or as a pensioner in your home country (within the EU) you should also ask your local Social Security office for a E121 form as this will be required for you to receive free

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